Custom Drinkware & Design

There's no better way to show off your brand than with our great selection of custom drinkware. No matter what type of mug you need, we've got it covered! The Monterey Company offers personalized mug designs and hundreds of drinkware styles.

Customized Drinkware

Wondering which drinkware option is right for you? Check out over 6000 styles of custom mugs and glassware.

ceramic mug

Choosing The Best Mug Style

Selecting a mug to represent your brand can be a fun process. Our guide offers a quick view of some of the most popular styles that can be printed with your logo.

customized mug

Choosing a Design

Printing a promotional mug with your brand is easy. Is your custom design going to be one-sided or two-sided? Will your logo be simplified or printed in full color?

customized campfired mug design

Manufacturing Drinkware

Promotional drinkware normally takes ten days or less to produce, even in larger quantities. Larger quantity orders sometimes take a little longer if you order a sample before production.

mug design

Customizing Mugs & Glassware

We do the best customizing mugs and glassware, starting by selecting the type of mug you would like to add your logo to. Once you have selected and decided on your final art design, our factory will use the best imprint method for transferring your artwork permanently to your customized drinkware. 

What Are The Print Methods Used to Customize Drinkware?

There are four main methods of customizing glassware.

1. Sublimation prints use special ink and transfer medium and then are applied with both pressure and heat to directly transfer the ink to a mug.

2. Etching and engraving are used on various surfaces, including wine glasses, coffee cups, shot glasses, pint glasses, beer steins, and water bottles. This works when an acidic or abrasive substance is placed on the glass, which in turn causes the surface of the glass to become rough due to these substances' ability to remove extremely small areas of the glass. Glass etching adds a higher perceived value and style to glassware.

3. Pad Printing is a process of transferring ink from an image on the plate to 3D silicone pads that pick it up and drop it onto the surface of custom drinkware.

4. Screen printing a mug or promotional cups is an imprint method commonly used for customizing apparel and printing logos on t-shirts. This printing method takes your design and then burns it into fine mesh screens representing each color in the art. Every ink color will be added to its matching screen, and once this process is completed, all personalized screens will be layered together to reproduce the initial logo. This process works on most promotional drinkware, sports bottles, and personalized travel mugs.

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    Thousands of drinkware styles to select from.

    Custom Sublimation Glassware

    With the latest technology, we can create a photo-realistic design tightly registered and full-wrapped in color. The vibrant multicolor print will make your brand stand out from other companies. 

    sublimated pint glass

    16 Oz Full Color Sublimated Glass Pint 

    How to Select the Right Drinkware

    Choosing the right style is the first and one of the more important decisions you need to make. You need to make the right choice, as you'll be ordering hundreds, if not thousands, to promote your company! Promotional drinkware comes in various shapes and sizes; the list below includes four more unique and trendy drinkware considered popular promo choices. Out of all the promotional giveaways you could give out, why not select custom drinkware for your next event? They never go out of style and will help boost sales!

    Questions to Start the Brainstorming Process:

    • Does your brand include special Pantone colors?
    • Does your brand include an image?
    • Do you prefer solid colors vs. detailed patterns or designs with shading?
    • Are there specific fonts you prefer?
    12 Oz. Spooner Mug
    metalic mug
    glass mug
    customized ceramic mug

    Ceramic Mugs

    Ceramic Coffee Mugs are a fantastic material choice because this material is resistant to high temperatures, doesn't retain smells, and is easy to clean. They are durable and great for a promotional product that will last long, with your brand standing out with every use.

    man holding travel mug

    Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

    Custom travel mugs keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours on end; this material is super popular. If you're considering choosing stainless steel as the preferred material for your custom drinkware, laser engraving tends to be a popular choice for adding your logo.

    glass mug

    Custom Glassware

    Glassware comes in various thicknesses, making it important to know how thick a glass mug is before committing. While it doesn't happen very often, the last thing you want is for your glass to break. Laser engraving is one of the more popular print methods to place your business brand on glassware.

    copper mugs

    Copper Mugs

    Since copper tends to be a great thermal conductor, copper mugs are preferred when drinking icy cold drinks, which include alcoholic drinks. This material is even known to support one's overall health, making this what some can call a healthy material. Due to copper's versatility, we can use the screen print, pad print, or digital print method in this style.

    custom pillar mug

    Custom Deep Etch Drinkware

    Your brand is displayed as you sip your morning tea or coffee from this custom Ombre ceramic mug. The dark glaze gradually fades to light, turning an ordinary cup into something unique and memorable! Deep etching your logo is our favorite way of adding your brand to a custom mug.

    travel mugs

    Vacuum Tumblers

    Urban Peak Canyon Trail 16 oz 

    Custom printing on insulated tumblers is what we do best! We offer full-color printing wrap-around logos. Our styles include plastic tumblers as well as single-wall and double-wall tumblers. We have styles with and without lids, including brands like Contigo and Bubba.

    custom full color mug

    Full-Color Designs

    Why choose Full Color? This personalized drinkware includes lots of colors, making it a fun gift! There are many different styles to select from, making it so that you have choices if you deem this to be the promotional product aligned with your company's brand.


    Glass Mugs

    Why Select Glass? Even though a beverage glass does not retain heat or cold, as well as other materials, they're a popular promotional gift because of its overall aesthetics. Glass mugs tend to be a classic swag gift for clients and employees. Custom glassware comes in many styles, including barware, beer glasses for your bar, jars, goblets, and whiskey glasses which can include a frosted company logo.

    High-Quality Ceramic & Stoneware Coffee Mugs

    Ceramic mugs provide a unique opportunity for personalization and customization, adding that extra special touch to your morning coffee! With over dozens of colors available and the added bonus of an easy-to-grip handle - these classic choices are perfect for showing off your brand. Keep drinks hot or cold even longer with ceramic cups – guaranteed satisfaction from people lucky enough to receive them!

    Stoneware is not only distinctive in its overall appearance, but this particular material is also very durable and customizable, does not stain, and resists thermal shock; regarding which process to add to stoneware, pad imprinting, digital imprinting, and sublimation work very well.

    full color mug design
    Ceramic Mug 14oz
    14oz. deep etched mug
    Savannah Campfire Mug
    Ceramic Mug 14oz