Custom Chips & Card Guards

Custom chips can be customized with your picture, logo, or design, all while maintaining the professional aesthetic expected of tournament quality chips. Choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and customization options for your creation today.

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Customizing Chips

  1. Come up with a design that is specific to you. Use symbols, words, or a logo that is significant to who you are, or to your cause.
  2. Contact the Monterey Company, attaching or explaining your ideas and begin working with artists to develop your design.
  3. Browse the many varieties of chips and materials offered, adding texture, color, and dimension to your tournament and quality chip.
  4. Select an order size that makes sense for your needs, whether you are a tournament organizer or an individual player.
  5. Wait for the arrival of your crafted, custom chips, designed entirely by and for you.
custom card guard

Custom professional grade chips are professional and easy to create. We understand standard tournament denominations and will work with you to create custom chips and card guards that meet the standards of tournaments.

Made to order in days!

Want to flaunt your prestige as a player and your dedication to the game? If you’re an event organizer, these custom card guards are also a great way to honor players in a particular tournament.

We developed our line of designs to cater specifically to requests by many satisfied customers, including those from hotels, private organizations, and even individual players.  Crafted by hand and can be individualized in literally hundreds of different ways, from design concept to custom engraving, to manufacturing. The Monterey Company will make sure your customized coin design is an accurate reflection of your skill in the game or a treasured memento from an exciting tournament.

gold custom shaped coin

Card Protectors

Have you ever watched a professional game? Those unflappable cool cat players that seem so intimidating you can barely imagine talking to them? Part of the mystique, other then their flat affected faces is the overall look they sport. It's not just clothes and very mysterious glasses, but it's down to the details, like their Card Guard.

Why Order?

  • To commemorate a particular tournament or event
  • To build camaraderie in a group of players
  • To show your skill and prestige as a player
  • To use as a card guard
  • To build brand recognition and loyalty for a hotel
  • As a promotional piece for a private club, hotel
  • To create a piece of collectible commemorative art

The History of Chips

Did you know that chips were created so that the game host has some control over the safety of the chip count? If a house has its own chips with different colors for different denominations, then counting them is easy, and duplicating them becomes a bit harder. Custom engravings, numeration, and designs that are intricate and that change yearly also ensure against theft or duplication.

The game has been bringing people together for high-stakes, strategy and luck loving entertainment for hundreds of years. Derived from such games as the Spanish “Primero” and the French “Poque,” the game as we know it gained traction around the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Becoming formalized after the rise of the 52-card deck, this game became a staple for entertainment along with river boating culture up the Mississippi and for soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. Then, moving out of just the rough and tumble saloons and working-men culture, gained notoriety when Queen Victoria learned to play from the U.S. Minister to Great Britain. Today, the game is played everywhere from casual basement gatherings to televised world championships, loved for its intensity, strategy, and fun.

As rich in history the chip has been essential in assisting players to navigate their game. Originating in such materials as ivory, bone, wood, or paper, the chip has evolved into the clay, metal, and plastic denomination pieces we know today. Often beautifully adorned, these pieces signify the amount of money they're worth, tournament, or club they’re from.

printed card protector

Collecting Chips

Aside from the money they represent, chips can have value themselves, often collected due to their rarity or for the composition of their designs and materials. Founded in 1988, the chips and token collectors club provided a legitimate platform for collecting, with individual pieces and complete sets reaching astonishing values. Today, many people create custom chipsets, offered for sale for collectors and amateur enthusiasts alike.

Ordering Chips

There are several factors to consider when you order, and we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have an iconic design we would recommend using either soft or hard enamel. Both of these styles will have a raised metal edge separating out each color.  If your design has a full-color graphic, we would suggest a printed style coin. This style does not have a metal edge between each color.

Adding Engraving
Adding engraving to your design will allow you to have a personalized design with a name or serial number to commemorate your special event.