How To Apply Iron On Patches

Iron-on patches are a great way to add your personal touch and creativity. You can customize any clothing or hat with an iron-on design that will be sure not only to make you stand out. We offer four easy steps for adding your patch in the best way.

Applying Patches To Apparel

Iron-on patches are a great way to add a patch to hats, clothing, Jackets, pants, and backpacks, and can all be infused with a hint of your personality and interests by adding a patch or two. Though iron-on patches have their roots in military history, they have since evolved to represent all different types or groups and organizations, from sports teams and clubs to nonprofits and schools.

How to Iron on Patches For a DIY Project

Get creative and make a bold statement with iron-on patches! This simple DIY application process only takes minutes to apply, so you can quickly customize your wardrobe. All it takes is an iron, some fabric for heat protection and the patch of your choice - giving any garment that special touch in no time.

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Do Iron patches work on all types of materials?

Some fabrics are better suited for iron-on patches than others. Cotton and polyester work well, but nylons may be damaged by high heat during the application process while vinyl won't stick at all! Make sure you know what type of material your garment is made from before deciding to apply your patch! There are a few ways to apply patches on leather. One way is by sewing them onto the surface, but you can also use an iron with this method and get similar results without damaging your favorite material!

What if your patch is made from leather?

To ensure a secure and successful patch application, make sure to deactivate the steam setting on your iron. Additionally, confirm that you've applied heat seal backing onto the patch beforehand for optimal results. Follow these steps closely for an impeccable finish!

4 Easy Steps to Applying Your Patch

whale patch

1. Prepare Your Surface and Iron

Before you can add your patch to a garment or bag of choice, be sure that all the necessary supplies are ready and waiting. Collect an iron as hot as possible for the fabric type and turn off any steam settings - then it's time to get customizing! To adhere your masterpiece securely in place, make certain that before applying heat you've double-checked both what kind of material is used in the item being decorated – plus emptied any water from its chamber. With these pieces prepared ahead of time, creating something unique with patches has never been easier!

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2. Perfectly Position the Patch

After you have assembled all of your supplies, it’s time to choose where you’d like to place the patch. Test out the placement in a few different areas to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t. Once you’ve chosen where you’d like the patch, make sure it is at the exact angle and position you want—once you’ve adhered the patch, you will be unable to change it. When ironing on shoes or hats, fill them with towels to keep the patch from shifting. This will make pressing easier and more effective since you are closest possible distance from your material

puff embroiderd patch

3. Apply the Patch

With your patch firmly in place, it's time to make sure the fabric is smooth and ready for adhesion. Begin by taking off the patch and carefully pressing a hot iron over its former position - don't forget to drape cloth or an old towel over top of both fabrics so as not to damage either! After about half a minute with some heat applied, replace your chosen decoration where desired. To enjoy even greater security from shifting or falling patches, take advantage of sewing around their edges too! Now you have securely attached personality-filled accents that should last through countless adventures ahead!

custom shaped embroidery patch

4. Wear Your New, Customize Design

Ready for the final steps in your patch-attaching journey? Make sure to turn that new addition inside out and press it on an ironing board. Cover with a fabric or pillowcase before pressing so you don't damage anything - now watch as this simple detail transforms even the most ordinary pieces! With just one eye-catching patch, your favorite item will take on a newfound personal flair; feel free to add more than one if you want something truly special.

embroidered patch

Creating Your Patch

Crafting the perfect patch is your first step to success! Whether it be an iconic symbol or a meaningful blend of text and imagery, finding the right design that embodies your organization's spirit - one which will last throughout time - can truly make all the difference. With iron-on patches available in various sizes, shapes, and colors you're sure to discover something wonderfully unique for any purpose.

It’s also important to choose the type of patch that works for your specific needs. Transfer paper, embroidered patches, and woven patches all have a different look and feel, as well as different application processes. Learn the differences between them and select the one that makes the most sense for you.

Customizing Your Own Iron-On Patches

To add even more personality to your patches, customize your own design. At the Monterey Company, we have been developing custom-made patches, along with dozens of other promotional products, for over three decades. With our extensive experience and our seasoned team of experts, we can make the patch you’ve always imagined a reality. Whether it’s for your business, a sports team, a volunteer group, or just for your own personal use, the sky is the limit when it comes to your design. Contact our team today to request a quote and get started on your own custom iron-on patch.

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