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PVC Patches are flexible, durable, brightly colored and ready for your custom design!

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. Flexible, light, able to withstand very high and low temperatures and machine washable, this type of bendable acrylic can also withstand large amounts of pressure and is popular for its versatile uses and convenient aspects. Suited for even the most outdoorsy, hands-on, and most difficult muscle work, this is why we use it to make our custom PVC patches. PVC patches are also more durable and less apt to fade due to wear over time, meaning that your custom patch will be utilizable and provide sheer satisfaction better and for longer than cloth patches would. We would offer a lifetime guarantee, but with PVC, there’s no need.

PVC Patches are extremely adaptable for any type of wear, style or profession. Whether you are sporting your unique PVC patches on hats, jackets, bags, or vests, Our patches are a brilliant way to advertise, stay in fashion, and be logical about your design or logo brought to life and the conditions it will be put through.  When it comes to adventurous lifestyles, we know that tough work will need a tough patch that can survive through rain, sleet, or snow and still sport detailed, bold, and clear designs. Although you may be worn out by the time your day is over, these PVC patches will not, and that’s what makes them the best option for hard workers,arch angel pvc paintball patches long days, and budget-happy years.

There are many things in this world that entail a good deal of maintenance that we use in our everyday lives.  Cars, groceries, jobs and even our own entertainment. We are proud to announce that PVC patches are not one of them. You already know that PVC patches are made out of easy-to-wash acrylic, but did you know that amongst a vast list of other great attributes, our PVC patches also are able to come with Velcro? Now, you can attach and detach from your work and personal life while wearing the same outfit as easy as the sound of ripping nylon. Not only does this feature include advanced methods of convenience, but it also creates a hassle-free relationship between wearers of your patch. We know that you are capable of making great decisions. Add to that list and create one for yourself today at your convenience, and just like that, the PVC patch to satisfy your every need, use and fashion-desire will be yours.

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