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Custom Political Pins

Custom Campaign & Election Pins

As one of the top leaders in the industry, we make high-quality presidential candidate campaign pins. We make the process and promotion of your product as easy and effortless as possible. Designing your own campaign pin is a great way to show and spread support for your favorite presidential candidate. Your pins can display the name of the candidate and the year of the election. They can also include the candidate's recognizable slogan or their stance on an issue that people care about. These products can also be used to thank volunteers for their hard work and dedication. They can encourage solidarity with others that support your candidate. Lastly, they are also a great conversation starter. These eye-catching items can help you strike up a healthy talk around politics and the platform that resonates with you. 

Collecting Campaign Buttons and Pins: Collecting campaign buttons and pins is a fun way to connect the past with the future. These timeless masterpieces celebrate political figures, events, and causes across history. Do you want to continue the tradition of collecting campaign pins? We can help you create your custom pins for the next local, state, or national election. This is an effective solution to raise awareness for your cause. And you get to add it to your valuable collection one pin style at a time.

Raise Funds & Awareness of Your Campaign

Campaign pins provide an effective means of communicating campaign messages. They can also greatly increase a candidate's presence amongst the competition. These promotional products can help whether you are running for office or student council. You can use these items to get city, state, or national recognition.

Can I customize my product? Yes! Our pin designs are easy to customize. They are perfect for imprinting quotes, logos, slogans, and the names of those running for office. Our impressive, high-quality custom campaign pins skillfully convey political messaging with flair. They also promote dialogue in the community and help to spread the word. And, best of all, they are easy to hand out as gifts to prospective voters, volunteers, and supporters.

Who else uses our lapel pins? Fundraisers for nonprofits, civil rights groups, and activist organizations also find value in these promotional items. They are a great opportunity to promote political messages and goals. In addition, these products are a super easy, wearable way to raise funds. They can also share quotes from leaders and educate the public about a particular cause. These types of products can even have a satirical statement to promote a common interest.


Campaign Pins Customized For Your Event

Election season is in full swing right now, and it's impossible to get away from it. Politics permeate everyone's lives here in the United States. We have many different debates, national conventions, commercials, and rallies. There are constant commentaries throughout the media. Not even our Facebook streams are safe from the continuous barrage of political discourse.

It can be annoying, but we all know it's important. How we vote and who wins these elections steers the course of the entire nation and the world for the next 4 years. Dialogues are happening all over the country. We hear about a lot of different issues, concerns, and legislative issues that are important to one group as opposed to another. In this sense, the constant visual reminders of who is running are critical. This can spark national debate and discourse that ultimately shape us all.

For that very reason, we believe the act of creating lapel pins for each candidate and each election season is crucial. These pins can have a powerful impact! We know you might be thinking… Do people still wear political campaign pins? Yes! Are they cheesy? No, especially not with our talented team of artists and designers. Are they effective? Yes, they are tremendously effective.

How can our products provide electoral support? Our customized pins much more than just a typical American flag pin. We can help you communicate both the candidate himself or herself and their platform slogan. And, oftentimes, these items convey so much more! They symbolize solidarity for the person wearing it. This can inspire others to show their support. Lastly, they can become a popular talking point for anyone who sees the individual that's wearing one. So get ready to start some conversations… in style!

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Presidential Election Pins

There is no way you can be part of the Western world and not know we are gearing up for the presidential elections here in the United States. Political messages are everywhere. They are on TV, in magazines, and in newspapers. We find them in internet news sources, blogs, and other online publications. They are present in our communities with images of our candidates and slogans that just can't stop speaking to us.

For most people in the United States, this time can be both exhilarating and exhausting. We have a huge decision to make ahead of us. And each detail, debate, interview, past sample of performance, and so much more is being carefully critiqued by the media, as well as the people. It is a huge responsibility to choose who we will vote for. For many who mindfully engage in this right, there is a need to really understand what is at play. Voting is not something you want to do quickly or impulsively. When voting, it’s helpful to have a clear and well-thought-out plan. And election pins can help spread the awareness and message for the candidates and causes that need attention.

Designing flag pins with your logo

You might be thinking, "Why would a pin company even care about any of this stuff?" Well, the truth is, we are just that kind of company. We take our civic duty seriously. Although we as a whole represent quite a few parties, we seem to be on the same page with one thing. That thing is that making informed choices is always best for each of us. Even if there might be a disagreement on who it is each person is actually voting for, we all deserve to be informed.

This conversation takes place often in our offices as more and more campaign pins and U.S. flag lapel pins get ordered. We have come to understand that it's part of a four-year cycle we can accept and even enjoy. We feel honored to be a part of it even if it's in this behind the scenes kind of way.

The election pins we make are much more than a pin. They are about helping to spread the word, educate others, and start conversations. We were made for this! So while we spend the next month talking about politics, elections, and voting, we know you will too. Over the last few months, we have been sending out countless pins across the country. This assures us that we are playing an active part, even if only in a small way. This makes us proud to be a bit of a catalyst for such important dialogue throughout the country and beyond.

Who Orders Customized Political Pins?

Over the last few years, pride and identity have been gaining traction. Many people want to show their political affiliation. What's an easy and effective way to show your support for a political party or candidate? Our custom political pins provide a stylish solution to display your affiliation on clothing and more.

Similar to the “I Voted” stickers gifted at the ballot box, campaign pins display pride. People enjoy wearing them to show they participated and played a role in the democratic process. Custom pins can benefit many different sources as they promote your cause. They can be worn by campaign leaders, politicians, community organizations, and concerned citizens.

We offer products at affordable wholesale prices. These marketing tools are a cost-effective way to generate awareness. And they can really rally support around your cause. What sets us apart from the competition? Our incredible team of artists can design your custom pins to capture the true personality of your campaign. You can select from playful slogans and humorous imagery to depict the playfulness of your candidate. Or choose bold lettering to capture the serious urgency of your cause. Not sure what you need? Don't worry, our professional team can help you authentically create and elevate your promotional items.

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Why Order Political Lapel Pins?

  • To spread a message or campaign
  • To start a dialogue about a campaign
  • To communicate a civil rights message
  • To say thank you to volunteers, employees, etc.
  • To show pride in a political party or cause
  • To create a collector item for an election
  • To provide souvenirs for supporters of politicians, activists or civil rights leaders
  • To promote education about civil rights leaders
  • To promote a personal or group message

Who do we work with? There are so many groups who want and need to have their message heard. Here’s a shortlist of some of the many organizations that frequently order custom campaign pins from us:

  • Politicians running for governor
  • Politicians running for city, county or state offices
  • Students running for student council
  • Presidential candidates and hopefuls
  • Organizers of political conventions
  • Organizers of civil rights groups, fundraisers and activist events
  • Supporters of politicians
  • Supporters of civil rights groups and activist organizations
  • Staff members of politicians
  • Democratic organizations
  • Republican organizations
  • LGBT organizations
  • Organizations looking to create a Satirical Pin

Don’t see your group on the list? Well, let's get started! We are happy to make your custom campaign pin.