Custom Logo Pens

Promotional pens are personalized, functional tools, strategically printed with your business’ brand or logo for the user to see and interact with, every time they reach for a writing instrument. These pens are unique to your message, expanding the impressions of your company with every click, scribble, and a doodle of your prospective clientele.

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Custom Company/Business Pens

Company and business pens are used for promotional and marketing purposes, customized with the logo, name, and contact information for the company distributing them. They often act in place of business cards, connecting to customers and clientele through natural and functional impressions. They can be manufactured consistently with the colors of a business or organization’s brand, and at wholesale prices promotional products.

Custom Company Pens

Promotional Pens: Promotional pens are printed with a business or organization’s name and logo, acting as cost-effective and creative marketing tools. These writing instruments are distributed within a company, at events or fundraisers, and are staples of functional brand awareness campaigns.

Custom retractable pens Are customizable in both exterior color and design and feature a clicking mechanism. The ink is stored within the pen until the internal spring release is activated, which is achieved by a finger press at the base of the pen. When clicked, the usable ink tip is exposed, ready for writing, drawing, and marking surfaces. To retract the ink tip, click the finger press again.


Benefits of Logo Pens for Promoting Your Business:

When it comes to elevating your business, discerning creative marketing strategies is an important part of reaching more customers, of maintaining your current client base and presenting your brand in a way that’s representative of you. Company logo pens, made from quality materials and with thoughtful design, can serve several important functions that are sure to positively impact your business, including, Functional Promotion, and Brand Awareness.

The Monterey Company, with over 30 years of experience and a dedicated, insightful staff, will help you and your business make branded pens worth writing home about. Need more convincing? Look no further. Here are the benefits of using logo pens for promoting your business:

Promotional Pens As Cost-Effective Marketing

Custom writing instruments are among some of the cheapest promotional products on the market, with bulk orders offered at wholesale prices costing you little more than a business card, while boasting more effectiveness and reach. When you print your message on the side of a colorful, creative, and aesthetic creation, your logo is shared with each person who uses, lends, gifts, or leaves behind your pens, achieving the same amount of impressions on the dollar as a billboard. And at a time when paying on monthly marketing bills of thousands of dollars is normal, finding creative solutions to continue connecting your business to its prospective clientele can save you money, while not sacrificing the quality of your marketing campaign.

Further adding to the value and cost-effectiveness of promo pens is the length of which they are used. Unlike business cards or targeted ads on social media, logo pens often stay with people for months, creating lasting impressions for a fraction of the price.

BIC®Digital Clic Stic®Stylus Pen

Logo Pens for Functional Promotion

In addition to being cost-effective, corporate logo pens are perfect examples of functional promotional products. When you choose high-quality items that can be used regularly in someone’s daily life, you are creating endless opportunities for your brand to be associated with positive and useful experiences for the people using your pens.

Logo pens can be kept in office desk drawers, in-car compartments, next to home computers or telephones, or stashed in supply cupboards for future use. Additionally, promo pens can be left at restaurants for waitstaff to use and distribute, at coffee shops, with bank tellers, at job fairs, and on college campuses, acting as free marketing in places wherever a signature is required. And even more than simple functionality, when you gift something to someone that they find useful, like a custom branded writing instrument, you are demonstrating that you value that person and understand their needs. You are giving them something that makes their life easier, and embedded in that act is a demonstration that your business will do the same.

Using Customized Pens to Improve Brand Awareness

The brand of your business is important for making an impression, for communicating to people who you are and what you do and for leaving people with an overarching feeling about your business. Because of the power of your brand, the amount of thought involved in creating a logo and establishing aesthetic, finding dynamic and increased ways to put your brand into the world just makes sense.

When your logo is thoughtfully incorporated into a custom logo pen, you are creating numerous opportunities to demonstrate who you are as a company. You are putting your best foot forward, making a connection in which your business exhibits both quality and consciousness.

Similarly, with each pen put into the world, you are exponentially expanding your brand awareness or the times in which somebody interacts with your logo and associates your company with a particular feeling or positive experience. And, the more somebody is involved with your brand and encounters it in their daily lives, the greater the likelihood they think of you when searching for a particular service or a product you offer.

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How Do You Create A Custom Promotional Pen?

Submit your idea, your logo, or your business’ message to the Monterey Company, and collaborate with a professional designer on the appropriate style, colors, and positioning for your corporate pens. We work with you and your budget to come up with an appropriate package for your needs and involve you in every step of the process - from design to production.

We have a multitude of colors in our repertoire, allowing you to pick the exact combination of shades to adequately represent your company. Additionally, we can match fonts, and play with imagery, bringing life to whatever you come up with.

Our writing instruments have been formatted with an understanding of what works best for integrating function and design into your creations. Made from high-quality plastic, our custom pens are built to last, and won’t be as susceptible to the wear and tear of other promotional products.

Integrate up to three colors into your overall concept, and add details such as incorporating your contact information; your phone number or your email, onto the clip, utilizing every inch of the advertising space on the product.

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Ultimately, at the Monterey Company, we care about your success. We are excited to work with you on creative solutions to your marketing needs, and can’t wait to develop your ideas into tangible tools you can be proud of. Contact us today and start expanding the reach of your business, maintaining positive relationships with existing customers, and creating fun, functional items for everyday use. We can’t wait to work with you.

Logo Pen Pricing

The Monterey Company has been offering custom writing instruments since 1989. Our most popular custom pen style has been the BIC® Clic Stic.  Mix and match clip, barrel and trim colors. Imprint the main body of these pens and even add your information on the clips.


Item# G1112 | BIC® Clic Stic
Price Per Unit (RSP)$0.90$0.87$0.83$0.79$0.76
Promotional Price
Promo Valid 12/01/18 till 27/04/18


Pricing is per unit.

Price Includes Screen Printing (SP): Price includes a 1-color barrel imprint. Minimum 300 units apply to each color combination for this product.

bic clic stic imprint tempalte
Product Size: 12mm W x 150mm H
Materials: Plastic
Product Packaging:300 per carton (1.9kgs approx.)

Mix n' Match Trim Colors