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Custom rubber luggage tags are made to order with your design or logo. They can be made with an identification card slot on the back or with a writable surface.

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Custom PVC Luggage Tags

Manufacturers have understood and long held the market for creating things like luggage tags, zipper pulls, and magnets out of PVC rubber. The versatility of this material makes it a durable and highly designable resource for making what is fast becoming an identity piece - the PVC luggage tag.

Luggage tags are items attached to bags, suitcases, and backpacks with personal and identifying information, making your trip to airport kiosks, baggage claims, and other public transportation luggage collections more efficient. These tags include information such as your name, address, phone number, or email, reducing complications in those disconcerting instances in which your baggage is lost or left behind.

custom rubber luggage tags

At the Monterey Company, we’ve been creating custom products like personalized luggage tags for over thirty years, offering a multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes, all out of flexible, durable PVC material, allowing you to create bulk orders that are entirely unique to you and your business.

Luggage Tags Bulk

Rarely do people expect this gift, but imagine a stylish PVC luggage tag and leather luggage tags, in a custom color and design that not only looks great on your luggage but also helps in finding your suitcase at baggage claim!  No more colored tape. Imagine attending your next company holiday party and being given custom-made luggage tags that add luxury and personalization to your travel gear?  Now that's creative... and useful!

PVC Luggage Tags are an excellent way to promote your company as you travel. The Monterey Company provides a luggage tag with a back that contains the standard slip-in identification card or holds a standard business card. A vinyl strap is included for attaching to your luggage or other items.

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Types of Luggage Tags

Because of our years of experience and use of premium and industry-leading technology, we are able to produce custom luggage tags of different styles that are equipped for large scale, bulk orders. All of our luggage tags are made out of high-quality PVC rubber material, which combines the durability and weather-resistance of plastic with the flexibility and softness of rubber. These custom luggage name tags are printed with your design or logo, with various effects such as two and three dimensions, a variety of color-combination options, and differing identification displays.

PVC Rubber Luggage Tags

Custom PVC rubber is lightweight and flexible.  Each luggage tag is custom molded and made of PV, a vinyl polymer. Color and shapes are unlimited in variety and they are durable which makes them popular. Specially made PVC luggage tags are great gifts that companies are beginning to give out at holidays and also as a token of appreciation for staff.

Custom PVC rubber is lightweight and flexible.  Each luggage tag is custom molded and made of PV, a vinyl polymer. Color and shapes are unlimited in variety and they are durable which makes them popular. Specially made PVC luggage tags are great gifts that companies are beginning to give out at holidays and also as a token of appreciation for staff.

Luggage Tags Build Your Brand

Luggage tags are great for building your brand. People are more inclined to remember the name of your company and the goods or services you provide then they have been gifted something useful or fun. Your customers will see your logo and will associate it with the positive experience that was being gifted an item. And they will remember you when they are pursuing your products or services. Having your brand, logo, or business name on everyday items increases your exposure and expands your reach. Not only will the people brandishing your gear be reminded of your business, but the people with whom they interact will also be exposed. Your business will be imprinted in people’s minds, which is the surest way to generate new and maintain existing clientele.

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Printed Luggage Tags: Two Dimensions vs. Three Dimensions

When figuring out how to best customize your tags, work with one of our designers to take your logo or brand and elevate it in the best way possible for your creation. The way your colors, shapes, and letters are displayed will change the look and feel of your tag, so being thoughtful in this process will produce the best results. One of the most popular variants to consider is two-dimensional printing versus a three-dimensional effect.

Two-Dimensional Printed Name Tags

If you print your logo, name, or brand on a 2D tag, the lettering and shapes will remain on the same plane as your background color, along with any of the existing colors and lettering. This option works best for designs with more complex color schemes, or that are already visually interesting, without added texture and dimension.

Three-Dimensional Printed Name Tags

When opting for three dimensions on your customized luggage tag, specific areas of your creation are raised, where others are recessed, emphasizing particular parts of your brand or logo. 3D effect is great for simple designs, or for assisting certain text to especially stand out.

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Color Variety in PVC Luggage Tags

With a nearly unlimited color selection, we are able to accommodate almost any combination you’re after. Colors remain distinct due to a small separation between shades, and depending on your design and the shape and size of your tag, can be added together with as many other colors as your logo or brand allows.

custom id luggage tag back

Identification Display Styles For Your Custom Printed Luggage Tags

The information displayed on your bag tags varies depending upon your comfort level and easiest method of contact, but whether you just put your name and phone number, or if you document your address and email, our tags display your information with style and ease. Capable of producing tags with an ID card-holder or with a writable surface, when it comes to a means of reuniting you with your luggage, we’ve got you covered.

Identification Card Holder Variety Bag Tags

With your logo printed into premium PVC rubber on one side, the other can be adorned with a durable, weather-resistant plastic cover, in which your identification cards are housed. The cardholder variety makes updating your information easily and can be swapped with business cards, photographs, and more.

Writable Surface Bag Tags

For handwritten personalization, order your bulk custom luggage tags with a writable surface in place of a cardholder, making an easy, sleek alternative to the traditional option.

Custom Logo Tags as Promotional Products

In addition to the ways in which you can customize your bag tags with the Monterey Company, are the many uses of your PVC creations, as they are used and distributed. These tags provide opportunities for you and your company to promote your business to prospective clientele and to help establish rapport with your employees and customers alike.

Luggage Tags to Build Your Brand

When you print your business name or company logo on a luggage tag, you are creating endless opportunities for those tags to make an impression whenever you travel or carry your bag. They are thoughtful and functional products that not only create brand awareness for your business but demonstrate the value you place on quality and ingenuity. Because anyone can hand out business cards - but giving someone something they can use, that is built to last and created with thoughtful design, proves that you are not just anyone. You are someone they can trust. Additionally, when ordered in wholesale and bulk quantities, custom tags are a cost effective way to expand the reach of your company, one bag at a time.

custom made logo luggage tag
printed custom pvc luggage tag

Printed Logo Tags For Employees and Customers

Beyond being used as promotional products to connect with new clientele, our PVC rubber bag tags make the perfect gifts for your current employees and existing customer base. Because of their functionality and the quality of design, these tags demonstrate how much you appreciate the people in your life, as you are gifting something that makes their lives easier. You are saying, “thank you,” in a practical and unique way.

Contact the Monterey Company to design your customized baggage tags, for which you will work intimately with one of our talented staff to bring your ideas to life. We will incorporate your ideas, your logo, your colors, and your brand into the design, and work to create a product that meets your needs. These tags, due to the durability of the PVC rubber of which they’re made, will last a lifetime and will prove resistant to even the harshest of conditions.

They are functional, cost-effective, and will keep you and your employees, customers, and prospective clientele safe from the hassle that comes with losing your luggage. Call us today. We can’t wait to work with you.

PVC Luggage Tags Mean Traveling in Style with No Lost Bags

With all the promotional gifts being given out each year at, the Luggage Tag is really one unique and underused idea, that is available and functional for the recipient of the gift. Made out of PVC, they are an excellent way to promote the company as you or others travel. The back contains the standard slip in identification card and is also the perfect size to hold a business card. There is a vinyl strap that is included for attaching to your luggage or other items.

PVC Custom Luggage Tags Made in Days!

Our most popular luggage tag is made of PVC. Soft and flexible, PVC luggage tags can be made in almost any color. Colors are generally separated by a very tiny gap. 3D effects can be added to best represent your logo.

The Monterey Company can make custom shaped luggage tags and match any company color you may have. Feel free to request a free quote and we will send you a design for your review and approval. We also can make pvc patches with your logo.