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The Monterey Company has been a coin maker since 1989. Our custom coins are made using bronze as the base metal and we can even cast designs for larger quantity runs. We make manufacture designs for companies including military challenge coins. We make soft enamel and hard enamel designs in antique brass as well as antique silver and shiny gold. We have a variety of plating options including antique brass, silver, and gold-plating. We offer the best prices on all of our brass and bronze 2D & 3D coins.

Custom Coin Makers Since 1989

Company coins can be engraved and color filled with consecutive numbers as well epoxy can be added for a layer of protection. We can add soft or hard enamel color and 3D to any design. We have created designs for fortune 500’s, law enforcement and the armed forces.

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The Monterey Company Has Been Manufacturing Custom Coins For Nearly 30 Years!

Custom made coins are our specialty!  We have nearly 30 years of experience and understand all of the nuances of manufacturing. Our creative team works side by side with each customer from start to finish. We specialize in 3D designs and hard enamel coins for companies looking to add dimension and vivid color to their coin design!

Finding a coin maker can be a challenge!

At The Monterey Company, we make the design process simple. When you request a free quote, one of our coin experts will reach out to you the same day. We’ll start on your design right away and work with you hand in hand to get it just right. When your design is complete, we will send you a free proof.

Let Us Create Personalized Coins With Your Logo

If you are looking for a high-quality coin designer that produces die struck and cast coins in days, look no further.  Our staff is trained to make design suggestions that will enhance any design. Our art team is exceptionally creative, and we can produce full-color proofs in 2D or 3D. We specialize in designing coins that can be made in any shape and all of our designs can be made with textured backgrounds or fine sandblasting.  

We make Awesome 3D Designs

Have you ever seen a coin design that looks good enough to eat? We create 3D designs that are made to your specifications!

We manufacture soft and hard enamel 3D designs for companies looking to add dimension and vivid color to their design! Our designs always make a bold impression! We make the design process both fun and speedy! Send us your sketch and we will turn it into a 3d design for free with your order. We can recreate an existing design or from a photograph.

Popular Styles

Law Enforcement

We make law enforcement coins for police and fire department, border patrol, and SWAT. We also make law enforcement medals in soft and hard enamel. We can add a diamond cut edge to any of our styles. We accept purchase orders and can create an actual coin sample prior to production so you can get final approval of your design. Send us your logo and we will start by creating your free design proof today!

Military & Armed Forces

Challenge coins can be made in a variety of custom shapes and sizes. Standard sizes range from 1.5" to 2". We offer soft & hard enamel as well as consecutive engraving and diamond cut edges. Request a free design and quote and we will create a challenge coin design you would be proud to hand out.

Trackable GeoCoins

Are you looking to create a commemorative coin for an event or a trackable coin to hide at a local geocaching hiking spot? We specialize in the highest quality designs and offer free design help. We can use your logo or help create a special logo for any event. We can engrave trackable numbers on custom geocoins and also provide those number for you.

Custom Shapes

We can manufacture dog tag shapes as well as any custom shaped coin and size you can imagine. We also can create cut-outs and diamond cut edges.

What are custom coins and how are they made?

Here is what you need to know about designing a coin with your logo

custrom enamel coins

1. The first thing to figure out is the size and shape of your design. The best size usually ranges from 1.5” to 2,” and shapes are generally round but can be made to any shape like dog tags, rectangles or and shaped to match your design.

2. The second thing to decide on is the finish. There are two main plating options to choose from. The first is an antique finish that has more of a vintage look. The second is a shiny plated finish including gold, silver, copper and black plating. 

3. The third thing to consider is whether you would like to add enamel color. Enamel can be added to one or two sides. Enamels include soft or hard enamel as well as cloisonne.  

4. Soft enamel is added into the recessed areas of your logo or design creating a textured feel. Epoxy can be added to protect your enamel, and it will also have a smooth feel.

5. Hard enamel usually is an upgraded enamel and will add cost. With that said, hard enamel coins have higher perceived value and have a smooth feel. 

3D Coins Really Stand Out!

6. 2D vs. 3D? What is 3D? We have lots of images that show the difference between 2D and 3D on our site. The most significant difference is the thickness and overall look of minted coins made in 3D. There are two things to consider in designing 3D. Die charges are twice the price with 3D and typically run between $100 to $150.00 per side. The second is to decide if your logo lends itself well to having this upgrade and we will help you with this step.  

7. Engraving consecutive numbers and trackable numbers can be done using any combination of letters or numbers. Edge engraving can include words or engraved numbers, and it is called rim marking.

8. What is a coin made of? Usually, you have three options when making coins with your logo. Base metals include bronze, brass or cast. The most commonly used base metals are brass and bronze. They are a great option if you have a real detailed 3D logo and or you have a large quantity you would have made. Cast coins are also not as heavy as the other two base metals. 

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9. Pricing can vary depending on all the options you choose from. If you are looking for the best pricing, you may want to consider soft enamel or no enamel at all. The pricing is also dependent on the quantity you would like to order. The more you order, the cheaper they are. 

Request Samples

10.  Samples and production: If you have time we recommend having an example made with your design. Pre-production samples are a great way to see your design before full production. Production times can range from 15 to 21 working days depending on the options you choose. 

Quality Designs For Every Budget

We offer the lowest prices on custom coins, air shipping, low minimums and we offer a free design with every order and unlimited revisions. The Monterey Company art department can create a design with 3D, cut-outs, and even diamond cut edges. Take a look at our gallery and see why we are a leader in coin design. Request a quote today and we will send you a free design proof and coins prices to meet any budget.

Coin Pricing

Prices are estimated and are based on a 2D logo design that includes 6 colors and antique bronze plating. Setup charges apply on your first order and may be waived depending on the quantity you order.

Free Art Designs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Our Logo Coins Made Of?

    We make personalize coins out of bronze and sometimes brass depending on your design. If your design has lots of cut-outs or you would like to have a lighter weight coin, we could use zinc as the base metal. Zinc is lighter than bronze and is less expensive but the overall look of the coin would be identical to a bronze coin.

    Custom Coin Options

    • We have lots of options to choose from including:

      • Sandblasting can be added to any design.
      • We have 15 different metal plating options including dual plating.
      • We offer 12 different texture options that add dimension to our 3D designs.
      • We specialize in making custom shaped designs and medallions.
      • 3D coins are made using special dies or by casting your design.
      • Base metals can be made with brass, bronze, iron or zinc.
      • Gemstones can be added to any design.
      • Cutouts can be added in one or multiple locations, as well as a cut edge, are great coin options.
      • Rim marking also is known as edge marking that looks great on your coin stands.

    How Long does my die last?

    We keep dies for three years from the time you order and after that, your die or mold will be recycled. However, you will not be charged for dies if you reorder within 3 years.

    What Are The Best Design Options?

     There are so many options for creating a design! We can not only add 3D to one or both side of your design but we can add epoxy to individual areas or the entire surface of your minted coin. We can create cut-outs as large as a bottle opener or small enough to be used for key chains. We make custom engravable coins that can be serialized or we use can create consecutive numbers to make a trackable coin.

    Where Do You Start?

    You start by requesting a price quote and at the same time send us your design. We’ll start with your 2D or 3D design right away and work with you hand in hand to get it just right. When your design is complete, we will send you a free proof. We can even send you samples so you can see our quality while we are creating your proof. After you approve of your design, we can make pre-pro samples of your finished coin if time allows. This will give you a chance to review your design prior to full production.  

     We Are An Experienced Coin Maker & We Create Design In Days!

    We have been coin makers for over 25 years offering the best prices. Our designs include the highest quality enamel and plating.


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