custom police pins

Custom Police Pins

Police lapel pins are made to order with your department logo or insignia. We can make mini badges as well as commendation bars. Our award bars can be created from cloisonne. Our merit pin designs can be created in days and production time normally runs two weeks after proof approval.

Law Enforcement Pins Made In Days!

Police Pin Styles

K-9 Police Dog Lapel Pins: Demonstrate support for K-9 units within law enforcement, K-9 units, celebrate the officers and the highly trained canine dogs with which they work. They help raise funds for K-9 units and make great raffle items or silent auction prizes, and recognize the selfless, hardworking pups and the officers with whom they work.

Blue Ribbon Pins: The blue ribbon campaign is an effort by supporters of the policemen and women who have paid the ultimate price while performing the duties of their jobs. Blue ribbon pins are made from a variety of metal bases and filled with the royal blue that has come to be associated with the police force.

Sheriff Pins: Law enforcement officials have been using products within departments for decades, printing them with designs and police force insignia. The classic star-shaped logo in sheriff departments to recognize the members dedicated to preventing and fighting crime within country jurisdiction.

Police Service Pins

Our police mini badges are made to last with real gold plating! Policeman work in some of the toughest conditions, and it is extremely important that these public servants are both easily identifiable and supported by the communities they serve and protect.

Police promotional items are an effective way to show your affiliation with a specific department, but they are a great way to show your appreciation of these hard-working members of the community. Your logo can be used for other products we make including police coins. We can make any insignia into a custom mini police badge or mini firefighter badge.

Sample Fire & Police Department Pins

sheriff lapel pins
police pins
custom police pin
mini police badge
sherriff k9 lapel pin
fire department pins
police lapel pin
EMS Lapel Pins
police designs

Law Enforcement Pins Make Awesome Fund Raising Gifts

Police pins can be designed to commemorate special achievements and have names or identification numbers added for individuals. People in the communities love wearing police pins to support and honor these public service workers. Departments can give them out to thank volunteers or as fundraising gifts.

Commendation Bars for Service

We create commendation bars out of cloisonne. Commendation awards for uniforms include certifications for volunteering and commendation bars for certifications.

How are law enforcement pins used?

There are so many ways to commemorate the dedication and hard work of departments, and here are some of the most popular groups of people who wear police pins:

  • Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Retired officers
  • Officers who have had several years of service
  • Officers in a specialized unit
  • Officers with K-9 support
  • Firefighters with specific skills or certifications
  • Officers with a certain rank
  • Volunteers who have help
  • Support officers
  • People who have raised funds
  • Family members and friends of officers
  • Officers and civilians who have participated in an event

Why Order This Style Pin?

  • To recognize officers for their service
  • To identify specialized units within the police force
  • To recognize specific skills or accomplishments for officers
  • To say thank you to volunteers and employees
  • To show pride in your department
  • To celebrate retirements, anniversaries and milestones
  • To provide souvenirs for events and fundraisers

Why Order From Us?

  • Why should I order from Monterey Company?
    We provide all design and artwork at no charge and have low minimum quantities. We deliver the best quality products at the best prices, with fast production times and a dedicated account manager for each customer.

Police Badge Manufacturers:

The Monterey Company can also make police badges using cloisonne. We manufacture using your insignia and in shiny metal plating and enamel colors.


What size should a police pin be?
The answer is, it should be between 3/4" and 1 1/8" Can they be larger? sure, but we only recommend going larger if the pin is not very tall. Adding a second post is also recommended on a wide pin to keep it from spinning on a uniform.

Matching department logo colors?
We can match colors using the PMS color matching system. The exception is when selecting a cloisonne pin style. There are limited colors available with cloisonne., as they are limited to a few hundred rich colors.

How do the fire or police pins attach to a uniform?
We offer regular clutches and deluxe clutch fastening attachment. If you prefer a fastener that does not pierce clothing, we offer a strong magnet attachment for an additional charge.

What are they made out of?
You can choose from copper, bronze or iron. The magnet back with iron base metals creates a powerful hold.

Which is the best style?
All of our styles will make an amazing fire or police pins, but what’s best for you depends on your project, artwork, and budget. We suggest printed pins for an exact reproduction of a logo, which will lower costs in a design. Choosing an antique or two-tone finish will provide a product that looks elegant and has a higher perceived value. We can help! You can call us or email us to discuss your ideas, designs or sketches for your pin. Once we review your artwork, we will happily suggest the styles that would suit your design best.

How long will it take to receive your order?
Production time varies depending on the style of the pin you choose, but it normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge.