How to Order Custom Keychains with Monterey Company

May 15, 2024

What to Know Before Submitting a Quote Request

keychain set of PVC, leather, and Metal

Keychain Design

In order for us to create a custom keychain for you, we need to make sure that we have something to build off of. You’ll want to have a design already made for your keychain so you know what relative size and shape you’re hoping to make the keychain. This also helps to think about what material will work best for your custom keychain. We have a variety of options for you to choose from:

  • Metal: Quality, shine and color! A little more expensive and can tarnish if overused/outside often.
  • PVC: A bendable plastic material that’s great for outdoor use! It looks a little cheaper than metal keychains.
  • Leather: A happy medium between quality and durability, but doesn’t have as many color options without paying additional costs.
  • Embroidered: 


Our production team works practically nonstop to make sure that we can make deadlines as quickly as possible, but we are in fact still a team of humans all doing our best. In order to make sure that we don’t have any problems with production and shipping to you, we highly recommend that you get the order placed at least a month before your deadline. 


Where we ship to and how many keychains we are shipping to you can vary the overall cost. This can also affect how quickly we can ship an order to you since there may be extra steps before we can get the order to you (primarily if you are international).

Submitting Your Keychain Quote Request

leather keychain with metal attachment for Meyers Manx

Once you have an idea of what kind of keychain you’re hoping to get produced with us, submit a formal quote request on our website.

Send in Your Keychain Information

Our submission form has room for you to let us know everything about your custom keychains, including free space for any additional information you can provide us including the deadline and destination for your keychains. Other information includes:

  • Type of keychain
  • Size of keychain (according to the longest side of your design)
  • Quantity (We require a minimum of 50 keychains per design)
  • An Email and/or phone number we can contact you with

We’ll Call Back!

We work on requests that are submitted throughout the day from 8:30AM to 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you submit during this time, you can expect to receive a call back within a few hours at most! If you can’t receive us on the phone, you’ll get an email from one of our sales representatives who will ask a few follow up questions before sending your quote to you via an additional email. This email will be sent through our quote system, so you may need to check your spam folder of your email in case it was automatically sent there instead. We’ll make sure to follow up with you to make sure you’ve seen it as well.

Once You Receive Your Quote

The quote may take anywhere from a few minutes to an additional day, since there may be designs where we want to double check with our production team about the final pricing for your keychain. The quote is not a dedication of payment! We send it to you to make sure you have an idea of what initial pricing may be for the project.

The Art Proof Process

When you have taken a look at the quote and wish to proceed with an art proof, there are three different ways that you can let us know you’re ready to move forward.

  • Approving the Quote
  • Emailing Your Sales Representative
  • Calling Your Sales Representative

Taking Your Custom Keychain Design Digital

We’re notified after you complete one of the previous three notifications, and move forward with getting your design to our team. Our design team digitizes and translates your custom design into a production ready art proof. This can take a day or two depending on what you send to us. A vectorized file (Like a Photoshop or Illustrator file) helps us get the proof to you even faster!

Feel Free to Edit

If there are edits that you need to make on your design, don’t worry! We will work with you on edits to your design that will be both what you want and what we need in order to produce your custom keychain.

Getting Your Invoice

Once we have your artwork finalized, all that is left is for us to get your invoice to you! We will double check on where your keychains are being sent to, then we will get your final invoice including shipping payment along with any changes in price along the way (if you changed the plating, number of colors, things like that!). You have up to two weeks from when we send the invoice to pay it, but we do not start production until we have received payment.We recommend getting the invoice paid as soon as you can!