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Custom Luggage Tags

The Monterey Company custom designs and manufactures custom luggage tags with your logo in a various materials and styles!

Customizing Luggage Tags For Your Brand

For over three decades, Monterey Company has been crafting custom bag tags with a distinctively personal touch. Our expansive collection of luggage tags are designed to meet your every need; choose from an array of colorful shapes and sizes - all constructed out of durable materials for bulk orders that reflect the classy style you seek! 

Luggage tags are an invaluable asset for boosting your brand recognition. By investing in these useful keepsakes, you can create a lasting impression on customers and get them to associate your logo with the pleasant experience of receiving something special. Plus, their friends will be exposed to your business when they see it featured prominently! That's how you begin generating new leads and solidifying relationships with existing clients by making sure that people remember who you are!
custom printed luggage tags
branded luggage tags

What Kinds Of Luggage Tags Do We Make?

Are you interested, in designing luggage tags? Our personalized luggage tags can feature your company logo. We offer a variety of materials to choose from, including rubber, leather and silicone. Our primary objective is to create bag tags that can be easily attached to your bags without any hassle. 

With our expertise in custom printing and the use of materials like PVC rubber genuine leather and silicone rubber we can quickly. Engrave custom luggage tags with your company branding messages or artwork. Whether you're considering them as giveaways, for your company or using them on a retreat we always prioritize quality no matter where your travels may lead you!

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PVC Rubber Luggage Tags

PVC luggage tags are a combination of durability and personalization. What makes them stand out is their ability to showcase your brand in ways. Whether you have a 2D logo or an intricate 3D design PVC tags can bring it to life with incredible accuracy. The secret lies in the manufacturing process, where each color is carefully applied one layer at a time resulting in sharp designs. These tags not serve the purpose of identifying your bags but also provide an opportunity, for stylish branding that can endure the rigors of travel. With PVC tags your logo becomes a three statement that grabs attention and adds a touch to your luggage.

leather luggage tags with air canada logo

Leather Luggage Tags

Adding laser engravings to both genuine leather luggage tags brings a touch of timeless sophistication to your branding. These tags not have an appearance but also provide a tactile and memorable experience, with their embossed texture. What makes them special is their versatility beyond the monochrome style. Brands have the option to fill their logos with color making them stand out against the leather background. 

This customization ensures that your tags are not visually unique but also incredibly durable, capable of withstanding the demands of travel while maintaining their look. Whether its, for use or corporate gifting laser engraved leather tags offer a choice that enhances your brands image throughout every journey.

Custom Printed Bag Tags

The information displayed on your bag tag varies for many different reasons. Depending on your comfort level with sharing personal information and the easiest method to contact you, you can document everything from just your name and phone number all the way to your address or email. Whichever you choose, our tags display your information with style and ease. We can produce tags with an ID cardholder or with a writable surface, so when it comes to reuniting you with your luggage, we’ve got you covered

Our custom bag tags come in countless colors, so express yourself with whatever combination you can imagine! Whether your tag is large or small, our color-blending technology will ensure that each hue stands out and complements one another to match the look of your logo.

luggage tags with custom printing
embroidered luggage tags

Custom Embroidered luggage tags

Embroidered luggage tags offer a combination of sophistication and personalization. These tags go beyond functionality; they are a way to make a statement. By allowing your company logo to shine in, up to 10 colors these tags serve as a canvas, for showcasing your brands identity. 

The addition of twill color backgrounds adds depth and luxury to your design ensuring that your logo truly stands out. Whether you aim to add an air of elegance to travel essentials or create giveaways embroidered luggage tags prove to be a versatile choice. They go beyond being identifiers; they become brand ambassadors that travel alongside you leaving a lasting impression wherever they journey across the globe.

Ready To Order?

With our new website, you can pick out the perfect luggage tags that best reflect your style and personality. Show off your uniqueness as you travel with a selection of customizable options!

Writable Surface Bag Tags

Writable bag tags, with a surface you can write on are a game changer for travelers who want convenience and personalization. These tags have an area where you can jot down details like your name, contact information or destination on one side. This makes it easy to identify your bags and get them back if something goes wrong. On the side you can showcase your company logo. 

Add a personalized design to make your luggage unique. Whether you prefer cardstock or modern PVC these tags offer a solution for keeping your belongings safe and secure. Not are they functional. They also add a touch of individuality, to your bags. The best part? You can easily update the information whenever your travel plans change making these tags versatile and eco friendly. With surface bag tags you have the ability to personalize your luggage while ensuring a hassle journey.

Writable Surface Bag Tags
full color luggage tags

Full-Color, 2D & 3D Bag Tags

With the help of our artists, you can transform your logo into a full-color bag tag that is sure to impress. Color choice and shape play an integral role in achieving exactly what look and feel you're aiming for - whether it's two-dimensional or three-dimensional sculpting that catches your eye. Through careful customization tailored specifically to suit your needs, take pride in knowing every small detail has been thoughtfully crafted with intention!

Give your brand an extra "pop" with a 2D tag! This flat printing option is ideal for simple images that require intricate details and multiple colors - while still maintaining a clean look.

When you choose a 3D luggage tag, certain areas of your creation will be raised, and others recessed. This emphasizes particular parts of your logo, making the 3D effect similar to our 3D pvc patches are a great option for simple images or to help certain details stand out.

Identification Card Holders On Back

Our ID card holders are known for their durability and practicality. They embody the combination of strength and usefulness. Your logo like our PVC rubber patches proudly takes center stage on one side. On the side a strong layer of weather plastic adds an extra level of protection. What sets these holders apart is the freedom to choose. We offer a variety of options tailored to your needs ensuring effortless organization and, up, to date information.

If you want some added assurance you can even request a sample before placing your order to make sure these versatile and practical holders meet all your expectations. It's a solution that not showcases your brand but also keeps you prepared for any situation.

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