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Custom Die Struck Pins

A die-struck pin is created by a precious or semi-precious metal pressed against a solid form, creating an impression in the material. Through the pressing process, the semi-precious metal becomes dense, creating a durable, beautiful piece.

What are die struck pins?

Unlike cast pins where a design is created from zinc or pewter. Manufactured with a custom die using your design. We stamp our pins into bronze, brass, copper or iron metal. Striking a logo into metal creates a recessed area where the color is added. In some cases, recessed areas are sandblasted to create a two-tone metal-look. With so many different occasions to choose from, die struck pins are the perfect gift for any employee recognition program. They can be used as a way of honoring academic achievement or showing team pride and they'll even work well in some cases when you want something more personal with your company's logo on it!

Custom shapes, plating and made from solid metal

A die-struck pin is created from metals such as brass, copper, and iron that are stamped or pressed with a hard metal form, creating a solid piece with an impression of your design. These impressions can be filled with color, and they can be plated with precious metals. Plated in gold, silver or copper and polished by hand and they can be created in any shape or size. View our other pin styles.

Adding color to your logo

We soft and hard enamel or cloisonne. Cloisonne is a glass-based color option that has been around for 2000 years. All die struck pins can be plated in a variety of finishes in gold, silver, copper or in precious metals. To create a Die struck Lapel Pin, you first need to design your own custom die and then have it created using either copper or brass. This process leaves an impression of whatever pattern is desired in the metal which can be up for grabs if one wants something unique!

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Die Struck vs Cast

Die-Striking, or the process of pressing metals, like brass, iron, or copper, against a hard steel mold to create impressions of your logo, is often compared to the process of casting. Casting is achieved by creating a mold of a particular design and pouring the material into the mold, creating a 3-Dimensional model. This allows for fine details like cut-outs as well as two-sided logos. 

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See All Pins

We have a wide selection of lapel pins, from soft enamel and hard-enamel. We offer the most popular styles in our gallery for you to choose from.

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Ordering is Easy!

  • The first step is to select the size.
  • Next, select the color style. Choose between soft and hard enamel.
  • After you choose the size and color, choosing the shape and finish is the next step. Plating options include shiny gold, silver, copper, bronze, pewter, or antique and satan. They can be made from bronze, iron and copper base metals.
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Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

We offer 3D Sculpting

Three-dimensional dies can enhance your design by creating a sculpted look. If you need your order in a rush, we can create a USA-made pin in just a few days. Options include engraving, gemstones, and upgraded attachments like deluxe clutches. We also offer real gold plating for anyone looking to have a jewelry-like finish. Die struck lapel pins are elegant and can be made in any size or shape. Our 2D logos can include varying levels of metal and textures.

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Here are a few style options to choose from:

  • No Enamel: Usually made in an antique or with shiny metal and recessed sandblast-look.
  • Soft Enamel: Color is recessed and epoxy can be added for a smooth finish. We use the Pantone color chart for selecting colors.
  • Hard Enamel: Smooth to the touch and resembles cloisonné.

Plating Options Include:

  • Shiny Plating: Gold, silver or copper plating.
  • Antique Plating: A great option for 3D pins.
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die struck lapel pin with gemstones
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Antique Pins

Antiqued by hand, our die-struck pins can also have color added into the recessed areas, making them a great choice for highly detailed logos. Die-struck antique lapel pins are the right choice for showing the details not normally revealed by other styles, especially when your design includes an animal, face or a vehicle. Our artists can add a light, medium or dark finish to this style, as well as add texture to the recessed areas to create a more three-dimensional appearance ( 3D ).