printed custom pvc luggage tag

Custom Luggage Tags

Our custom rubber luggage tags are made to order featuring your design or logo. Choose a design with an identification card slot on the back or opt for a writable surface so they are equally stylish and functional.

custom printed luggage tags

Customizing Luggage Tags For Your Brand

For over three decades, Monterey Company has been crafting custom bag tags with a distinctively personal touch. Our expansive collection of luggage tags are designed to meet your every need; choose from an array of colorful shapes and sizes - all constructed out of flexible yet durable PVC material for bulk orders that reflect the classy style you seek! 

Luggage tags are an invaluable asset for boosting your brand recognition. By investing in these useful keepsakes, you can create a lasting impression on customers and get them to associate your logo with the pleasant experience of receiving something special. Plus, their friends will be exposed to your business when they see it featured prominently! That's how you begin generating new leads and solidifying relationships with existing clients by making sure that people remember who you are!
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Luggage Tags Bulk

Stylish PVC and leather luggage tags make the perfect yet unexpected gift. In custom color and personalized designs, they not only look great on your luggage but also help find your suitcase at baggage claim. Imagine that at your next company holiday party, you're given a custom-made luggage tag to add luxury and personalization to your travel gear. Unlike most gifts, they are a creative, thoughtful, and useful surprise.

Looking for an innovative way to promote your company? The Monterey Company has the perfect solution: PVC luggage tags. With a standard slip-in ID card and vinyl strap, you can easily attach these personalized tags to all of your items while traveling - giving everyone around you visibility into who you are!

pvc luggage tag

What Types Do We Make?

Our custom luggage tags are crafted to provide the durability you need while remaining comfortable against any surface. We utilize decades of experience paired with cutting-edge materials, such as PVC and Silicon rubber, ensuring a robust and luxurious touch that sets us apart in the industry. Whether it be harsh conditions or everyday use - our commitment is always clear: providing quality comfort no matter how far your travels take you!

PVC Rubber and Silicon Luggage Tags Make Great Promotional Gifts

Our custom luggage tags bring a touch of flexibility and durability to your travel experiences. Perfect for corporate gifts, promotional items, or holiday giveaways - each tag is crafted from lightweight yet strong materials like PVC rubber and silicone which can be molded into endless colors & shapes! Water-resistant properties make them ideal travelers' companions while the ability to imprint logos ensures they also serve as great branded marketing pieces. With these tags in hand hit the road – worry-free!

custom logo bag tag

Custom PVC Luggage Tags

Crafted from soft PVC rubber, companies can easily promote their brand while offering a reliable travel accessory to customers! Not only are these tags durable and versatile enough for identifying suitcases, but they're also lightweight and flexible - making them a comfortable addition to any backpack. Plus, with customizable logos printed on the surface of each tag, businesses have an affordable way of increasing visibility without sacrificing quality or performance.

Two Dimensions vs. Three Dimensions

With the help of our artists, you can transform your logo into a tag that is sure to impress. Color choice and shape play an integral role in achieving exactly what look and feel you're aiming for - whether it's two-dimensional or three-dimensional sculpting that catches your eye. Through careful customization tailored specifically to suit your needs, take pride in knowing every small detail has been thoughtfully crafted with intention!

Give your brand an extra "pop" with a 2D tag! This flat printing option is ideal for simple images that require intricate details and multiple colors - while still maintaining a clean look. 

When you choose a 3D luggage tag, certain areas of your creation will be raised, and others recessed. This emphasizes particular parts of your logo, making the 3D effect a great option for simple images or to help certain details stand out.

Ready To Buy Now?

With our new website, you can pick out the perfect luggage tags that best reflect your style and personality. Show off your uniqueness as you travel with a selection of customizable options!

custom id luggage tag back

Custom Printed Styles

The information displayed on your bag tag varies for many different reasons. Depending on your comfort level with sharing personal information and the easiest method to contact you, you can document everything from just your name and phone number all the way to your address or email. Whichever you choose, our tags display your information with style and ease. We can produce tags with an ID cardholder or with a writable surface, so when it comes to reuniting you with your luggage, we’ve got you covered.

Our custom bag tags come in countless colors, so express yourself with whatever combination you can imagine! Whether your tag is large or small, our color-blending technology will ensure that each hue stands out and complements one another to match the look of your logo.

Identification Card Holder Variety Bag Tags

Create a unique identity for your business with our personalized identification cards! Your logo is printed onto PVC rubber on one side and the other encased in weather-resistant plastic, giving you extra protection; plus, choose from an array of holders to make keeping up to date easy. For added convenience, use it as a portable office -- store photographs or business cards inside for when you need them most.

Writable Surface Bag Tags

For handwritten personalization, order your bulk custom luggage tags with a writable surface in place of a cardholder for an easy, sleek alternative to the traditional option. Besides the ways you can customize your bag tags, there are many other uses for your PVC creations. The tags give you and your company the opportunity to promote your business to prospective clientele and to help establish rapport with your employees and customers alike.

custom made logo luggage tag

Luggage Tags to Build Your Brand

When you print your business name or company logo on a luggage tag, you are creating endless opportunities to make an impression around the world. They are thoughtful and functional products that not only create brand awareness for your business but also demonstrate the value you place on quality and ingenuity. Anyone can hand out business cards-but giving someone something they can use, that is built to last, and is created with a thoughtful design is rare. When you order in wholesale or bulk quantities, our custom tags are a cost-effective way to expand the reach of your company-one trip at a time.

custom luggage tags

Printed Logo Tags For Employees and Customers

Show your staff and customers how much they are valued with PVC rubber bag tags that combine style and functionality. These promotional products make thoughtful, useful gifts – a special way of saying ‘thank you’! 

Get your personalized luggage tags made by Monterey Company today! Their skilled team will work to develop a product that reflects you and your brand - no matter what conditions they’re subjected to. Thanks to the resilient PVC rubber, these tags are built for permanence so don't worry about them getting lost or damaged any time soon. Reach out now and avoid the hassle of making sure all bags make it home safe; their creative designs can be tailored just for you!

Travel in Style with No Lost Bags

Show your brand some love on the go with a luggage tag! Crafted out of durable PVC and emblazoned with your logo, they make ideal promotional gifts that are sure to stand out. Perfectly sized to include an ID or business card as well, you can attach it via its vinyl strap onto carry-ons for extra convenience – so keep their travels stylish from start to finish.

Made in Days!

Our PVC luggage tags are stylish and highly customizable - you can choose almost any color imaginably! Plus, we offer the ability to add 3D effects to give your artwork an extra pop of dimension. Soft and flexible, this is our most popular style for a reason.

The Monterey Company can make custom-shaped tags that match any company color you may have. Feel free to request a free quote and we will send you a design for your review and approval. We also can make pvc patches with your logo.