Merrowed Edge Patches vs Heat Cut

December 11, 2023

Merrowed Edge, Laser Cut And Heat Cut Edges On Patches

When it comes to custom-made patches, there are three border choices: Merrowed Edge, Laser Cut, and Heat Cut. The Merrowed Edge is an option known for its raised border, which gives a durable and traditional look. Laser Cut borders, on the other hand, provide precise and intricate detailing by using laser technology to cut the patch edge. Lastly, heat-cut borders use heat to seal the patch’s edges, resulting in a flat finish. Each option has its advantages, so choosing the right border style for your customized patches depends on your design preferences, intended use, and overall aesthetic vision. Understanding these options will allow you to decide and ensure that your patches turn out exactly as you envision them.

Heat-cut edge patches provide a polished appearance thanks to the heat-sealed edges that create a flat finish. To further enhance the appeal and durability of these patches, we add embroidery to the edges, giving them a touch and reinforcing their borders. This embroidered detail also strengthens the patch. It also adds a decorative element, allowing for intricate designs and personalized customization. Whether it’s your company logo, team emblem, or any other design you choose, the combination of heat-cut edges and embroidery ensures that your patches look fantastic and withstand use.

Heat Cut Edges On Patches

custom shaped woven patch

Merrow edges are a great choice for standard-shaped patches because they have a traditional appeal. These edges have a raised embroidered border, adding durability and creating a timeless look. They work well for standard patch shapes like circles and rectangles as they maintain the patch structure and provide a clean, uniform finish. However, if you have irregularly shaped designs, a merrowed edge may not be the suitable option as their shape can limit the level of detail you can achieve. Nevertheless, people love them because they give patches a well-defined appearance, making them a top pick for applications. Learn more about embroidered patches.

custom sheriff patch

Laser Cut Edges On Patches

laser cut edge patch

Laser Cut borders provide a level of precision and intricate detailing. These borders are made using laser technology, which enables clean cutting of the patch edge. This method is perfect for designs that require shapes or detailed patterns. Whether it’s lines, intricate logos, or elaborate patterns, laser-cut borders ensure that every aspect of the design is accurately replicated on the patch. This high level of precision enhances the appeal. It allows for a greater degree of customization, making Laser Cut borders an excellent choice for those looking for a refined and detailed finish for their patches.