Custom Years Of Service Pins

Made to order with engraving and gemstones

Years of service pins are perfect for showing recognition and appreciation to your employees, volunteers, students or staff members. Award pins are a great way to thank your employees for their dedicated years of service. Custom service pins are plated in real gold and silver and can include genuine or synthetic gemstones. Gemstones are traditionally used to indicate the number of years being recognized. Service pins can also be engraved to commemorate an employees years at a company.

50 year anniversary pins

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35 year fire department custom shaped service pinCreate Your Custom Award Pins with The Monterey Company

Let the Monterey Company help you create the perfect thank you gift for your employees or volunteers. Whatever type of employee pins you need, we can design and make them. Our commitment to excellence and precision has made us one of the top custom service pin manufacturers in the business.

We guarantee our clients complete satisfaction with our products. Give us call today at (877) 290-9290 to talk more about service lapel pin options. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. If you’re ready to order, request a quote for custom service award pins online now. We’ll provide you with a quote for your employee pins and create a proof for your approval!

Our custom service pins come in a variety of styles and feel free to request samples!

Custom Years of Service Pins:  Recognition Pins, Service Award Pins 

Lapel pins are used to commemorate employees or group members on years they’ve been with an organization, tasks they’ve accomplished and any additional award-worthy work efforts. Employee pins are engraved metal pins with clothing-compatible attachments on their backs. Since pins are easy to wear with any attire, they exclusively show your employees that you are thankful and proud to have them working for you and representing your business. Years of service lapel pins recognize achievements made by employees while showcasing your company’s identity.

5 year pin

10 year healthcarelapel pin

die struck pin with gemstones

Making your years of service part of your design

Company award pins can be given on many different types of occasions, not just for years of service but to commemorate different levels of service to the member of an organization. Most commonly, the level of service is indicated by using different colors of gemstones or by the finish.

Engraved years of service

The most popular option when adding years to a lapel pin is engraving. We can add any color to engraved numbers as well. There are no minimum quantities to engraving years on pins. For example, you can have ten one year pins only one 50 year number engraved.


Award pins with gemstones

Adding a gemstone or real diamond to your years of service pin will make your pin stand out. Prices change daily depending upon the current price of gold and silver. Request a quote for silver, gold, gem or diamond years of service pins now.

Real Gold & Silver Service Pins

Real solid gold and silver years of service lapel pins are also quoted on a case by case basis. Did you know our pins can be made with real silver or gold casting? Employee pins can also be struck in bronze and plated in silver or gold. Designing and plating custom service pins in precious metal have virtually the same look. The same goes for adding real gemstones or synthetic stones. Whatever type of stone you’d like to use (genuine vs synthetic) can be individually boxed within the pin.

Let us help you to create the perfect gift for employees or volunteers that you want to say “thank you” to. Whether you’re acknowledging 1, 5, 10 or 25 years of service, recognize it with years of service lapel pin.  Most of our clients also choose to present their custom service pins in special packaging to give this special gift a finishing touch. 
custom years of service city lapel pins

We have two ways to add “Years” to years of service lapel pin. If the “Year” needs to be in raised metal or part of the die. Learn more about our years of service pins and their differences in our custom pin guide.

What Kind Of Companies Do We Make Service Pins For?


Die Struck Pricing

1 1/4"2.692.221.651.311.20
These prices are estimated and are based on a simple logo design that includes 6 colors and shiny plating. Setup charges may apply on your first order, depending on the quantity you order.