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Custom printed pins are made by adding a logo directly onto a pin without the need for fine metal lines around the colors. Allowing a design to be created using full-color logo reproduction. 

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Customized Printed Photo Pins

Custom printed pins come in three types. Screen printed, CMYK and photo pins. We can print your logo all the way to the edge of a pin, or a metal edge can be added that borders your design. We coat each pin with a thin epoxy coating to ensure its durability and provide a beautiful finish. They can be manufactured in any shape or size and can also match any Pantone number. This style is light weight and great for hat pins.

custom printed peace sign pin
custom shape printed lapel pin

We Manufacture Offset & Screen Printed Pins

  • CMYK: Also called four-color process or offset printed, they are produced by taking your custom logo and adding it digitally onto an adhesive label. Then each label is individually placed on the metal backing, leaving a border when required, then a clear epoxy dome is added to protect the label from scratching and fading. A CMYK image can be added on top of any of our enameled designs and a photo insert can easily be added, at extra cost. An epoxy coating is added to protect it.
  • Screening: Solid areas of PMS colors are laid down over a metal surface where needed. Sometimes metal areas are left exposed as part of the design. Epoxy coating is added for protection.
  • Photo Printing: Photo dome pins are created by taking an actual photo and adding it onto a label via our CMYK process. They are finished by adding a clear, flexible label, making them a bit thicker than our standard types.

The Difference Between Styles

Created from two similar but distinct processes called offset and screen printing. The difference between offset and screening is in the complexity of the imagery being made into a lapel pin. For complex images and photography, the process of offset is used, capturing the same quality of detail found in photos. For simple and some complex logos, silk screening is sufficient. We have a full line lapel pins in many styles to fit any shape or style.

CMYK is used in printing, standing for the four colors used integrally to the process: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key. CMYK is a type of lapel pin in which high resolution and detail are achieved by this process. To preserve the quality made with CMYK, an enamel finish is often used, leaving a glossy finish.

They are some of the quickest and least expensive types to manufacture. Made by adding a full photo or design through the CMYK process, they don’t require metal detail, textured finishes, or raised and recessed areas to stand out.


information printed lapel pin

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Popular Styles

custom pink cat lapel pin

Hard Enamel

custom shaped diestruck pin

Die Struck

cloisonné pins for safety pins


gold 3d lapel pin




pewter pin


Custom Restaurant Lapel pins

Have a photo to reproduce?

The Monterey Company offers full-color manufacturing. They are created the same way you would create a magazine but on a much smaller scale. With this style, no metal lines are needed. If you have a logo needing to be reproduced exactly, then this process is the answer.

Photographs can be added directly to the surface and the overall shape can be customized as well. They are also a good choice if you don’t have time to design a more elaborate style. This is great production method if you are looking for a lightweight pin to be used on a hat or similar product.

Photo Reproduction and Lightweight!

Four Color Process: They are created in the same magazine that might be made. This method allows your creation to have a gradation in order to create a colorful logo. They can also be easily be rushed and they are lightweight. This a perfect process for creating custom shapes. Photographic images are made by applying a photograph directly to the die-stamped pin shape. One method is to attach your image with adhesive, then adding a layer of epoxy. Another way is to direct print onto the pin blank and then adding a layer of epoxy for protection.

The difference between a standard lapel pin and an offset style. Logo colors are added one at a time on a printed style. Offset designs have no limits and they can be made in days and they are the fastest pin to make.

printed lapel pin with gears

This is the Best Style if You Have a Photo Design

Why Should You Order From The Monterey Company?

They one of the best quality types we make with the highest resolution printing you can find. We provide free artwork and have low minimums. We have uber-fast production times and top-notch customer service.

Ready to order? Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote and we will also create a proof for your approval! Feel free to give us a call to go over your project.

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