Top Ways to Use Custom Lapel Pins

May 24, 2024

Lapel pins are one of the least intrusive and yet most effective ways to promote your brand or passion to the world. We’re going through them step by step, both why we create lapel pins and how you can wear them.

What To Make Your Custom Lapel Pins For

Promote Your Business

Brand Recognition and Promotion

enamel pins

This is one of our most popular reasons for making lapel pins. You can place your logo basically anywhere and spread the good word of your work wherever those lapel pins go. The more that your logo for your business is out in the world, the more it will be recognized by the general public. Plus, there will be more buzz about your business that makes its way back to your door.


If you have a small business or are running an event to gain funds for a good cause, exclusive lapel pins are a fantastic way to help promote it. Making one-of-a-kind pins for a one-of-a-kind offer that both makes someone feel special and appreciated for contributing to something greater? It’s always a reason to purchase a custom pin to remember how amazing they are.

Celebrate Events and Employees

Commemorative Events

Most often we’ve seen commemorative pins for historical landmarks or events celebrating historical moments for a town or business. Think of it like celebrating 100 years since a landmark has been built in your hometown. It’s also a great gift for those who visit for these historical events since they would truly be one of a kind that they could keep and show off for years after.

Recognition of Employees

Everyone loves to be appreciated for their hard work and dedication, especially if they’ve sacrificed their time towards making a business great. So it’s only fair to compensate their efforts appropriately. A raise and decent benefits so they can continue their work is essential, but adding a lapel pin can’t hurt either!

Show Off Your Interests

Sports Teams

We don’t have to go full face paint to support the teams that we love. That’s okay! Custom lapel pins give us a connection to our teams without having to don the full sports getup. It’s great for folks who have to watch the game while still in the office.

TV Series

There’s a reason convention goers absolutely love to attend, in particular they love to go into the artist alleys and see everyone’s amazing creations. We can take a concept built off of your favorite series and make it come to life as a custom lapel pin. Just make sure that the art is different enough that you won’t accidentally be breaking any copyright laws. We talk more about that in our copyright blog here.

How to Style Your Lapel Pin

Styling your lapel pin is just as important as what your pin is being used for! And there are more ways that you’d expect that you can make a lapel pin shine. These are just a few ways that we have seen pins worn with elegance and pride.

printed lapel pin
  • Jacket or Blazer: The most common placement for lapel pins, placing the pin on your jacket is classy and easily spotted by anyone with whom you will interact. It makes for easy promotion and brand recognition.
  • Hat Brim: Less common but still a fantastic way of showing off your pin, a hat can be worn on any occasion indoors or out.
  • Tote Bag: A tote bag is great for travel, and it’s also great for taking your lapel pins everywhere you go. 
  • Classic Jean Jacket: While a bit more retro in looks, a jean jacket can be made entirely new with custom lapel pins. You can show off your entire collection with them!

Packaging and Presenting Your Lapel Pins

You can make each pin feel like it’s specially made by packing it with additions like a velvet box or a custom backer card.

Velvet Boxes

shiny gold lapel pin in a decorative velvet box

We make velvet boxes so pins fit snugly into a velvet cut fold. With each pin in its own special seat, you can really make someone feel special when they receive it. Our velvet boxes come in either black or blue though, so we would make sure to select the right box to match the colors and style of your lapel pin.

Backer Cards

soft enamel black nickel lapel pin with backer card

If you are wanting to present your pins with a more colorful and creative flare, backer cards are a great way to do so. We can fully customize backer cards on both the front and the back of the card around the pin. You can even have more than one lapel pin on the backer card so that you can give them out as a collection.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We can absolutely help you! We’ve done projects big and small for every kind of lapel pin you can think of. You can take a look at our pins page to see what we have to offer and ask us any questions when you submit a quote request. Take a look and let us know what you would like to do, and we’ll take it from there!