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Custom Tee Shirts

Why would a business owner want to learn how to design custom tee shirts ? Because this is one of the simplest ways for you to promote your company! Considering what your client's will use on a daily basis helps you choose the right promo products, and since just about everyone in the entire world wears customized apparel, what better way to promote your company? You can even bump it up another level by connecting with globally recognized brands! Doing so allows you to partner up with these famous brands, which is going to get your brand noticed much more quickly.

Choosing a Shirt Brand

Ready to understand some of the benefits that come with choosing to connect with famous brand name t-shirts? Great! Choosing our brand name products easily allows your logo to promote its message. What do you want it to say? Choosing the right message is important, as your custom tee shirts can be used to promote your company in many different ways. Custom Apparel can make your company look more professional, allow your employees to be instantly recognizable, instill a sense of pride in employees, and of course, custom apparel is a fantastic conversation starter! Since you'll be choosing a brand name shirt to connect with, one of the first things you'll need to do is choose the brand names that you feel is a great match for your brand. Next, you'll need to choose a style that fits in with your image. 

Our Best Tee Shirt Manufactures

Fruit of the Loom. This Sofspun Long Sleeve T-Shirt made by Fruit of the Loom is
preshrunk, breathable, lightweight, super soft, and includes double needle stitched sleeves
and rib cuffs, making this tee shirt one that includes features that make it stand out from
other long sleeve. Available in 7 different colors, and sizes
small through 3XL.

Hanes® This Hanes®. Cool Dri Sport Shirt for men, and this Cool Dri Women's Sporthanes logo Shirt are great choices! Top features include a 50+ UPF rating, and double needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem. Available in 5 different colors, and sizes small through 2XL for men. Available in 6 different colors, and sizes small through 2XL for women.

Jerzees This Jerzees 50/50 Piqu Polo with SpotShield is a classic polo choice, with best features including stain-resistant, welt-knit collar, and a 2-button pocket with bottom stitched reinforcements. Polo shirts offer a level of professionalism, making polo shirts a popular option when promoting a business. Available in 3 different colors, and sizes small through 3XL.

Gildan This Ringer Tee for men made by Gildan is currently a trending style! Best features include it uses moisture-wicking technology, has a seamless collar, and its tapered neck and shoulders, which make for a casual. Available in 7 different color combinations, and sizes small through 3XL.

Next Level This Next Level Ringer Tees for women is flattering, and adds a professional touch. Made using 100% combed ringspun cotton, it also includes side seams, and a binded collar and cuffs. Available in 3 different color combinations, and sizes small through 2XL.

Bella & Canvas This Unisex Sueded Tee made by Bella & Canvas makes it easy! This trending apparel is a perfect choice, as it’s simple chic, and super soft due to its being made using airlume combed and ringspun materials. Available in 8 different colors, and sizes small through 2XL. Ready to learn how to make apparel so you can make your business stand out from your competition? 

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Which T-Shirt Brand Would You Like to Connect With? 

At Monterey Company, we place a large importance on offering our clients a huge selection of different brand name products. This means you’re sure to find multiple brand names to connect your company to, making it so you’ll need to pick and choose which brand name items will best align with your business’ voice. When it comes to our offering high-quality, fashionable, and/or really cool trending wearables, some of the more popular brand names you can choose to connect with include Fruit of the Loom, Hanes®, Jerzees, Gildan, Next Level, and Bella & Canvas. Wow!

While the majority of business owners tend to connect with 1 or 2 famous brand names for promo reasons, you can choose as many brands that you feel will take your brand to another level. If you happen to need a little help finding and choosing the best wearables to represent you and your logo, know that we have a team of specialists who can assist you at any time! Once we add your customizations to the brand name products you choose, they become your products. We suggest you give all of your employees a tee shirt so they can wear it when attending company events, like picnics, or events that are purely focused on promoting your company, like trade shows, conventions, and seminars.

Need Custom Shirts? Brainstorming Is The Firt Step! 

One of the most important parts of designing a promotional tee shirt that properly represents your image. The entire purpose of choosing wearables is to get your business noticed, and that requires you to first create a logo that’s 100% in line with your company. In order for those of you who need a little inspiration in order to create your original tee shirt artwork, entering a few carefully chosen keywords online is sure to bring you up a wide variety of visual resources.

Answering the questions below is going to help you get the brainstorming process started!

  • What style apparel are in align with your brand?
  • What kind of personality traits do you want your shirts to convey?
  • Does your company support a casual look, or a more professional look?
  • Do you want the shirts you choose to be the same for your employees, clients, and customers?
  • What are some key themes of your brand?
  • Is your business lighthearted, traditional, fancy, fun, serious, etc.?
  • Is there a particular famous brand name that you'd prefer to do business with?

Know that many business owners will design custom tee shirts with the goal of selling them.

If you're a business owner who plans on selling your customized design tee shirts, then you're going to need to make sure they're extremely marketable Ask yourself, why would someone want to buy my t-shirts? What makes them so cool and so unique that it makes people want to reach out and buy? This makes it even more essential for you to brainstorm some really cool designs that can make it so anybody who sees your custom tee shirts. Also, be sure to separate your personal recommendations with your business recommendations, as it’s the image of your business that you need to focus on when creating custom. shirts. And be sure to conduct enough research so that you feel confident that your customized shirts are going to be in demand.

Creating Your Tee Shirt Design

Once you’ve gone through the brainstorming stage, it's now time for you to take all of your brainstorming ideas, and start creating your original illustration. How exciting! Simply start taking all of the elements of your brainstorming sessions, and begin placing them together in a variety of ways in order for you to get a good visual of how your design will look once placed on your branded shirts. If you're someone who feels they need a little assistance in creating the perfect artwork to place on your custom t-shirts, please don't hesitate to reach out and collaborate with an experienced freelancer. There are many choices available online nowadays when it comes to finding a freelancer who specializes in creating custom logos for business owners. In order to make sure that you’ve found the perfect freelancer, have a short list of questions you want to send them, as the answers will help you determine whether or not they’re the right freelancer for you. If you do you make the choice to hire a freelancer to help you create your logo, understand that there are different types of designers you can choose from. For example, you can choose to hire a graphic artist, a brand identity designer, or a graphic designer. Which type of designer do you think will be ideal when it comes to creating your artwork?

The below questions will help you create your final logo.

  • What colors do you want to use?
  • Which font best represents your image?
  • How large do you want the font to appear?
  • Do you already have some design elements in place?

When it comes to using colors, keep in mind both the colors of your logo, as well as the color of your apparel . Would you prefer a more subtle image placed on a very colorful tee shirt? Or would you prefer a neutral colored tee shirt so you can add your very colorful design to it? And never estimate the importance of choosing the right fonts, as your choice of fonts are essential when it comes to representing the brand of your business. While one of the more important aspects of chosen fonts is that they’re easy to read, keep in mind that fonts play a large role in how your business is viewed, i.e. fun, serious, classic, clean, fancy, modern. Leaning toward a more simple design? Or maybe you might be interested in creating a more detailed design to place on your tee-shirts? 

Choosing Monterey Company to Create Your Custom-Designed Tee Shirts!

Once you've created your tee shirt logo, we can help you determine where your design will best go on the brand-name shirts you choose. Since imprinting choices include the full front, the full back, the left chest, the right chest, the left sleeve, the right sleeve, and the yoke, you have many choices! So know that you can always contact our experienced team to ask them for their professional opinion, as we’re always available to you when needed. While there's not a lot of business ownerswho try to take on this type of project themselves, the few who do often find that it takes more time and more money when choosing to take the do-it-yourself route. Ready to learn about your imprinting choices? 

We offer the following imprinting options for producing customized apparel 

Custom Screen Printed Shirts

Screen printing is the most popular way for creating custom-made shirts. It include using a variety of printing screens, of which each screen contains a part of your design as the screens are organized by color. When all of these screens are placed together, the end result is a high- quality tee shirt design. The fact that screen printing inks tend to be thicker when compared to other types of inks, means that this imprinting method offers vibrant colors, as well as tends to last longer than other inks used to make custom printed tee shirts.

Screen Printing Con? Because this imprinting method uses screens to transfer customized designs, limited artwork placement must be kept in mind.

Digital Printing

The digital print imprinting method is one that requires your artwork be placedon a computer document, and then printed out so that the design can then be applied directly to the shirt.  

Digital Print Pro? There tends to be no maximum number when it comes to the amount of colors used, or how detailed your insignia is.

Digital Print Con? Digital imprinting methods tend to cost more when compared to other imprinting methods used to create customized apparel.

Heat Transfer, aka Sublimation. 

This imprinting method requires a design to be first printed onto a piece of heat transfer paper, and then applying the piece of transfer pape. This sublimation imprinting method is one that uses heat in order to transfer colors onto the fabric.

Heat Transfer, Sublimation Pro? This imprinting method produces vibrant colors, making it so that it’s a great choice for business owners who want their customized design to include bright, vivid colors, Heat

Transfer, Sublimation Con? This method isn't able to print more than a certain amount of colors at one time, potentially limiting your choices when it comes to how many colors they want to use in there artwork.

What About Embroidery? 

The embroidery method utilizes a special embroidery machine to add a logo, as the design is added using stitching threads. Business owners who choose this imprinting method do so because they like the personalized touch that embroidery offers to custom-made tee shirts.

Embroidery Pro? Embroidery not only adds texture to a design, it adds a higher level of professionalism and perceived value.

Embroidery Con? The cost of embroidering a logo is often based on how many colors are used to embroider in your design.