It may sound simple, but the design of your custom lapel pins is very important to The Monterey Company.

Several months ago, The Monterey Company began featuring a series of articles on the finer points of branding your company, why its necessary and how the products created by the Monterey Company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity. We will also be taking you on a bit of an inside journey into Monterey’s own brand and what makes it such a unique company with which to work.

In the last post in this series, we discussed how crucial it was for a company to have a mission statement. First and foremost at the foundation of every good brand is the company’s mission. What is the intention behind the business? What is it going to do? How is it going to deliver its product or service to the world? How will it stand apart from all the other businesses that do the same or similar work?

A mission statement is an intent, an ideal and a promise. It’s important to keep this in mind when creating one. Keeping it concise and simple will also facilitate your employees in memorizing it, as this is the foundation from which they will perform.

To this end, defining a “Core Ideology” has been a central focus for The Monterey Company for 2010. At the heart of this work is defining a collective vision and purpose for the company. In short, it’s Mission.

The staff gathered for 1 1/2 days of visioning and brainstorming. Working with a consultant, Dawn Papaila the group collectively identified the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This gave everyone a clear picture of what was happening in the company.

After this exercise, using a tool called Strategic Visioning by The Grove Consultants International, all staff broke up into groups with an assignment. They were to imagine that they were 5-10 years in the future and Forbes magazine had written an article on The Monterey Company. Their task was not to imagine the article itself, but rather to craft the cover of this magazine along with pull out quotes, and titles.

This was an incredibly rich process that took the entire company out of the box and, in doing so, brought in visions of philanthropic work, global reach and bringing the world together one lapel pin at a time. Its this type of expansive thinking that leads to the best mission statements.

All the work of that weekend coalesced into The Monterey Company’s mission/purpose, core values, vision, and motto. And although for the purpose of this post we are only covering the mission statement, I will also include the rest. In later posts, we will cover the importance of listing the core values of a company.

MISSION: To recognize and inspire positive contributions to business, community, and the world.

VISION: To become the obvious first choice for custom recognition products and to be unrivaled in our industry.

~Intuitive Customer Service
~Differentiate on Design, Value, and Quality
~Empowered Innovation
~Determined, Sustainable Growth
~Philanthropic Partnering
~Keep It Fun
~Customer Service First, No Excuses

MOTTO: Dedicated To Excellence.

The next post in this series will cover the importance of values and vision in creating a brand culture for a business.