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Custom Lanyards Printed With Your Logo

Custom made lanyards are a great way to personalize your company's branding and give employees an opportunity for recognition. With so many themes, colors, shapes or designs available - you'll be able create the perfect choice!

Company Lanyards With Your Logo

Promote your brand, or cause in an affordable and creative way with custom lanyards! They are the perfect accessory for any employee to wear around the neck that displays company information while also adding a touch of style. Make sure you stand out from other organizations by using customized designs on each one - they offer endless possibilities!

Silk Screened Tube Printed Lanyard: This is the most affordable option available. These personalized lanyards help build brand awareness without blowing your budget. How are they made? The cord itself is made from loosely stitched polyester fibers. These fibers form a tube, like a shoelace. Your design is then imprinted onto the “shoelace” and finished with your chosen closure. Our minimum order size is 500 pieces with your design imprinted with your art.

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Personalizing Lanyards

Give your brand a boost with custom lanyards that are not just practical but also loads of fun! These versatile promo goodies are super easy to wear and can be jazzed up for any event you've got in mind. Whether you want to wow folks at trade shows or surprise conference-goers with nifty giveaways, custom lanyards have your back. They're like secret weapons for memorable branding events.

Get all creative for your next trade show by personalizing lanyards with your logo or any cool image you fancy. We've got a bunch of styles and colors to choose from, over 20 in fact. These lanyards are the champs for holding name cards, IDs, tickets, access cards, and even keys. Our awesome team can help you pick the perfect attachment. And guess what? Ordering in bulk means you save big and leave a lasting impression at your next trade show.

But that's not all! Show your team spirit in style with personalized lanyards that sport eye-catching logos. Whether it's for college sports teams, music groups, or professional clubs, these lanyards aren't just handy; they also bring a burst of energy and style to your events.

Types Of Lanyards

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Woven Lanyards 

Customizing woven lanyards adds a touch of sophistication, to your branding efforts. These lanyards offer an approach to personalization by weaving your logo or design directly into the material and gradations can be added. This intricate process results in a textured finish seamlessly integrating your logo into the fabric. Whether you prefer an elegant appearance or a detailed representation of your brand woven lanyards offer a tangible way to leave your mark and not have your logo fade. They are a choice for businesses and organizations seeking a durable branding solution that truly sets them apart, from other lanyard styles.

Custom Printed Lanyards

Printing lanyards, with a logo using screen printing is a way to showcase your brand or message creatively. This process involves using a mesh screen to transfer your design onto the fabric with precision and vibrancy. Whether you're aiming for an attention grabbing logo or a subtle and refined appearance screen printing provides a versatile canvas to bring your vision to life. The end result? A personalized lanyard that not only keeps things organized but also serves as a tool for promoting brand recognition and expressing yourself. It's. Stylish and effective in leaving an impression at events, conferences or, as part of your organizations attire.

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Polyester Lanyards

Customizing Polyester Lanyards is, like adding your touch to an item for trade shows. These lanyards, made from high quality polyester provide a platform for your creativity. You can make them truly yours by imprinting your company logo, a slogan or a vibrant design that represents your brands story. Whether you prefer an professional appearance or something vibrant and colorful Polyester Lanyards can suit your style perfectly. Purchasing in bulk ensures that you have a collection of these customized lanyards for events trade shows or everyday office use. So go ahead. Enjoy the process while letting your Polyester Lanyards showcase your unique identity, in a practical yet visually appealing manner.

Dye Sublimation Lanyards

Our sublimation process offers colorful printing. We use a high-quality dye sublimation printing process to customize these durable, soft, and smooth polyester lanyards for your branding needs. With an extensive range of clips available as well as the option to personalize them with text or colors you want - they're perfect! We’ve got solutions to make your colors pop! We offer promotional lanyards through dye-sublimation. This simple process uses heat to transfer dye coloring onto the fabric of your lanyard. You can choose from the following color options: Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Black, Orange, Brown, Navy Blue, White, and Light Blue. We can even combine your favorite colors for the best lanyard for your cause, or promotional events! Through dye-sublimation all of your bright, bold colors are beautifully captured. This creates an eye-catching effect perfect for promotion.

Dye-Sublimated Lanyard
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Silkscreened Bamboo - Breakaway Lanyards

Make an impactful statement by utilizing our eco-friendly Lanyard, Market your organization while also protecting the planet with our sustainable silkscreened bamboo breakaway lanyard - perfect for making a lasting impression.

Breakaway lanyards are a solution that combines convenience and safety seamlessly. These lanyards feature a plastic buckle that allows for detachment in case of emergencies making them incredibly valuable, in situations where safety's crucial. They have become extremely popular in schools for student ID badges as the breakaway feature ensures accidents are prevented when the lanyard gets caught or pulled.

However the usefulness of breakaway lanyards extends beyond schools. They are also essential for healthcare professionals working in hospital environments ensuring their safety while on the job. Event staff members also find comfort in using these lanyards as they manage crowds. Enough breakaway buckles have even made their way into accessories. Dog collars equipped with these buckles offer safety during adventures giving pet owners peace of mind as they explore with their furry friends. In all these scenarios breakaway lanyards strike the balance, between practicality and security by allowing your branding to shine while prioritizing user well being.

Custom logo lanyards are an effective way to promote your brand

Make a lasting impression. Here are some of the benefits of using custom lanyards:

  • Promote at events: Perfect for tradeshows, corporate functions, educational events, symposiums, and more.
  • Convenient access: Keep keys, ID badges, or other frequently used tools easily accessible.
  • Staff identification: Quickly and professionally identify staff members.
  • Visibility: Keep custom badge holders visible at events.
  • Affiliation: Show affiliation with a unit, team, or group.
  • Brand loyalty: Build brand loyalty through consistent branding.
  • Standardization: Standardize employee badges for a professional look.
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Popular Lanyard Attachments

With so many options available, it can be hard to figure out which custom lanyard accessories best suit your needs. We have over 20 different attachments like retractable badge holders that are designed for specific purposes - each ideal in it's own way! Whether you need something easy to take off or a more secure option, our customer service team is here to help and make the process as effortless as possible. Let us know what style works for you and we'll provide just the perfect fit!

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Attachment Styles

  • Metal Split Ring, a standard keychain circle ring. This has overlapping loops, through which your keys, accessories, rings, and ID cards fit between the loops. This keeps your items safely locked in place.
  • ATT-5, a wide looping hook with a thumb notch for secure opening and closing. The ATT-5 comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
  • Oval Shaped Hook, a looped hook attachment with a built-in press opening. This is available in a variety of sizes and base accessory options.
  • Carabiner Hook, a "P" shaped hook with a thumb notch for opening and closing. This classic option is offered in different sizes and with select the best custom lanyard options.
  • Safety Buckle, with a durable plastic frame and prongs offered in multiple styles.
  • Name Badge Clip, bulldog clips, designed to clamp badges, ID cards, and more!