Paul Stark Bio

Entrepreneurial Journey: In 1989, I began my exciting entrepreneurial journey by founding The Monterey Company. Over the years, I have had the privilege of leading the Monterey Company to becoming a global player in the promotional product industry, specializing in crafting and manufacturing custom-made products for over 30 years.

My Experience in printing products includes the use of pad printing machines, M&R  screen printing pressess, embroidery machinery and my specialty has been the use of a 30 watt Universal laser to engrave annodized metal and wood products. I have been a member of PPAI and the Advertising Specialty Institute for many years, where I have taken advanced education classes related to the promotional product industry.

My current Role: My current role at the Monterey Company is in marketing, product development and copywriter.

paul stark releasing elephant seals

Paul Stark's Conservation Efforts

Planting over 100,000 trees in Madagascar is something I take pride in. Madagascar is considered the 'lungs' of the world and this initiative has helped with reforestation efforts that help feed the world with fresh air and saving the native creatures and plants that thrive there. But I love that this project also supports the local communities by providing sustainable livelihoods. My goal is to protect and restore habitats for the wildlife, ensuring a future for both the people and nature. My work with conservation has inspired me to incorporate these eco-friendly practices into the custom products the Monterey Company offers to our customers. Outside of the business world, I have actively engaged in projects aimed at preserving eco-systems, and my big passion has been as a volunteer in rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals. This includes rescuing seals and sea lions for many years from oil rigs and entanglements. See photos of me releasing sea lions at Vandenberg Air Force Base.