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Leather Patch Design

Custom leather patches are uniquely shaped pieces of leather, commonly attached to everyday items, embossed or printed with names, logos, or brands. These patches add customizable flair to jackets, hats, bags, blankets, beanies, shirts, and more, and have a variety of attachment or backing options. 

At the Monterey Company, we’ve been making personalized leather patches with your logos for over thirty years, incorporating quality materials with intentional and aesthetic design techniques. Take your business’ promotional and internal products and accessories to the next level by attaching these custom patches to just about any item you can imagine.

leather patches on snapback hats

Looking for an alternative to the standard custom made patch? We offer custom shaped leather patches with your logo for hats and jackets. We can also add embroidery directly on a patch.

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Best ways to use leather logo patches

Personalized leather patches are used widely for business and companies to elevate their products, adding the look and feel of quality in a natural way, to whatever they’re attached to. And beyond simply looking great, they are among the highest trending ways to promote your business through clothing and accessories today.

We’ve found that because there are so many ways to use leather patches, choosing just one can be daunting. So let’s start with your idea, your logo, or your brand, and work together to create something that will show your business off with style; something appropriate to attach to one thing, or everything.

More Patch Styles

Three of our most popular patch styles.

Leather patches for hats

Some of the most popular items are durable, stylish patches that are added to hats. From beanies to trucker-style, leather logos for hats are a tasteful way to promote your business or spread your brand. Commonly, knitted hats in natural colors and materials are readily complementary, as well as cloth-covered baseball caps and trucker hats, but when it comes to a winning combination of styles and colors for patches and hats, you are only limited by your imagination.

937 with leather patch

Hats can be worn and used every day, and are proven as one of the most effective giveaway or promotional products, turning customers and employees into brand ambassadors. And when they’re adorned with something as classic as a personalized leather patch on a hat, there will be no question at the quality and care you take as a business to show the ones with whom you work that they matter.

Custom logo patches for Jackets & apparel

Sewing on or adhering patches to outerwear such as shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, long sleeves and more is hardly a new concept, but using premium leather as the base material, and adorning it with your business’ name, logo, or message is a time-tested way to add style and quality to items in your customers, your employees, and your prospective clientele’s closets.

Promoting your business, sprucing up company uniforms, or creating a style unique to your brand is as easy as contacting the Monterey Company today. We will work with you take your idea and fashion a logo, combining our expertise with your aesthetic, creating something that you’ll be proud to wear around every day.

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Stock Shaped Leather Patches

We offer stock shaped leather patches but we there are no restrictions to the shape or size you order since they are custom-made.

leather patched with embossed logo

Embossed Patch

We can emboss your logo into any shape or sized patch. Embossing allows for your logo to be recessed into the patch.

Custom embossed leather patches

One of the most extensive areas in which embossed leather patches are used to expand the reach of your company, to reconnect with your current customer base and to establish a positive relationship with new clientele is through attaching them to promotional accessories. Accessories include everything from different types of bags to blankets, scarves, and gloves. Anything made from compatible materials can be adorned with a custom leather patch. For best results, consult with your Monterey Company designer on the endless items to pair with your patches. Styles and functions of bags are incredibly varied, but the one thing they all have in common, however, is that they look great with a custom logo on top.

We’ve found that because there are so many ways to use leather patches, choosing just one can be daunting. So let’s start with your idea, your logo, or your brand, and work together to create something that will show your business off with style; something appropriate to attach to one thing, or everything. We also have a new line of leather keychains.

Travel bags and backpacks Look great with a leather patch

Never let your kiosk travel bags sneak passed unnoticed again by sewing on a custom logo with your company name or message embossed in beautiful leather, catching not only your eye but the eyes of anyone who sees. Add flair to backpacks and luggage, promoting brand awareness every time you take a trip.  

leather patch with company logo

Proven to encourage the most visibility on the dollar, tote and handbags are the best way to promote your brand and connect with people through gifted products. Attaching your styled, personalized leather patch to purses and totes add ingenuity to an already successful approach to marketing.

Show your employees how integral they are to your business’ success by gifting them a logo-adorned computer or tablet bags made from premium leather. Offered at wholesale prices, our patches emanate style and quality, while still remaining affordable.

Beyond the many items on which custom leather patches can be applied, and the immeasurable reasons for doing so, are the different varieties of the patches themselves. The Monterey Company is among the leaders of the industry for combining the latest technology with inspired and passionate designers, creating products that are hard to match. Because of their equipment the quality of materials used, the opportunities for customization on your personalized leather patches are endless.

Color Filled and Embossed Patch Design

Custom shaped leather patches - We can create a patch in any shape or style, elevating the ways in which you can customize your design. Work with a designer to determine which shape best accompanies your logo, and consider the ways in which your creation will be used. Together, we can create something unique to your business and unique to you!

laeather patch with truck logo

Stock shapes and color filled patches

Your logo can be embossed into the leather and then color filled to match your logo colors. We can custom match almost any logo color and we can imprint more than one color on a patch.

Stock shaped leather patches - Although there are no restrictions on the size and shape of your design, we offer stock shaped patches to streamline your process. These pre-shaped leather styles have been designed by what works best. Through years of experience, we’ve figured out the most resourceful ways to fashion the leather, saving you money on your large orders.

Color-filled leather patches - With a nearly limitless color supply, we are happy to incorporate up to three colors into your patch’s design. We impress your logo or name into the premium leather, creating recessed areas fit for filling. Working with a trained designer, you can configure your design with colors, creating a stunning custom patch, perfect for anything you attach it to.

Embossed leather patches - Sometimes, the materials and design just speak for themselves. Embossing your logo into premium leather leaves a simple and beautiful imprint in your shaped-leather patch. An embossed logo is available in any size or shape, and has a classic, timeless look and feel you’ll be proud to wear.

Leather Patch Pricing

Price includes embossing or debossing. Setup charges vary depending on your design.

2" x 4"$6.00$3.64$2.74$2.14$1.96$1.64
3" x 3" Round$7.15$3.67$2.76$2.17$1.98$1.66
4" Custom Shape$7.70$3.892.98$2.28$2.14$1.88

Velcro backing $.45 each, adhesive backing $ .40 each and iron on backing $.20 each

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