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Custom Nursing Pins

Nursing pins are made to order! We make designs with your logo in a gold or silver plating. Choose between soft and hard enamel or even cloisonné. We make traditional shapes as well as custom-shaped with gemstones that follow your logo shape. Not sure where to start? Start by sending us your ideas and we will create a free proof for your review.

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Nursing Pins are Customized For Ceremonies and Graduations

Are you looking for the perfect nurse pin? You’ve come to right place. The Monterey Company has years of experience working with nursing schools and hospitals across America, helping design custom jewelry pieces that will make your nurses proud! Call today or request an online quote so we can create something unique.

The history of nursing pins is an extensive one, with custom designs that have been around since the late 1800s. The purpose was originally to identify nurses and their levels or training; however today they continue this tradition by allowing graduates who are experienced in medicine as well recognize each other for dedication towards patient care. The useage has changed over time but it’s important not only keep track on where you went school - what matters most now? celebration!

Customized Medical Pins

Custom medical pins have become a means to celebrate years of tenure, define departments and specializations, and communicate with patients. Our products are created by hand and have a jewelry-like finish. We have many options when creating silver or gold designs including adding gemstones and magnet backs.

As you can imagine, our products come in an array of colors, symbols, and there are many options available when designing a Medical pin, and all of the ones that we make here at The Monterey Company are simply exquisite and teeming with elegance. No matter what manner the pin is designed in, the one thing that is clear is that these are really more of a badge of honor than anything else. An acknowledgment of the grueling, time and labor-intensive preparation each professional has had to go through to reach the completion of their training. For their tireless work and constant care of all of us in our time of need, we thank them and honor their achievement and dedication.

Pinning Ceremony Pins Made In Days!

Whether you need custom pins to celebrate Registered Nurse graduation, Nurse Practitioner Graduation or BSN degrees - we're here help make it happen. Our designers will create an exquisite design that is perfectly suited towards showing off your nursing specialty proudly!

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The earliest nursing pins were created by fine jewelers

Medical Pins issued to hospital personnel, predominantly doctors, is a tradition that has its roots in Nursing. Back in the late 1800's Florence Nightingale began the use of awards by being awarded The Red Cross of St. George for her selfless service during the war. She chose to bestow awards to graduating nurses at the Nightingale School of Nursing. All nurses graduating each year from their grueling coursework are given an award to honor them as amazing individuals who commit to and make it through the rigorous training required to becoming a nurse.

Even though generic nursing pins are available for purchase, in no way can giving standard, essential pins be compared to giving nurses the customized pens they deserve! If you already have a design in mind, your next step is to send us your system to approve it for placement on your chosen nursing pin style. If you need help creating a customized and unique nursing pin design, we invite you to contact our professional design team for their expert advice. So simple!

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What does a Nursing Pin Symbolize?

Designs come in gold or silver and are awarded to newly graduated members of accredited programs by the school from which they received their education. They are presented at a pinning ceremony by program leaders and members of faculty, symbolically welcoming a graduate into their new profession.

Personalized RN pins are customarily awarded by college and university programs to signify their graduation from a nursing program. They are designed with the traditional Maltese Cross, with insignia from the university, or with logos specific to the various programs. From simple plated logos with antique finishes to color enamel filling, They are an aesthetic reflection of years of dedication to education.

Pharmacy Pins are awarded to and worn by members of the medical and pharmaceutical field. Designed with the classic Rx logo and institution-pertinent insignia and to celebrate various milestones and are worn on the lapel of laboratory coats.