Leather Patch Hats

Custom patch hats with leather patches and they fully customized with your design!

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Hats with leather patches

Patch hats can be made with your logo in leather and we offer over 500 hat styles in every color imaginable. Patches can be added and customized on the front or side of your hats. When ordering a hat with a leather patch you can pick a stock or customized patch shapes. Patches are applied using the thread color of your choice and we can even include a sewing channel in your design making the attachment process even easier.

richardson 844 Hat

Richardson # 844

Pick A Stock Shape Patch Style

hexagon shaped leather patch


oval shaped patch


rounded rectangle shaped patch

Rounded Corner Rectangle

rectangle shaped patch


diamond shape patch


square shaped leather patch


circle shaped patch


Or Create A Custom Patch Shape

510 custom richardson flatbill hat

Camo Front # 510

customized leathe patch hat

Custom Patch Hat # 936

richardson 112p with leather patch

Camo Richardson # 112p

Pick Your Leather Color

leather patch color

Adding patches to hats is easy!

Richardson 112 or 115 Hats with Leather Patch Pricing

Custom designed with a leather patch

trucker patch hat

115 Richardson Hat

richardson 112+ Flex with custom patch

Original 112 Richardson Hat

Pick Your Hat Style

leather patch hat

Richardson Santiam 436

richardson 112+ Flex with custom patch

112 R Flex Adjustable Trucker

trucker patch hat

Richardson 115 Mesh Back Patch Hat

510 custom richardson flatbill hat

Richardson 510 Flatbill Patch Hat

richardson 937 with leather patch

937 Fishing Hat with Leather Patch

111 richardson with custom leather patch

111 Mesh Back Trucker Cap

Freequently asked questions

2" x 4"$6.00$3.64$2.74$2.14
3" x 3" Round$7.15$3.67$2.76$2.17
4" Custom Shape$7.70$3.892.98$2.28

Setup charges vary depending on your design.

We have a 24 Piece minimum and the following prices are for a high-quality hat.

Richardson 112 hats with a patch

24 hats: $21.00

50 Hat: $18.00

100 Hats: $16.00

200 Hats: $14.00

Leather patch setup charges $75.00 (one-time charge)

The max height for a patch is 2.5" for most every cap or hat style. That said, when our art team runs a final proof for approval, we may alter dimensions slightly to ensure the applique lays flat against the crown of the cap.
In general, we do recommend a slightly smaller patch sizing for Low Profile caps versus High Profile caps (seems to work a bit better aesthetically).
  • Low Profile Hats: Range from 2 inches to 2.25 inches in maximum height.
  • Structured High Profile Hats: 2.5 inches maximum. 
leather labrador dog patch
112 patch hats

24 Hats with Patches

$ 21 each
  • 112 or 115 Richardson Hat
  • Leather Patch Included
  • One-Time Setup Charge $75.00

50 Patch Hats

$18 each
  • 112 or 115 Richardson Hat
  • Leather Patch Included
  • One-Time Setup Charge $75.00

100 Patch Hats

$ 16 each
  • 112 or 115 Richardson Hat
  • Leather Patch Included
  • One-Time Setup Charge $75.00