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Looking for Custom Cast Pins?

The Monterey Company offers 3D Cast Lapel Pins! Cast Pins offer multiple levels of relief not normally attainable using standard die-striking methods. Instead of only one raised area and one recessed area (as in two-dimensional - 2D lapel pin styles) this type of sculpting shows topographical contours in order to create the complex shapes and detail of animals, architectural replicas and human faces.

lapel pins custom casted

Cast Pins Manufacturing Process

Unlike die striking, where a preset logo is physically struck into a blank (a smooth piece of metal), 3D die cast lapel pins are produced when molten metal is poured under high pressure into a pre-created mold of your design. Pouring under high-pressure results on a clean smooth surface and a uniformly accurate final result. The molds used to create Cast 3D pins take a bit longer to make than standard 2D molds because they are more complex and are handmade. Once the pins have been poured and hardened, it is time to add the plating.

Will a design look good in 3D?

When considering casting your custom pin into a custom mold, think about how your design will translate into a cast lapel pin. If your design features details and linework that don't need excess colors and finishes, but would stand alone as impressive as a sculpture, then casting is the right method for your design.

fleur-de-lis pins
custom 3d dragon die struck lapel pin

Made from Zinc or Pewter

When casting a pin, you have a choice of using either zinc allow or lead-free pewter. Zinc is a lightweight metal that can easily be molded into any shape or size. Pewter is a heavier alloy that is also a great choice when creating a custom design. Spin casting allows for details not available with die-striking. Small cut-outs are easily achieved with this style. There is no better option for creating 3d designs as well.

A diecast pin is created through the process of casting, where a liquid form of the pin's base metal is poured into a premade custom mold, or "cast." Casting creates a three-dimensional-lapel pin from a variety of metals, including zinc and pewter.

What are the advantages of casting? Casting is a precise process that lends itself well to specific designs, especially when it comes to custom lapel pins. When a logo is cast rather than stamped, a smooth, intricate, and three-dimensional product is produced. Because of the details using a custom mold affords, casting is an excellent option for designs with fine lines, rounded or unique shapes, and life-like depictions. In addition to being an excellent option for designs with details, casted pins are less dense, and more lightweight than their stamped counterparts, making them great and affordable options that won't weigh you down or break the bank.

3d cast lapel pins
3d casted Pin

Order Cast Pins Samples

When ordering cast pins in bulk, it’s always a good idea to order a sample or two. Most companies won’t allow for this, but we believe that when committed to the highest quality and satisfaction. Create pre-production samples and hold your design and inspect it up close gives you the final opportunity to add any extra changes that might be needed. Our art department is always on hand make changes to any design and is happy to do so at no cost to you.

custom salmon pin
gold pin with cut out text

Recent Review

I tried 4 other companies to make a real 3D pin for my restaurant. No one could do what I wanted. I reached out to Monterey and they completely understood what I was looking for and produced a really lovely pin for a very fair price. The turnaround time was not very long either. ~Dennis

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