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Custom Logo Money Clips

The Monterey Company has been manufacturing custom money clips made in the USA and overseas for thirty years. We can make custom leather money clips in days with a metal emblem attached with your design or logo.

Personalized Money Clips

We manufacture the highest quality American made products in custom shapes and sizes

Give your business, organization or club a unique touch with personalized money clips! Whether it's to celebrate graduates from a program, commemorate anniversaries and company milestones or wish someone well in retirement - customized leather money clips can be manufactured within days. We offer designs that fit every budget so you don't have to compromise on style and quality.

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Made In The USA Money Clips

Custom Manufactured in Gold & Silver

Money clips with 3D die struck logos are a powerful marketing tool that can help your business make an unforgettable impression on customers. With their highly detailed designs and range of textures, promotional money clips provide the perfect way to share brand information in style! Make sure to team up with a quality manufacturer for best results - then you'll be ready start handing out custom-made branded gifts at events or use them as rewards within your organization.

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Custom Logo Money Clips

Custom logo money clips are an excellent way to show off your company's branding while also providing incentives for employees. They make great awards or gifts, especially if you want something unique. Our custom money clips have a few options for holding your money. We can use a standard money clip back or a larger clip backing. Designs can include enamel color and can be created in soft or hard enamel. Everyone needs to keep their money in order. That’s why we offer a personalized money clip that can be customized with your initials, logos, or any other design you want! We also offer many different types of metal and colors to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for you! The types of metal finish avalable include: gold, silver, or copper. Customized Money Clips can be made with your logo, initials, or any other design you want! We offer many different types of metal and colors to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for you!

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Leather Money Clips

When it comes to demonstrating how much you value and appreciate company employees. Beyond the value of the material is the value of being recognized, and gifted something truly meaningful. And with each use of a custom leather money clip, the recipient will be filled with the pride they felt upon receiving one.

Of course, gifting custom leather money clips isn’t something that is often done for just any occasion, which makes the gesture even more special for the recipient. It is reserved for those milestones that rise above the rest in terms of significance and impact, having a value from being a precious, beautiful, and finite material. In receiving their customized money clips, your employees, club members, award winners, and prospective clients will understand that they are valued, and above all, recognized.

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Custom Tie Bars

Looking for a custom designed money clip made here in the USA? We have the highest quality and best artist waiting to design your company a money clip with your logo. We make the finest quality tie bars and clips in solid gold and silver. We can add gemstones and enamel colors.

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The sky the limit when designing a tie bar. We can add any size emblem to the clip. Emblems can be made in sold gold or silver and are polished to perfection.