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Police and fire department coins have gained an exciting new popularity in recent years. Like the in the military, the gifting of challenge coins has proven to be a great way to honor and memorialize the service of these selfless individuals, who protect the public on a daily basis. Custom fire and police department coins can boost a sense of pride and honor, commemorate courageous acts and dedication to their team, and even serve as a fundraising tool.

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Are you looking for a police coin for your next event?

Employees are motivated to do their best when they are recognized for their efforts and appreciated by their managers, and that’s why corporate coins are an effective tool for project managers and executive officers.

They serve as a great motivator and boost morale not just on an individual level, but also throughout the company.
Our customers order our custom corporate coins to commemorate the completion of a particular project, a series of projects, a company anniversary or to recognize exceptional service.

Many of our clients will design the company coin so that their logo, core values, and mission is on one side, leaving the other side blank. This way they can use the same design on the front of the coin and personalize the reverse side each time they need to create a new coin for a project or occasion, whether it’s every month, quarter or year. Check our commemorative coins for additional ideas.

 Why Order Custom Law Enforcement CoinsHomeland Security Coin

  • To commemorate a courageous act
  • To memorialize dedication and service
  • To honor years in service
  • To commemorate achievements
  • To boost pride and honor
  • To use as a fundraising tool for charities

There are several factors to consider when you order a law enforcement coin, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about ordering custom coins:

We also make custom challenge coins


Commemorate your company anniversary or recognize an awesome employee with a custom company coin

Who use law enforcement coins?

So many individuals, businesses, and groups can use law enforcement coins for their needs, but here’s a short list of some of the many organizations that order from us frequently:

  • Police departments
  • Fire departments
  • Ambulance services
  • EMT services
  • First responders
  • Volunteer firefighters and police officers
  • Charities who support emergency services

Can you engrave the law enforcement coins?
Yes, for an additional charge, we can engrave the coin with a small logo, message or date.

Which law enforcement coin type is best for my needs?
Our process is designed to work with your needs. We guide you in creating the initial design if needed or we can work with you to customize a pre-existing design idea you may have. Our experienced staff can give you suggestions to enhance or modify your design as a need in order to ensure that your design is perfectly suited for production. Once you approve a final design, it is die-struck into thick bronze or copper, both sides being struck at the same time, then electroplated, sandblasted and polished. Hard enamel color is added before polishing, and soft enamel added after polishing, but all color is applied by hand.

How long will it take to get my law enforcement coins?
Production time varies depending on the style of the coin you choose, but it normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge.

Why should I order my custom law enforcement coins from Monterey Company?
Because we provide all design and artwork at no charge and have low minimum quantities. We give all of our customers the best quality and the best prices, with fast production times and top-notch customer service.

Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your custom law enforcement coins and we will also create a proof for your approval!

Law enforcement coins stand for more than just the quality of the coin.

Law enforcement coins stand for the bravery and the will it takes to protect the public at all costs and sometimes even against the value of one’s own life. Law enforcement may be a topic that not all people understand, but it is one that affects our lives on a daily basis. We are safe because they are doing it right, and if you are a police chief or a leader in a firefighter team, law enforcement coins are a perfect way to reward your crews’ hard work for the public’s safety. These custom law enforcement coins encourage feelings of pride and honor and show that even through times of hardship, struggle, or devastation, good virtue will persevere and be rewarded with more than just, “thank you.” It is important to encourage our law enforcement with tokens such as law enforcement coins to keep doing their job well, and not only because it keeps crime off the streets, but because it allows the rest of us to live as we wish, with comfort, normalcy and carelessness as a choice.

Besides serving as an excellent way to reward your team for their hard work, law enforcement coins can be a great way to raise funds for events. Fund-raisers are fun and can be very beneficial if done right. However, raising funds can sometimes be difficult when searching for a way to promote the topic. A way that I have seen very beneficial at different events I’ve gone to is selling informative coins. Particularly when it comes to law enforcement, law enforcement coins can be a great way of showing the cause your squad is supporting and the reason why they are supporting it.  Law enforcement coins are fun for buyers to carry around and can be a great way to remember the moment as well as the cause they helped support. Whether you are purchasing law enforcement coins for your firemen, police or otherwise, law enforcement coins provide an excellent way to show your enthusiasm for the health and happiness of your town or city, state, and country. Law enforcement is important to the prosperity of this country, and it is all of our responsibility to keep it alive. Take part in a thank-you we should all be contributing to and check out our coin’s tab located at the top of the page!