custom acrylic keychains

Acrylic Keychains Customized With Your Design

Acrylic keychains can be designed with multiple colors in each piece, with bright, vibrant shades making bold and artistic additions to your key rings. These colors are also available on a spectrum of opaque to translucent, with the shades either being completely filled or slightly see-through.

custom shaped acrylic keychains

Custom Shaped Acrylic Keychains

When you’re customizing acrylic keychains, you’re putting your unique design on a durable, striking material often referred to as thermoplastic. Offering a wide variety of color combinations, shapes, and styles, the Monterey Company is your source for acrylic key tags.

The plastic used in our acrylic creations is heated, turned into a liquid, without damaging the quality of the material. Once in its heated liquid state, the thermoplastic can be shaped or injected into a custom mold, assuming intricate details of your design. Once the acrylic liquid is cooled and hardened, it retains its glossy sheen, and the predetermined shape and feels.

Custom acrylic keychains are a safe, BPA free, making them additions into your everyday life that you can trust. Add a pop of fun, vibrant art to your promotional keychains, and create pieces people will love to use.

Full Color Keytags

Acrylic Keychains are some of the most vibrant, fun, and colorful styles of key accessories, making designing them an incredibly creative and inspired process. If you’re designing your own pieces for your business, venture, or cause, you’ll have to consider which shapes and shades will best represent your unique branding. Multicolor designs can help enhance your overall picture, with each shade representing a key element of your piece’s look.

Added customization options for you to consider when designing your custom acrylic keychains are the shape of your pieces and the opacity of your coloring. From circles to rectangles, and even to the unique shape of your personal logo or mascot, the shape options of your design are virtually endless. Then, playing with clear edges or translucent elements can add interesting appeal to your pieces. With years of experience, we will make your ideas translate well from paper to your finished product.

More Popular Styles

Three of our most popular keychain styles

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full color logo key tag

Stock & Custom Shapes

One of the primary elements in any good keychain design is coming up with the perfect shape to represent the personality of your business, or cause. This shape could be uniform and practical, representing the functionality of your brand and promotional items alike. Uniform shapes include circles, ovals, rectangles, squares, and more, and act as simple canvases for your name, logo, imagery or contact information. These simple shapes can have added dimension through the use of multiple colors, and levels of transparency, adding a bit of fun to the uniformity.

An alternative to uniform shapes is custom options for which there is no limit to the composition of your pieces’ shape. Have the edge of your keychain follow the lines of your logo, or even fit to the body of your brand’s character of mascot. With the ability to mold the acrylic plastic into essentially any shape, you can create the exact look you’re after, without restriction. Custom shapes can be further enhanced through colors and clear borders, vibrantly telling your story in a functional way.

With a variety of premade shapes and pieces, you can enjoy some of the most popular styles of keychains, without having to wait for a custom mold to be made. 

custom rectangular keytags

Ordering Custom Made Acrylic Keychains

Begin your custom made acrylic keychain ordering process by developing the perfect design to capture the spirit of your business, brand, or cause. This design should encompass your name, logo or other identifiable information while matching your existing or rebranded color scheme. All of these elements should come together in a cohesive way, and be appropriate for an acrylic design.

To ensure your ideas translate into a beautiful keychain, you can consult with a Monterey Company designer. They’ll walk you through your options, from color placement and transparency to the shape of your overall piece. They’ll offer helpful insight into what works well and what design elements can fall short in production.

Once your perfect piece is designed, you can request a proof, allowing you to see, touch, and feel what you’ll be ordering before you commit to a full order. Then, we will work with you to determine how many pieces fit within your budget, and work develop a quote for your order.

From there, your order will move through processing to production, crafted by industry-leading professionals who love what they do. Finally, your order will be shipped to your door, with your beautiful pieces ready to hit trade show floors, giveaways, event fundraisers, and more!