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Custom Logo Trucker Hats Embroidered WIth Your Logo

Trucker hats are a classic hat design with contemporary relevance. This timeless style originated as a promotional product, gifted to truck drivers from companies wanting to spread their logo across the country along the truckers’ routes. Today, custom trucker hats have regained their significance as youthful favorites or vintage throwbacks. The classic square-shaped hat surface lends itself well to logos, names, and messaging, and is perfect for brands wanting to portray approachability and playfulness. 

custom trucker hats
custom leather patch on beanies

Add a patch to your hat.

Made in multiple imprinting methods, your company hats can either have your design embroidered or boldly screen printed onto the cap’s face. Whether you’re going for a classic look or a vibrant show-stopper, we have what you need to craft the perfect logo hat for your business. Making a custom trucker hats with patch directly applied to the face of a hat is standard practice for us. We can add PVC rubber or leather patch to any of our cap or hat styles. Adding a patch to a trucker hat is pretty easy!  We have a design team that will assist you to create the perfect match. Our PVC patches can be made in any shape and we can sew them on for you.

One of the most popular, effective, and cost-friendly promotional products offered by the Monterey Company is custom company logo hats. With curated designs and a wide variety of styles, promotional hats put your business’ logo or message on the most visible place a product can achieve: right on someone’s head. Because of their high visibility, custom hats for your business become a focal point of conversation, getting your name out there in a profound way.

Although any style of hat is great for promoting your company, cause, or business, some styles will better represent your brand’s unique personality. And because different brand’s logos vary so significantly, we think your custom headwear should reflect those differences. By choosing the perfect style, color scheme, and design, you can craft a hat your employees, customers, and community members will wear proudly atop their heads.

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Custom Snapback Hats

Snapbacks are a fun, youthful style of hat known for their adjustable plastic backing and flat, squared brim. The cap’s tall face is perfect for displaying your message or logo loud and clear. With a variety of styles, from embroidered snapbacks to printed, your custom cap design will promote your business with playful ease.

Embroidered Trucker Hats

In making your custom embroidered trucker hats, your logo, name, or message is stitched into the fabric of the hat, creating a slightly raised, more subtle design. The color of the embroidering can either match or starkly contrast the material of the hat, creating varying levels of visibility. This style is often used to achieve a more natural or classic look and feel and is best for simple logos and lettering.

Screen Printed Trucker Hats

Your custom printed trucker hats have your image or design splashed across the face of your hat, creating an attention-grabbing, vibrant look and feel. To achieve this, your design is screen printed across the fabric of the hat, looking like part of the hat itself. Screen printed hats are perfect for logos best represented by lots of colors, that include details not achievable through embroidery, or that include landscapes and scenery.

3D Puff Embroidery Hats

Take your embroidery to the next dimension with a 3D puff embroidery style. With this technique, raise your embroidered logo and design well above standard embroidery, creating a rounded, puffy look. This technique can be applied to any custom logo cap style, from baseball caps to snapbacks to trucker hats, putting a fun twist on a classic effect. 

For even more hat decoration varieties, browse the Monterey Company collection of leather, PVC, and embroidered patches. When it comes to crafting a custom hat for your business, we have the skills, the team, and the materials to create your uniquely perfect design.

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More Hat Styles

Custom hats are perfect for establishing brand recognition, for generating awareness around your cause, and to demonstrate the personality and tone your business takes in reaching larger audiences. These products, when made well, can be distributed within your company to encourage workplace pride and camaraderie, and externally to generate a larger client base. We specialize in the highest quality caps and embroidery and we can source any hat style imaginable. For example, we offer hats made using cork for wineries looking to include wearables in their brand.