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Lapel Pin Styles & Gallery

If you're looking for the best style lapel pins for your company or next event, then reach out to us and we wil make you the perfect design with your logo.

Pin Gallery And Style Options

Pin Styles

Our pins are bursting with style and creativity! Choose from our diverse selection of designs, including enamel color options, printed artwork, stunning 3D pieces - plus many other unique choices. Don't wait; submit your request today to get the process going and make sure you stand out in a crowd.

More Pin Styles

We Have Lots Of Pin Styles To Choose From!

We specialize in making custom lapel pins in a variety of base metals, plating colors and customization options. We can add gemstones, engraving, and 3D to almost any design. Our enameling options include soft and hard enameling and cloisonne. All of our pins can be made in any shape or size and can include cut-outs.

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Custom Pins

We manufacture over 10 styles of lapel pins and off free design.


We manufacture RN pins and graduations pins.


Election pins and button pins can be made at affordable prices.


We can add single or double magnet attachments to any lapel pin style.

Stock Pins

We have american made and overseas made pins that are stocked.


We make police badge pins and law enforcement pins.


Our military pins can be made for any branch of the military.


Need a pin for a biker run? We can create a pin that can fasten to your jacket.


we offer pin backs from deluxe clutches to magnet backs.

Expert Customization

Our custom lapel pins come in any style, shape or size – from bold and colorful to a more subtle design. Plus our range of customization options give you the freedom to be creative; whether that's adding gemstones for an extra sparkle, 3D effects for maximum impact or cut-outs for something truly unique! We've got base metals and plating colors available so your pin can stand out however you'd like it to look - making sure yours is totally one of a kind.

The customization options are endless! You can choose whether you want a simple pin frame or one with enamel colors. There is also the option to create 3D pins, and then there’s your base material - while it may be difficult to decide which of our many materials would work best for you, rest assured that we have experts on hand ready and willing to assist.

Ordering Pins In Bulk

With bulk orders, you can get maximum bang for your buck: the more pins you buy, the less each pin costs. Economies of scale apply to lapel pins too - bigger orders equal big savings! So if it's a large quantity of custom lapel pins that you need, then an order in bulk is definitely worth considering.

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