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Custom Fridge Magnets

Custom designed magnets made with your logo.

Custom Refrigerator Magnets

A custom fridge magnet is one of the smartest forms of marketing. Personalized magnets for fridges are a piece they will see on their refrigerator each morning and night so that your logo is always top-of-mind. Along with family photos, invitations, and cherished mementos will be your company information. Your customers and network will bring your business right into their home and make it a part of their daily routine. Design a magnet worthy of this honor by working with the Monterey Company's talented design team. They'll help you bring your vision for your magnet to life.

Make yourself a part of someone’s home by giving them a piece they will see every morning on the refrigerator when they’re making their coffee and every evening when they return home from the office. It makes your business a part of their homemaking them more likely to work with you again in the future.

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Customized Rubber Magnets

Rubber is a versatile and durable choice and can be made into almost any shape or size. Different types of rubber allow us to design countless types of different magnets. Everything from a 2D design to a three-dimensional and colorful rendition of your logo or mascot is made possible thanks to the rubber material.

Whether a molded product or printed to make your final design, rubber magnets are an innovative way to advertise. They are a piece that people can use every day whether at home or at the office. That means you'll have added publicity for months-or even years-to come. Invest in custom rubber magnets today to give your company the boost it needs.

2d vs 3D PVC Magnets

Whichever style you choose, both options are great gifts to give away to your customers, volunteers, or friends and family. It's a gift they'll love to use every day and a perfect way to spend your company's marketing budget.

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2D PVC Magnets: The two-dimensional PVC magnets are flat, without any raised design details. That means that when you look from the side, it is thin-almost like a piece of paper. The backing of the magnet is a simple and flat magnet, which makes them an affordable and easy-to-produce option.

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3D PVC Magnets: Three-dimensional PVC magnets, on the other hand, have raised areas, borders, and curves to create a more life-like and realistic recreation of your logo. They can also be customized in many different ways with colors, lines, and dimensions. Once the PVC portion has been created, magnetic backing is added so it will adhere to any metal surface.

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Custom Shapes With Your Logo

At the Monterey Company, we have spent over three decades perfecting our process. Our expertise in promotional products expands across all different types of items, including custom logo magnets. We're experts at working with all different types of businesses to help them promote themselves in new ways. And in our experience, one of the best ways to showcase your company or organization is with custom magnets because they are an ideal way to advertise every day. Magnets are used in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, office, or family room, making them a great way to get long-lasting publicity and keep your business top-of-mind.

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The Magnet Is Also Custom Shaped and Follows the Shape of Your Design

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Pick from a pre-made square, rounded, or oval shapes-or you can customize the shape completely for something that is totally original to you. You can add any design, from your logo to a photograph to completely original creation, to make the magnet completely unique. Work with our team to develop your design and get your custom magnets made today.

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PVC Rubber Magnets

PVC is a type of soft rubber that is flexible and soft to the touch, making it the ideal material for customized magnets. This affordable material can be molded into any shape, size, or proportion, allowing you to use your imagination to the fullest when creating your magnet design.

PVC is a special type of plastic. With the addition of certain materials, it is made softer and more flexible than traditional plastic. The durability and flexibility of PVC also make it perfect for outdoor product use.

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We Make Ordering a Customized Magnet Easy

At the Monterey Company, we have been creating custom products for over 30 years. That means we've perfected our process so it's never been easier for you to order. Once you reach out to our team, we'll provide you a quote to get started. Our team will walk you through the entire process so you always feel comfortable and informed. Customer service is our top priority, which means that our goal is to make sure you're totally happy with your products. We've broken the process down into three simple steps.

Custom Designs Made In Days!

pvc rubber custom magnet Rectangular, square, round, and oval magnets are all-too-common of a product. Instead of sticking with one of the traditional shapes or sizes, you can instead opt to create a totally custom shape. Think outside the box and consider star-shaped, horseshoe, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the shapes you can manufacture for your custom magnet. With our years of experience and our dedication to only the highest quality materials, we are able to customize every element of your magnet so it's exactly like you envisioned.

Once you've decided on the shape you want, our expert team will help you choose every other design detail. From the imagery to the colors to the backing and material, your design will be totally custom-designed by our talented team of designers for a high-end piece that will stand the test of time.

business card magnets Every company has them, and their employees give them out at every possible opportunity to network and promote the brand. But the small piece of paper is usually exchanged mindlessly, and oftentimes are lost among other paperwork or simply just thrown away. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle with just another paper business card, choose a business card that is fresh and innovative. Turn yours into a magnet for a practical and useful piece of marketing materials that will stand out.

When you turn your business card into a magnet, it is a piece people will use every day. Whether they keep it in their home or at their office, they will walk past it and be always reminded of you and your company. Magnetic business cards go above and beyond the usefulness of traditional business cards. They are a smart and effective piece that will always keep you top of mind with current and prospective customers.

house shaped real estate magnet Custom-made magnets are versatile and useful and there's no better way to be welcomed home than with a custom real estate photo magnet. Customize use your real estate business's logo and turn it into a magnet for a thoughtful client gift when they sell or buy. You can also take advantage of the custom-shaped magnets and manufacture a magnet that looks like an inviting home. This helps people immediately understand your offering. It's an easy way to differentiate yourself and to create a piece of marketing that people will love instantly because it reminds them of their most cherished space: home.

Creating Your Design: You'll be paired with one of our designers to help bring your magnet to life. They'll help you choose the best shape, colors, style, and finishes to make your vision a reality. Whether you're looking for a simple logo magnet or a three-dimensional PVC creation, they're there to make it happen.

Producing Your Magnet: After you've reviewed and approved your design proof and price, we'll put your magnet into production. Using only top-quality materials and industry-leading manufacturing processes, we'll create your full order with the highest attention to detail.

Shipping and Delivery: Once production is complete for your order, we'll package it up and ship it right to you. We partner with FedEx for all of our package deliveries to make sure that everything gets to you quickly and safely. Once it arrives safely on your doorstep, give out your custom-made magnets to your clients, customers, and employees to perfectly promote your business.

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