custom roll labels

Custom Printed Labels

The Monterey Company designs and manufactures labels on a roll for a variety of uses. Our labels can be made with a simple one-color design all the way to a full four-color process label. We also offer embossed and fil labels with and without a matte finish.

Custom Made Roll Labels With Your Logo

One of our favorite products that combine inspired design with intentional function is our custom roll labels, made with your business, brand, or organization's logo or promotional art. Custom roll labels come in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and styles, and peel off their reels with engineered ease. Work with a designer to customize your artwork to match the exact shape of your logo, to decide on the best sizes for your needs, and to decipher which of the many styles offered will be the best for your product, packaging, or stand-alone items. We also offer a full-line of cutom decals and stickers with your logo.

Roll labels make placing your logo on all of your items and products fast and efficient, no matter the size of your inventory. These personalized labels are perfect as product logos, as ways to designate promotional items for your big events, and as cost-effective branding for all of your company's goods. The logos' adhesive backing is easy to use, for which you simply "place and stick" your logo onto its desired location. Made from durable materials, the adhesive backing is strong enough to trust, making roll labels useful not just for packaging, but also, for logo needs of all varieties.

metal roll labels

Printed Labels Designed With Your Logo

When variety is what you need, we've got you covered at the Monterey Company, and printed labels are no exception. Depending on your design, what your logo will be used for, and the style of your existing branding, you'll be able to find the perfect option for your unique use. If you're unsure what style is best for your business or cause, one of our trained professionals can offer the insight you need to create a product you'll love.

Our professional creators and artists are skilled in knowing which styles make sense for your design and your preferred use, and will offer insight into the shape, look, feel, and quantity that matches both your budget you have in mind. But, take a look at our most popular designs to find some inspiration and learn more about the wide variety available to you.

When it comes to the ins and outs of running your business, the more ways you can make your job, and the processes within it, easier, the better your business will be. At the Monterey Company, we specialize in the little things that can make a huge difference in your day to day operations. In all of our products, we combine the high quality of our materials and skilled craftsmanship, with the functionality you need to do your job well.

Four Styles To Choose From

embossed matte gold roll labels

Embossed Foil Labels

One of the most popular roll styles we offer at the Monterey Company are shiny foil labels, available in a variety of shapes and customizable with your unique design. Choose from shiny gold and silver colors, and add a bit of class and flair to your products, or designate specific items with a shiny promotional design. Foil roll labels are cost-effective and can be personalized to your needs, and instantly elevate any product they are placed upon. With their glossy sheen, they are often used as stand-alone logos, or placed on special items to designate quality or prestige. Foil roll labels are a durable, functional, and beautiful option for your business, company, or cause.

Matte Labels

To take your customization ability to the next level, consider ordering matte roll labels for your business or organization. Matte labels have textured fronts, making them markable by pens and permanent markers. This unique style also has modern, natural appeal adding contemporary flair to your products and packaging. Their extra-durable composition is also waterproof, making them particularly useful on products more regularly exposed to wear and tear than other goods. Designate "best by" dates, expiration dates, contents descriptions, and more, with customizable matte labels. Or, design them into attractive labels and logos for any of your needs.

wine bottle labels

Wine Bottle Labels

coffee labels

Coffee Labels

cupcake labels

Cupcake Labels

paper labels

Paper Labels

Another incredibly popular style of the customized label are printed paper labels, as they are both cost-friendly and uniquely beautiful. Their smooth, paper faces offer the perfect canvas for your logo, name, or design, and are great for decorating both outer packaging and products themselves. Paper labels are natural and clean, complementing and elevating your unique branding with ease. These labels can come with partial gloss or au-natural, allowing you to choose the level of durability dependent on your unique product or logo location. These labels also come in any shape or size, affording you limitless customization for your perfect design. Whether it's packaging branding or giveaways at your big events, printed labels are an excellent choice for all of your needs.

writable surface labels

Writable Surface Labels

Sometimes, your products, goods, and packaging just need a bit more customization, allowing you to add specifics to your logos without having to purchase individual labels for all of your many uses. With a specialized, durable surface designed to be compatible with permanent marker and pens, writeable labels allow you to specify dates, flavors, names, uses, weights, scents, and more. These stickers can be designed with specific lines for your variables, adding extra efficiency to your vital processes. Writeable roll labels are a popular style in the food and service industry, retail operations, organizations, and more, and are made from quality materials that can endure inevitable wear and tear. They are budget-friendly, highly customizable, and a great option for businesses of all kinds.

In addition to being well designed and easy to use, custom printed labels are one of the most cost-effective ways to put your business, organization, or club's insignia on all of your item's packaging. They can be made in high volumes and at bulk-friendly prices, keeping your costs low and your value high. Due to their high volume pricing, custom labels in rolls are an especially ideal solution for small businesses, startups, and any organization needing to be conscious of costs, as they can save you money when it counts the most.

water bottle label
Water Bottle Label

stock roll labels

We manufacture a variety of printed labels for every application you might need. Here is a list of the label styles we offer:

  • Consecutive Number Labels
  • Extended Life Durable Decals
  • Double-Sided Printed Labels
  • Globally Harmonized System GHS Labels
  • Weatherproof Labels
  • Woven Clothing Labels
  • Reflective

roll label pricing

Adhesive: Permanent, pressure-sensitive. Color Matching: Add $40.00 per color to be matched.

Production times are approximate:
1-2 colors: 2 days
3 colors: 3 days
4 or more colors: 4 days
4-color process or foil stamping: 5 working days