custom shaped die struck lapel pin

Company Logo Pins

Company Lapel Pins and Corporate pins are customized with your logo, beautifully displaying your brand atop an easy to attach, durable pin, perfect for your business.

Promoting your brand with pins:

Create a pin with your logo and start promoting your business today. Use company pins for thanking volunteers, for spreading brand awareness at tradeshows, and to get your business’s name into the world in a fun and practical way.

Using company lapel pins as gifts for staff

The benefits and uses of company lapel pins are nearly endless, including being used as gifts for staff, for inter-department recognition, for promoting your brand, as thank-yous for volunteers, and for items at trade shows. Lapel pins with your business’s logo are perfect for gifting to your staff. These gifts can be used to recognize a job well done or for your distinguished worker of the month, to celebrate years of service, or to boost morale by giving something fun and personal to say you care.

Inter-department company lapel pins:

Using customized lapel pins for your business’s departments helps with job recognition, can foster department camaraderie, and are fun gifts or tokens for company competitions and events. They can be customized with unique details for specific jobs, adding personal touches your employees will love.


Shiny metal vs antique finish

Our pins are double struck into a solid piece of metal. High-levels of relief can be added to your image. Each pin is plated and color filled or recessed areas can be sandblasted. They are hand polish leaving the raised area shiny. Recessed areas can either be antiqued or can be shiny. The difference between shiny finishes and antique finishes in the plating that is used. Antique plating can be made with a lighter or darker finish. We have a variety of pin styles that can also be made with this plating.

custom company success coin
soft enamel company pin
company service pin for 10 year-anniversary

Are you looking for custom company pins?

We custom make pins for fortune 500 companies to mom and pop companies! We understand how important brand identity is and we can reproduce your logo with more than one style of custom corporate pin. All of our designs include the ability to color match your logo colors using soft and hard enamel as well as cloisonné enamels.

custom corporate pins

Have you ever ordered a company pin before? Do not fret, we will create your custom corporate pin after we speak to you and follow up with a colorful proof showing you how your pins will look.

We offer custom corporate pins for:

  • Special events
  • Employee recognition
  • Years of service
  • Tradeshows
  • Volunteer gifts

Let us help your business make a lapel pin with your logo. Request a quote and we will promptly follow up with you and make recommendations on creating the best style of lapel corporate pin for your business and that meets all of your branding guidelines.

A customized Lapel Pin of a pink cat

Features & Options

What are some of the best features?

The best feature of this style is it can be made with a 3D die. Three-dimensional dies can enhance the logo by creating a sculpted look. If you need a die struck pin in a rush, we can create a USA-made pin in just a few days. Options include engraving, gemstones, and upgraded attachments like deluxe clutches. We also offer real gold plating for anyone looking to have a jewelry-like finish. Die struck lapel pins are elegant and can be made in any size or shape. Our 2D logos can include varying levels of metal and textures.

  • Custom packaging with your logo
  • Printed cards
  • Deluxe attachments
  • Magnet backs
  • Gemstones
  • Gold and silver plating that meet European standards

We can create pre-production samples for you so you can make sure that the meet with your teams approval prior to receiving all of your company pins.

custom made corporate pin

Leardership Pins and Organization Pins

Made In Days!

Leadership pins help you celebrate the people within your company that make a difference. They are the dependable go-getters, the diligent overachievers, and the employees that lead by example, raising the quality of the work around them. They show up every day to make your business the great success it is. Commemorate these great employees and their hard work by awarding them a Custom Leadership Pin, thanking them for their dedication. And through recognizing your best employees, you’ll encourage the entirety of your staff to reach new and exciting heights in performance.

Organization pins are custom pieces to be spread throughout the entirety of your organization, capturing the spirit of your company and promoting employee closeness and camaraderie. They are a way to say “thank you” to all the people behind the curtain making your business run well. They can also be distributed to customers and clients, and throughout the community, spreading awareness about your organization’s mission or cause.

  • The first step is to select the pin style. We offer a variety of company pins. Including leadership pins.
  • Next, select the enamel style you would like. Choose between soft and hard enamel and cloisonne.
  • Select the shape and quantity and finish color. Lastly, choosing 3D over a 2d can greatly enhance the look of your pin design. We look forward to working with your organization.

Logo Pin Enhancements

Engraving options
Engraving the back of the pin with a small logo, message or date can be achieved with and without color fill, incorporating unique dimension and detail into your design. Select from our endless color varieties, perfectly matching your brand’s existing scheme. In addition to standard backside engraving, some engravings can also be incorporated into the front side of the design. This style of engraving is often used for enhanced messaging or to highlight the year of a recurring event. No matter which side you choose to enhance, adding engraving to your custom pieces creates an eye-catching effect that elevates your logo, brand, or message in a unique and powerful way.

Matching colors
We can match colors exactly on most of our custom-made lapel pins, blending perfectly into the colors of your company, business, or brand. The exception to our nearly infinite color selection is our cloisonné pins, as they are limited to a few hundred rich colors.

What attachments are available?
The most common fastener is the post and clutch fastening, which pushes through clothing. This secure fastener has stood the test of time, securely attaching to your clothing and accessories with minimal distress to the product. But, if you prefer a fastener that does not pierce clothing, completely eliminating the pin’s piercing effect, we can provide a magnet for an additional charge.

Base metals
You can choose from copper, bronze or iron, all beautiful backdrops for your logo or design. For those particular pins for which you’re using a magnet fastener, iron will have to be used, creating a powerful hold that you can trust.

company service pin for 10 year-anniversary buell pewter pin