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Custom Police Coins

Police coins designed with your department logo. Like in the military, the gifting of police challenge coins has proven to be a great way to honor and memorialize the service of these selfless individuals who protect the public on a daily basis. They can boost a sense of pride and morale, commemorate courageous acts and dedication to their team, and even serve as a fundraising tool.

Are you looking for a police coin for your next event?

If you are considering making a custom police coin, look no further, as the Monterey Company has been the industry’s leader in specializing custom coins for nearly thirty years. We understand the nuances of the creation process, incorporating your vision in every step, from designing all the way to the final process. You will work with a member of our talented team from the moment you reach out with your idea and will collaborate with you to determine exactly the police coin you wish to make, in an effective and affordable way.

Creating Your Police Coin

When working with our Monterey Company designer, we will walk you through all of your customization options, beyond just the initial drawing. You will discuss the different types of base metals available to you, with options like bronze or copper, each best suited to specific varieties of production. Made by striking, or by pressing them into the base metal, making a strong, and beautiful impression.

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Law Enforcement Coins

If you want to join the large movement of law enforcement employees creating awards to recognize the exceptional members of your team, begin brainstorming the elements you’d like to incorporate into your art. These elements are often unique to your specific unit or specialized event, with a logo, core values, or your mission regularly displayed on at least one side of your medallion. Working with a professional artist, you’ll develop a logo incorporating all of your ideas in a seamless, and aesthetically pleasing way.

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Police Challenge Coins Made In Days!

Police Coin Ideas

A few ideas when making your artwork. You may want to consider adding color to your artwork, with both hard and soft enamel color options available to you. Soft enamel color fills into the raised and recessed areas of the metal, establishing a unique dimension and feel. Hard enamel color, on the other hand, is lifted to the same level as the rest of the artwork, offering a glassy, smooth finish, perfect for certain images. And with nearly endless colors from which to choose, you are likely to achieve the exact color effect you are after.

Request a free art proof

When working with our artists, they’ll discuss the different finishing options available to you, like sandblasting and polishing and will make recommendations based on what materials, styles, and textures they think will best bring your ideas to life. Once your art proof is complete, the Monterey Company will send you a complimentary proof of your ideas, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to the quality of your product. Once the proof is approved, we will begin the production process, in the making of your customized mold, and your order in weeks.

What is a police challenge coin?

Law Enforcement Coins

How Police Coins are used today:

Police challenge coins represent the bravery and resolve necessary for being in law enforcement, for protecting the public at all costs, sometimes even against the value of one’s own life. We are safe because the men in blue are doing their jobs right. If you are a leader, they are a perfect way to reward your crews’ hard work and relentless dedication to preserving the public’s safety.

Custom police challenge coins encourage and instill feelings of pride and honor, demonstrating that even through times of hardship, struggle, or devastation, good virtue will persevere and be rewarded with more than just a “thank you.” Because, when we are encouraged to continue doing their jobs well and with integrity, we all get to live our lives with the comfort and peace that comes from knowing we are being protected.

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Specifically, managers and executive officers within departments use incentives in a variety of ways, gifting them to members within their force, and even within their communities. Custom law enforcement challenge coins are used to commemorate a courageous act, to memorialize dedication and service, to recognize years in service, and to acknowledge outstanding achievements. They are used to boost pride and honor within forces and encourage the collective camaraderie that comes from being a part of something greater than themselves. Additionally, they are used as a fundraising tool for charities, raising money in a unique and profound way.

Fundraising is difficult, as encouraging others to share their money is a challenge, even for the best of causes. But supporting a worthwhile cause is an investment, as it is directly promoting the wellbeing of the community. The people that dedicate their lives to maintaining the safety in the spaces we exist in are important to the prosperity of this country, and it is all of our responsibility to keep it alive.

Using products as a fundraising tool affords you the opportunity to demonstrate the pride and ownership they feel for being a member of a community that supports the members that protect them. And because they are often reserved to recognize exceptional acts, to encourage donations expresses gratitude in a way that other tokens or memorabilia simply can’t achieve.

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Police coins for your next event.

Departments are asked on a daily basis to put the needs and safety of the public in front of their own, making them some of the most worthy people of recognition. This recognition should extend beyond the thanks of the people whom they protect, also coming directly from the people who serve alongside and above them.

Like in the military, police challenge coins are growing in their prevalence and are gifted as a way to recognize police officers who dedicate their lives to assisting and preserving the safety of their communities. Awarded to recognize outstanding and selfless acts, to boost morale within a department, to instill a sense of pride and membership within their team, and to encourage the exceptional work worthy of acknowledgment by project managers and executive officers. If you are looking for other related items for your next event, take a look at our police pins.

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Law Enforcement Coins Are Also Made Other Emergency Services

Here is a list of many of the organizations that order our coins:

  • Police departments
  • Ambulance services
  • EMT services
  • First responders
  • Volunteer officers
  • Charities who support emergency services
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“Law Enforcement” encompasses many people across a plethora of service-oriented occupations, all dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we all live. The different facets of law enforcement are all worthy of commemorating, each using awards as a way to recognize the selfless acts and services of their members. Examples of these service-driven occupations include police, ambulance services, emergency medical technician services, first responders, volunteer officers and firefighters, and charities who support emergency services.

We can never properly thank the people who spend their days protecting and serving our communities, selflessly putting the needs and safety of their neighbors above their own. But, participating in encouraging the morale and pride of these people is a worthwhile endeavor, and we are so grateful to be a part of that encouragement. We do our best to produce a quality coin someone is proud to receive, combining quality materials with the skills achieved through years of experience. We can’t wait to work with you to create your order, playing a small role in saying “thank you,” to the members of our communities so necessary in enabling us to live the lives we do. Reach out with your design idea today. We’ll get started right away.

Coins for Your Law Enforcement Fundraiser

Fundraising can be a difficult task, but when asking for money or hosting events in the name of community-serving fields like the Police Force, EMTs, first responders, and more, people always seem to rise to the occasion. Events in particular provide an opportunity for the community to give back to the people who give so much to them every day, simply by going to work and putting on their uniform.

These events can be playful and casual in nature, with cookouts and concerts, or more serious, like galas and formal parties. Whatever the style of event, having tokens of appreciation for the people donating is a popular gesture of thanks. And custom coins, designed to reflect the type of event, and the organization to whom the funds are going, make the perfect pieces of gratitude for the people allocating their resources to a good cause. These coins can be gifted to anyone in attendance, or can designate levels of contribution, changing in color, material, or design based on the amount donated. It is also customary to use these pieces to recognize volunteers or other long-time supporters of the police, and community service industries.


Here a few options and answers to some of your questions on ordering.

Choose between adding soft or hard enamel to your design. We can also add epoxy to and soft enamel surface to add a layer of protection.

As you can see from some of the images on this page, adding a sculpted look can really enhance your design. 3D dies do cost a bit more, but the cost stays the same regardless if your design is 2D or 3D.

We also have the ability to engrave individual names or consecutive numbers. We also are able to mark the rim with text.

Adding a diamond cut edge or a rope border to the outside edge can be done in a variety of edge styles. We can create a rope edge to a scalloped cut look. Let us know if you would like to add a special cut edge and we will design that into your art proof.

We have an in-house artist that will create a proof for your approval. We do not charge for artwork and we offer unlimited revision. Our goal is to create a police coin that your department would be proud to hand and include all the options that will stand out.

Not sure how your design will turn out? We can create a few actual proofs prior to full production to ensure you are happy with your order and can get your department final approval.We do charge for this service but we can waive the cost on larger orders.

Ordering can be a pretty simple process but it sometimes takes a few revision to make sure we have sizes everything just right and made sure all the options are included in your proof. After your art is approved, we will start production. Production time may vary depending on the style an type of enamel color you choose. 3D work takes a week longer to produce because of the extra attention that is given in creating the die. Standard production normally runs 3 to 4 weeks but we can rush your order when needed.

Shipping is done by FedEx and please let us know of your deadline so we can ensure we use air shipping to make your event. We are located in Bend Oregon and standard shipping time is 5 days.