Let us create your next order of lapel pins!


Any pin design can be tailored to very specific and detailed standards. However, when choosing a distinct design for your team, group or business’s needs, it is important to know what you are getting and what you want. Why is having a fitting design important for your pins? Whether you are ordering pins for an office anniversary party or a fundraiser, your pins’ design can be the key to success at your event.

Designing Custom Made Pins Since 1989

We have been making custom lapel pins for nearly 30 years and that would hopefully makes us experts! We specialize in designing enamel pins from your design ideas. Send us your sketch or logo and let us design the perfect pin design. Your design can be made in days and all you have to do is start by sending us a quote request. 

Which Lapel Pin Style is Right For You?

We offer a variety of customized lapel pin styles including dies struck, soft and hard enamel, cast and printed pins. Choosing the right style of custom pin starts with asking a few simple questions. How soon do you need them by? Would you like a shiny plated pin or an antique looking lapel pin? Would you like your design to have texture or do you prefer a smooth feeling pin? As a custom lapel pin manufacturer we offer gold, silver, copper and antique platings and design your lapel pins using the following methods:

  • Soft Enamel: This style has texture because the enamel is recessed. Logo colors can be matched,
  • Hard Enamel: Smooth to the touch and your logo colors can be matched.
  • Cloisonne: 2000 year old teqnique, smooth to the touch. Limited amout of cloisonne color options.
  • Cast Pins: Great option if you would like a pin that is three dimensional or has lots of tiny cust-outs.
  • Printed Pins: The only option if you need your order in a rush! Also a great option if your design has a photo or gradation in it.

We Design Custom Lapel Pins In Days!

curved shaped lapel pinsAt The Monterey Company, we believe in efficiency. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your experience. This includes design, simplicity of the process, and ensuring that your pin is right for you. We never aim to waste your time and our experts will only ask you necessary and important questions. While we may offer helpful advice, we will above all listen to how you would like your pins designed. Interested in designing pins for your business, team or organization? Simply select a representing image and let’s get started.

Whether you’re looking to design custom lapel pins for your your company or given the task to have a custom pin designed for your key employees, The Monterey Company is the best quality pin maker that designs custom pins in days. We use the highest quality materials and source producs in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.