Why is the Richardson 112 Trucker Hat So Popular?

March 27, 2024
custom hat colors for the 112

Who is Richardson Sports?

Richardson Sports is a headwear company based in Springfield, Oregon. They offer a variety of hat types and styles for practically endless possibilities making them an ideal supplier for your custom order.

Richardson was founded by Howard Wicklund and Neil Richardson under the original name Howard Wicklund Sporting Goods. Neil’s family bought the company in 1970, and from that point forward they began a heavy focus on sports headwear, beginning with baseball and expanding thereafter. Now over 50 years later, they are a leading force in the headwear industry.

How has Richardson Innovated the Industry?

Richardson has expanded their headwear library to cover almost every outdoor activity from sports to recreation to everyday wear. They have a vast collection of different styles that are sturdy, made to last, and are an overall great quality for a reasonable price. We had Richardson in mind before we had even started the design process, so going with them was an easy choice. So what was it about the Richardson 112 that made us so eager?

What is the Richardson 112?

Richardson 112 hat with dye sublimated patch design

Richardson 112 Design and Features

The Richardson 112 Classic Trucker is a six panel mid-profile trucker hat. The mid profile makes for an easy fit without being too snug on your head. This trucker hat has a cotton moisture wicking headband that helps in maximizing the comfort of the 112 when you wear it. The 112 has a curved bill for a clean overall look and to protect your eyes from the sun. This classic trucker also has a nylon mesh back for maximum breathability while you’re wearing it. The most common size for the Richardson 112 Classic is a one size fits most, or OSFM, model. Richardson also recently announced that some of the colorways for the 112 trucker are now offered in youth, small, and extra large sizes as well as the one size fits most model. It’s a great bonus on top of an already fabulous offer of variety for a custom hat. Check out our Richardson 112 hat page for more information.

Why Should You Choose the Richardson 112 Trucker?

The Richardson 112 outshines every other hat on the market simply due to the sheer amount of color options that it boasts. There are in total over 100 varieties of the Richardson 112 classic trucker with solid, two-tone, and three tone colors. The combination of variety and budget friendly makes the Richardson 112 an optimal choice for your custom hat project.

Customizing and Personalizing the Richardson 112 Trucker

richardson 112 with embroidered fishing design

Can I Customize the Richardson 112?

Yes! The Richardson 112 Trucker is customizable on top of its already amazing variety of colors. We can help with a few different customization options for your trucker hat. Keep reading to find out more about the customizations we offer!

Custom Patch

There are a variety of patches that you can customize and add to the Richardson 112 Trucker. These patches can include threaded patches, PVC patches, or leather patches. For each of these patches, we use the Pantone C color swatches to select the best colors of your design. We definitely recommend taking a close look at the proof we provide to make sure that your logo will come out as closely to your original design. Once you have selected a patch, we can sew or heat press the patch onto the hat ensuring that your trucker cap last for years. My family’s first design was a leather patch, which I personally insisted on because of its overall quality and due to the fact the leather looks amazing no matter what colors you pick.

Custom Embroidery

If a patch isn’t for you, we might recommend getting your design directly embroidered onto the Richardson 112. Direct embroidery works best for clean-cut designs without a lot of heavy details. The wow factor comes from stitching the thread directly onto your hat of choice. Another plus… you can add embroidery to multiple locations of your trucker hat. You can even choose between 2D or 3D puff embroidery! Keep in mind though that the color choice for threads comes from the Madeira thread colors rather than a Pantone color. Although we ended up going with a leather patch for our first batch of hats, we actually working on our design for a second round of hats using direct embroidery because of how clean the final look is on a 112!

Direct Printing (DTF, DTG and HTV)

Printing is the perfect solution for those that want to keep all the details and color gradients from their original logo. While their are a variety of printing methods out there we typically choose Direct to Film. This is where your logo is printed onto a thin plastic piece of vinyl, then heat pressed directly onto the hat using a special hat press. This option is great for customers who are on a budget but do not want to compromise their original design.

If ever I wanted to take one of my paintings and sell them on hats, this is my preferred choice so I don’t lose any of the purposeful strokes or swatches I make in my design.

Design Limitations

Even with all of the amazing customization possibilities for the Richardson 112, there are a few key points to understand when making a logo for a custom designed hat. One of the most important is that the size of the logo can only be so big or so small when being placed on your custom trucker hat. Make sure that your design for a patch is going to be larger than a quarter of an inch on its shortest side. That way we can adhere to the integrity of your design as much as possible.

Each brand of trucker hat has slightly different specs, and each location has a different window of space for placing embroidery or a patch, so we want to be sure you have enough room for the design you have in mind. For example, if you are planning to make a design on the front of your 112 trucker, we recommend that you make the size of your design no larger than 2 ¼” high and no longer than 3 ¾” wide.

Another setback is that the Richardson 112 classic trucker only has solid color fronts. No matter which colorway you decide to use for your hat, you can’t use a pattern. If you’re looking to include a pattern on the front of your hat you will need to look at other hat styles like the Richardson 112P Printed Trucker.

Each customization option has its own unique set of bonuses and setbacks, so it’s also important to take a look at your design to see if there are any changes that need to be made before putting it onto a custom trucker hat! If you have any questions, feel free to fill out a quote request or give us a call.