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Custom Richardson Hats

The Monterey Company has been creating custom hats and patches since 1989. We offer custom-designed Richardson hats with customized patches and embroidery. We’ve been creating customized hats for more than 30 years now, making our creative team one that has plenty of experience creating custom promo products for our clients. 

Customizing Richardson Hats With Your Logo 

In search of custom Richardson Hats? Know that the Monterey Company has been creating custom hats since 1989! This means we’re the go-to professionals for those who need customized hats. We've chosen to offer our clients caps made by the Richardson family, who founded Richardson Sports in 1970, making them a true leader! When it comes to decorating your hats and caps in a professional, functional way, there’s no better place to start than the Monterey Company. We take your ideas and help you integrate your business name and logo into a beautiful design. With that design, we help you decide which style will be best for your unique business, helping you decorate your caps with the best fonts, colors, and techniques to capture the spirit of your cause. Choose from traditional styles and classic embroidery to bold, contemporary styles and vibrant screen printing, and everything in between.

Put your unique logo or personalized branding on a Richardson Sports hat, turning their classic, sporty style into headwear for your business or cause. Getting their inspiration from their baseball roots, These caps are the go-to choice for performance wear. Perfect for athletes and sports organizations, or businesses with ties to the outdoors, they will keep your head cool and dry, staying secure in even the most active of lifestyles. Even for the casual wearers, Richardson Sports combines comfort with performance and universal appeal, making them a great canvas for promoting your business.

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Richardson Full-Line Catalog

Need a closer view of the available colos and hat styles? Take a look at our full-line catalog

richardson hat with sublimated patches
112 richardson hat

Richardson 112 Trucker

$15.00 each ( patch included & min order 48 pieces )

This is one of the best selling trucker hat made. Manufactured by Richardson Sports and can be decorated with direct embroidery or add a custom patch. Made in 40 different color combinations and we can add your logo on the front, back or sides.

FIT & SIZE: Adjustable Snapback / One Size Fits Most

  • SHAPE: MidPro
  • FABRIC: Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh
  • VISOR: Precurved
  • SWEATBAND: Cotton

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Popular Richardson Hat Styles

There are many different styles of Richardson Hats, so you'll need to choose the style you want. There are also different types of fabrics for you to choose from, as well as making decisions on whether you want your customized hats to include certain features, like cotton sweatbands and/or an adjustable snapback. If you've already chosen your preferred Richardson Hat style, then great! You can move to the next step, creating a custom patch to add to your custom hat. Cool! A few Examples:

richardson hats with patches
chino polo hat
richardson 112+ Flex with custom patch

#112 R Trucker Hat

camo hat with patch

#874 Camo Hats

leather patch hat

Santiam Cap #436

richardson 324 dad hat

#324 Dad Hat

leather patch hat

#252 Dad Hat

trucker patch hat

#115 Trucker

937 with leather patch

#937 Fishing Hat

111 richardson with custom leather patch

#111 Trucker Hat

richardson 510

#510 Flat Bill Hat

Custom Decoration


Ideal for bolder designs with an average level of detail. Also available as a raised 3D. Make sure to submit a quote to make sure it will look good in 3D.Minimum order quantity: 24 pcs

embroiddery styles for custom snapback hats

Max Imprint Size: Varies by cap style, but 2 1/8” high X 4 ½” wide is the standard size for embroidering the front of a cap


custom patches on snapback hats


rubber patches for hats

Printed Patches

screen printed patches

Woven Patches

woven label patch samples

Leather Patches

Adding a Custom Patch: Imagine how your custom, high-quality hats made by Richardson Sports will look once you place a patch on it! Types of Hat Patches

leather patch styles
patch design options

Selecting Your Hat Style

Once we uncover the elements of your design and the best style of hat to complement it, our professional production team will bring those concepts to life, creating stunning, functional pieces your employees, your customers, and your supporters will love. Because there’s nothing quite like a custom hat to demonstrate your appreciation, in a fun and practical way. 

Mesh Back Hats & 5 Panel Hats

Mesh back trucker hats by Richardson Sports are a fun spin on the classic baseball hat, with the traditional fabric back panels replaced by breathable, durable mesh. The break from fabric makes it a great style for hot weather users, outdoor lovers, and those who simply enjoy the more casual, fun look and feel. The mesh back is often accompanied by an adjustable strap, creating a secure, comfortable fit for every wearer. 

Because the mesh back hats and 5-panel hats are made from fewer fabric panels, there is greater space on the front of the cap, allowing for your logo and message to stand out in a big and bold way. Vibrant messaging and large logos can stretch across the widened face, filling the enlarged canvas with everything you need to make your statement. Best of all? The contrast of the mesh material and the fabric of the cap creates a can’t miss look you’ll love to wear.

5 panel hat

What is the difference between a structure hat and an unstructured hat?

richardson r55 dad hat

Unstructured Hat Design

Unstructured hats are the soft, subtle alternative to the structured style. With their classic look and comfortable fit, unstructured caps are some of the most popular customizable lids, fitting into most everyone’s personal style. From weekend wearers to sports team fans, or for your company’s event or cause, unstructured hats are a great option for people and occasions of all kinds.

This style of the hat gets its name from the lack of added support in the cap’s paneling, allowing the fabric to sag when it’s not being worn. Without the added support, the material of the cap better fits your head’s shape, enhancing the comfort of the wear.

These hat designs are great for adding your logo or messaging, keeping in mind the appropriate size and look of your design. Best for smaller embroidery, patches, and tags, these hats are perfect for designs that reach large audiences and work with a wide variety of personal tastes.

fly fishing hat

Structured Hat Design

Structured hats like the Richardson 112 Trucker hat make up some of the most popular styles of customizable headwear, boasting large, unobstructed canvases that fit your company name or logo. Structured hats get their name from their ability to retain their relative shape regardless if the user is wearing it or not. To achieve this heightened structure, the front panels of the cap are padded with added support, creating a subtle stiffness that forms an unchanging shape.

Because the cap of a structured hat is taller, it allows for designing bigger, bolder logos and lettering, with the entirety of the face usable for printing, embroidery, or patchwork. Certain materials lend themselves for adding structure, like moisture-wicking fabric or buckram, making them ideal choices for youthful, athletic, and playful wearing styles. These caps often feature an adjustable strap, as all the fabric won’t hug your head, creating a semi-fitted, secure piece of headwear.

Fee Design & Proof

Richardson Hat Pricing

Patches Included but additional patches can also be purchased separately

36 - 71 

$21.00  / each

  • Patch or embroidery Included in one location. 

72 - 95 

$18.00  / each

  • Patch or embroidery Included in one location. 


$16.00  / each

  • Patch or embroidery Included in one location. 


$15.00  / each

  • Patch or embroidery Included in one location.