Volunteer Pins

Volunteer recognition pins are made in gold or silver metal and can include color or have a sandblasted background. Gemstones or engraving can be added to indicate the years of a volunteers service.

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What Are Volunteer Pins?

Volunteer Pins are used by nonprofits, organizations, and businesses to express gratitude toward the people who volunteer their time to a particular cause or event. These pins are often adorned with the organization's logo or slogan and are awarded as a means of saying, "thank you," to participants.

Custom Volunteer Milestone Pins: They are used to recognizing hours, days, and years of service for volunteers to your business or organization's causes and events. Combine your logo, symbols, or slogans with various denominations of time to recognize the people who consistently donate their time and energy in support of your work. Celebrating volunteers' dedication encourages continued participation, a desire to reach further milestones, and expresses gratitude for the work already accomplished.

Popular Milestone Denominations for Volunteer Pins: Hours of Service - Perfect for recognizing volunteer tasks that don't necessarily require long periods of service,  designs can be engraved with hourly increments, like 50, 100, and 500 hours.

Years of Service - For long and ongoing projects and causes, to which people dedicate multiple years of their lives, customize your design to recognize years of service works, from 1 year of volunteering to 5, 10, 20, 25 years and more.

Custom Volunteer Pins

volunteer lapel pinsEmployee volunteer & recognition pins are a very special way to thank very special people. Volunteer lapel pins can be custom designed with any image or logo and come in a large variety of metals and enamels. Besides showing gratitude, rewarding your group or organization and motivate them to keep making amazing impacts on the world. In fact, it's simple to customize a logo in a simple manner that represents your group. For example, a favorite image of your group can be printed in detail onto your logo.

Award pins can be created in days!
Another example is making a custom logo pin by etching a logo or a custom image into high-quality metal. This still recognizes your group or organization while also illustrating that they have earned more than just a pin by helping make the world a better place. However, there are many options when it comes to creating one of kind creation for one of a kind volunteers.

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Volunteer recognition pins are a great award to receive!

awareness-pins-blue-ribbon-pinWhat are volunteer pins? How do they work? Well, let's begin with the words that started it all; make a difference! This soul fulfilling, inspirational message is one that almost every organization boasts. And with more than 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the U.S. alone, organizations are changing the way we think, act and live. But, how are there so many? And how are they growing?  Well dear reader, if you need to spread the word of your nonprofit, promote your organization, or simply thank your members and donators, read on! When most people think recognition awards, they may think of cancer awareness ribbon pins. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that there are much more applications to use custom awards. Those colorful ribbons of metal are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the uses of recognition products for organizations.

Realize goals, ideas, and accomplishments with volunteer recognition pins.

Get creative. This is one of the many things I love most about nonprofits. One of the most popular and surprisingly less talked about means to promote any organization is custom volunteer recognition lapel pins. Handcrafted with fine metals and high-quality materials, volunteer pins are super durable, can be vibrantly colored with select dyes and are made just for your organization. In fact, because they are custom, it's easy to design these pins anyway you want. Want a realistic image? You got it. A logo or lettering? Done. Our process is simple, efficient and aims first and foremost to guarantee your satisfaction. It is important to us that you love the recognition lapel pins you receive.  That's why we check and double check to ensure that the end product is the perfect product for you.awareness lapel pin

Volunteer Recognition Pins make your organization shine.

Volunteer recognition pins are also like the perfect walking advertisement. After receiving a recognition gift, many people will attach them to their jackets, shirts, hats and even bags. Whether handing them out at an event, using them to thank your donors and volunteers, it's easy to customize a volunteer pin perfectly for your needs. Better yet, you can build a community with a custom awareness pin. Really get people engaged and get them excited. Our products are not only for promotional uses; they are for strengthening bonds as well. How do organizations maintain such a productive community? By having something in common. A goal, a dream, a thought -a commitment. Verify that commitment by designing pins that represent it. Every person in your group is an important member, and every person contributes to helping create change. Now it's your turn.

Monterey Company can help you make the perfect volunteer pin with your corporate logo, design, or message.

Our pins serve as functional and stylish gifts that your employees will wear with pride.

We can help you celebrate employee achievements or to give your corporate staff recognition for a job well done. They are also a wonderful accessory to help your top managers stand out and radiate the kind of confidence you need from them.

Whether you have an existing logo, or if you’d like to have us create one for you, Monterey Company has you covered. Simply give us your sketch, or have one of our top-notch artists help you create the exact artwork you want for free. We can also help you determine the style that works best for your business at a cost that works for your budget.

Our production staff can use the same kinds of metals that we use for our products along with the classic styles that have made by us a leader in the field.

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Lastly, when you work with us, we’ll provide you with the design and artwork at no extra charge and offer low minimum quantity.

Would you like more information? One of our friendly customer service representatives is ready to help you discover the perfect custom volunteer pin for your business. Give us a call now, or simply request an online quote with us today!

  • Add years of service by engraving the year.
  • Add a gemstone to indicate special milestones.
  • Change the metal finish to gold and silver.

We understand that your time is valuable and will make your experience as simple and efficient as possible. We aim to only ask you questions that are necessary and important. While designing custom logo pins that will provide a gorgeous and unique way to show appreciation, we also specialize in proficient service. You focus on the important work your group or organization does, and we'll focus on designing pins that support that work. And just as everything does when making a change, these custom volunteer lapel pins all start with you.