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The Monterey Company will help you select the best options that will enhance your logo. We will work with you to make great looking for affordable custom pins. Lapel pins are designed and tailored to your logo and ideas and can be made in days. Whether you’re looking to create a custom pin for an event or to give to one of your employees as a thank you, they can be made to your specifications.  

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Looking for the best enamel pin manufacturer?

As a lapel pin manufacturer, we make them by die striking your logo into a brass base and then color-filled with soft enamel, hard enamel or even cloisonne. We also make cast products using zinc or pewter for those logos that need tiny cut-outs or extra 3D detailing. We have been making lapel pins for nearly 30 years and that would hopefully make us experts! We specialize in designing pins from your ideas. Send us your sketch or logo and let us help you create the perfect pin. 

We specialize in enameled pins with your logo. The Monterey Company offers excellent customer service and we can create artistic designs that are customized to your projects and ideas. We can make full color or in 3D pins.  As enamel pin manufacturers, our staff will walk you through how our products are made and provide you with free artwork and fast production. We have created a guide on how enamel pins are made to show you some great options including a magnet back.

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Designing Custom Made Pins Since 1989

It's important to us that you are satisfied with your experience with us. We start by working with you on your design by creating a proof. Next, we can send you samples so you can see the difference in pin styles including our die struck lapel pins. Our sales team will ask you just the right questions and offer helpful advice. Above all, we look forward to creating lapel pins that you will be proud to hand out and tell your friends about.

We can make a lapel pin in days and we source our products in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Kind Of Pins Do We Make?

As a lapel pin manufacturer, we can design and make any logo or emblem into a die struck or cast pin. Our enamel pins are made of the highest quality enamels. We offer gold plating, silver plating, and antique finishes. 3D dies can be made in multiple levels by casting your image or by die-striking your logo into copper, brass or bronze metal. Request a free proof and we will show you how your logo will look prior to production. Production times vary depending on the style you choose. Printed pins normally take 10 days to manufacture as do most of our enamel styles. We do offer rush service on our Photodome style. We can manufacture USA made pins in full-color in as little as 3 days. Feel free to request a quote, and our customer service will reach out to you with all the options we offer.

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What Is The Difference Between Hard And Soft Enamel Lapel Pins


This is one of our most frequently asked questions. While both styles are made by die-striking, the difference is that one has recessed color and the other is smooth to the touch and the metal and color are on the same level. All of our lapel pins can be made in gold, silver or copper plating.

Hard enamel has a higher perceived value because of the smooth feel and look of the style. They are also more resistant to scratches. Both styles can be plated in any finish including gold, silver, copper and antique finishes. Both styles have metal borders separating out each color. Color matching any logo can be done using either style.

Which Lapel Pin Style is Right For You?

hard enamel pin stylesWe offer a variety of customized lapel pin styles, and we offer plating finish options in gold, silver, copper and antique platings and designed using the following methods:

  • Enameling: Come in a textured style or a smooth to the touch feel
  • Cloisonne: 2000-year-old technique, smooth to the touch. A limited amount of cloisonne color options.
  • Cast Pins: Great option if you would like a pin that is three-dimensional or has lots of tiny cut-outs.
  • Printed Pins: The only option if you need your order in a rush!

What Are The Top 5 Questions To Ask When Ordering?


Would you like your design to have an embossed feel or do you prefer a smooth feeling logo? Die struck pins can either have color that is recessed or on the same level as the metal. Adding texture to the recessed area can enhance your logo. Textures can also be added to any raised metal area. As a lapel pin manufacturer, we can customize the shape or size.

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I worked with this company to bring my pin design to life. Eric, one of the representatives, worked with me to make a manufactured design that they could use to construct my pin from. The Monterey Company not only brought my design to life, but they were also able to fulfill some of my request; such as place holders for the Swarovski crystals I use in the pin. I am so happy with the pin and can't wait to make more with the Monterey Company. ~ Chrissy

Wonderful experience working with you!  

 I just wanted to send you an emailing thanking you for your patience with me on designing/ordering the Miller-Davis years of service pins. They arrived today and I love them. I had a wonderful experience working with the Monterey Company and look forward to the opportunity to do it again. Again, thank you. Thank you,

- N. Whitney, Miller-Davis Company