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Custom decals and customized stickers designed in full-color can be made with face or back adhesive. Made using durable vinyl with super-tough adhesive. 

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Custom Decal Manufacturer

The Monterey Company manufactures custom logo stickers and decals. These are the perfect marketing tool if you are looking for an easy way to promote your company logo or brand. We make a wide variety of adhesive products. This includes labels, static cling, and die-cut vinyl decals. We offer many materials to choose from. Because we manufacture customizable products, you can choose between materials. This includes paper, vinyl, and aluminum.

Company Logo Stickers

How do I choose between a custom sticker and a decal? Both logo stickers and decals are similar. However, company logo stickers can be made using stock or customized shapes. This allows you to choose the best product that matches your application. Designing your custom stickers is simple and easy. Our expert customer service team will help you select the best options. We will make sure your custom logo stickers are unique and colorful. They can be made on a roll or a single sheet for individual stickers cut into custom shapes. Color can be added as simple individual colors. Or you can also imprint your custom logo sticker using a four-color process. We offer write-on surfaces and custom foil imprinting on our line of custom logo stickers.

When it comes to your business, the uses for customized logo stickers are nearly endless. Choose from custom logo stickers that playfully attach to everyday office items, like a water bottle. Or select custom headwear decals necessary for identifying important safety equipment. We have what you need! Work with professional designers to create the perfect customized stickers for your business. The simple peel-and-stick application is easy. In minimal time, you’ll be on your way to promoting your company and expanding your company. We look forward to working with you!

Custom Decals for Promoting Your Business

Sometimes, connecting to larger audiences is as simple as investing in brand recognition. One sure way to get your name and logo on peoples’ minds is to have it present in their daily lives. Custom decals help you do just that! One of the best items for encouraging brand recognition are extra durable stickers. These are designed to attach to the spaces and equipment that make your business run. Get ready to peel and promote!
When it comes to personalized window stickers, we have you and your glass covered. Take a look at our custom decal stickers and static window decals. Both options help you get your name, custom logo, and the details of your event out there for everyone to see. Getting the attention your business needs has never been easier! But depending on how you intend to use them, deciding on the right material for your needs is key. Stickers let you get your message across clearly and concisely. Our creative design team is available to help you throughout the entire process.
custom roll labels in round shapes

Custom Roll Labels & Stickers

Custom roll labels are designed so they are easily removed from a roll. A roll can be made in different quantities. They can also be made to match your logo. Need something more decadent? We also offer embossed roll labels in gold or silver.

Standard Papers: White Gloss, Yellow Gloss, Foil Papers.
Labels are wound five hundred and one thousand per roll. This is determined by our manufacturing facility. For specific rewind requirements, contact us for pricing and availability. White matte or fluorescent materials must be used when writing on labels.

Adhesive: Permanent, pressure-sensitive. Logo matching: Add $40.00 per color to be matched.

What is the difference between a traditional vinyl decal and a static window decal?

Vinyl Decals

Traditional vinyl decals are made from thick synthetic vinyl. These have a powerful gluelike adhesive backing. If you're looking for durability, free from wear and tear, this is a great option. Custom vinyl decals are designed to be outdoor durable, more permanent additions to whatever they are attached to. These allow for stickers printed with colorful graphics. They can also withstand exposure to water, wind, and other elements. How durable are these decals? Very! Many people use these decals on company vehicles and indoor and outdoor equipment. Even in the most rugged situations, these decals will continue to promote your business and expand your brand.

They can be made with a face or back adhesive. Based on your application needs, they can also be made as a one or two-sided design. They are made so they can be easily applied to a car window or a flat, smooth surface. Looking for a strong back adhesive? We offer everything from static cling stickers to super-strong adhesives. Your design can follow the shape of your logo and background.

Static Window Decals

Need sticker mobility? Static window decals are also known as static cling. These are a less permanent style of sticker that can be attached, moved, and removed with greater ease. These pieces are made from a thinner vinyl film. They quite literally cling to their surfaces through static electricity.
Static window decals work without any adhesive but are best on glass surfaces. They are perfect for cars and office windows. They can also be attached to certain types of plastic and metal. Because of their attachment style, they should be able to adhere to items that aren’t exposed to elements. It's best to keep these decals away from wind, water, and rain. And because they can be easily removed and adjusted, their style is perfect when used to fill only semi-permanent needs. This is ideal for window parking permits, oil change reminders, and one-time-only event announcements.

Custom Car Window Decals

Custom car window decals are used by businesses all around the world. They are an easy way to get your business name and logo into your community every single day. You can even get noticed on the road! Think of all the traffic that will see your business. Our durable vinyl stickers can give your company cars, trucks and machinery optimal brand recognition. Attaching these durable stickers can positively impact the quality of your company vehicles. They show the professionalism in how you do business. And people will be impressed with your creativity in marketing.
Additionally, vehicle decals made by the Monterey Company are both visually striking and built tough. Our decals can withstand the elements. No matter the weather, our custom car window decals remain intact. Made from pliable vinyl, they are water-resistant. And they have an ultra-sticky adhesive backing, that creates a custom logo sticker that will stay with your vehicle, wherever your work may take you.

Customized Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can adhere to anything. They are great for large items such as company vehicles and industrial equipment. They are also good for medium to small items, such as computers, windows, and protective headwear. In fact, they are so versatile, they make for thoughtful gifts! They can be gifted at trade shows, company events or distributed within the community. They can also be used to advertise for events, fundraisers, and company milestones. Sometimes, the simplest things have the biggest impact. One of these simple things is the age-old peel-and-stick system of the custom decal. But its real power is in the way it transforms the spaces in which your business runs.

Quick Ship Decals

Quick ship stock shaped decals can be made in as little as two days after your art approval. Please allow ample time for shipping. Standard shapes include round, oval, rectangle and square shapes.

Custom Bumper Stickers

Another great way to promote your business or your event is to create a custom bumper sticker. This can include your logo, brand, or a memorable slogan associated with your company. Bumper stickers are highly visible attachments on the back end of vehicles. These have been used for decades. They are great to show affiliation, provide support, and display your personality for everyone else on the road to see. When used for your business, bumper stickers are a fun and easy way to generate awareness around your cause. These stickers are an easy way to capture the unique messaging of your brand. A car sticker can also make your business feel personal and approachable. Our team can help you create a professional or playful design that's current with modern, artistic flair.
Whatever your business, our customer service team is ready to create the perfect custom logo stickers for your company vehicles’ windows and bumpers. We work with you to establish your business’ messaging and tone. We help you choose which style of design will best demonstrate who you are. Our team of professional artists and graphic designers will take your logos and slogans and transform them into the perfect promotional products for your cars and trucks. We keep you involved in every step of the process. From one happy customer to the next, we consistently prove that our talented team at the Monterey Company is the decal maker for you. Contact us to get started creating the perfect custom stickers and decals for your business.

vinyl die cut decalPricing is based on the size of your design, and the quantity ordered. Send us your logo or sketch for an accurate quote. 

We also make the following styles:

  • Floor Decals
  • Domed Decals
  • Chrome Polyester Decals


Material is made for Indoor or outdoor use.

Vinyl: Yellow and white stock colors

Clear Polyester is used on our face adhesive decals and we offer two adhesive options, permanent and pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Production Time: Approximately 5 days.

Die-Cutting: No die charge for circles with a diameter every 1/2" or on repeat orders. All others add:

Sized Per Square Inches ( ( one-time set-up charges )

56" or Less $150 

57 to 143  $170  

144 to 252  $185  

253 to 600 $195 

Color Matching: Add $40 per color to be matched.