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Trading pins are made to order and can be made in any shape. The Monterey Company will help you select the best options for your design. Option include glitter, sliders, danglers, and spinners. Trading pins can be made in soft enamel or in a printed pin style

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Looking for custom team pins?

Trading Pins can be designed for Destination Imagination, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading, Odyssey of the Mind or any other sport or team activity. Sports pins are a great way to acknowledge your team’s accomplishments while also promoting a sense of pride and sportsmanship among players.

Ready to start working with the best trading pin company?

At the Monterey Company, we make customer satisfaction and pin quality our foremost priorities. Our friendly and experienced sales team can help you to create truly unique and collectible sport pins with all the most popular accessories. Custom Trading Pins are a memento that will last a lifetime. Pin trading has become a very integral part of youth sports, and with our wide selection of sports trading pin styles to choose from, you can create a design that will wow your team.

What Kind Of Trading Pins Do We Make? Baseball, Softball...

Team Pin Gallery

We offer a wide array of customizable trading pins so that you and your teammates can create team pins that will impress even the most seasoned pin-traders. Additionally, our cheap trading pin prices will always keep you coming back for more. Whether you hope to redesign your sports pins every year or keep the same design for a decade, we can help! You can also purchase your trading lapel pins at wholesale amounts and prices for added savings!

Trends in pin trading are extremely dynamic and keeping up with the latest-and-greatest can be exhausting. Not to worry, our specialists are trading pin experts and can guide you through the ordering of your pins.

Custom Trading Pins pricing options may vary according to the size and style of your main trading pin. We offer baseball pins, softball pins and basketball pins Our Basketball Pins are especially popular. Let us help you to create an incredibly unique and special keepsake for your basketball team.

Optional Accessories Include: Blinking Lights, Glitter, Spinners, Slider, and Dangler Pins Click on the images below for more information. Please allow extra production time for accessories.

Design Options & Enhancements

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How Are Trading Pins Made?

Trading pins are made to order and usually include enhancements like glitter, sliders, blinkies, and danglers. We manufacture our pins in the USA and overseas enable offer very competitive pricing. There are two styles of trading pins we offer, soft enamel and a printed pin style. We also offer a stock shaped pin in case you have a rush order and we normally can rush stock shape trading pins in just a few days. Normal production time is two weeks plus shipping time and the printed pin style is our fastest made pin we offer. Our normal production style can include custom shapes as well as size up to 3"

Two Main Styles

Printed Pins: This is a great option if you would like to reproduce your design without any limitations. Also, our busy season is May thru July and printed pins can be made faster than any other pin style and we suggest this style if you are short on time. We recommend printed pins as the number one style, followed by soft enamel pins.

Soft Enamel Pins: Years ago this was the most popular style pin. Not really sure why but it is an option and these pins are labor intensive but do allow for thinner metal lines separating each enamel color.

What you should know about cloisonné pins: This is the only pin style we do not recommend and most of our competitors call there pins cloisonné and that has really driven us crazy! Cloisonné Pins can have a lead content that is unacceptable for kids.

Trading Pin Design Tips


Pin Style – Pin traders predominately like to trade etched and printed pins, as they can be made large and brightly colored as well as custom shaped. All this, without ripping your shirt! The thinner base on these two types of trading pins allows us to make a large pin without making your trading pin into an anvil.

What Are The Most Popular Sizes?  Most players like to trade with other players that have pins that are 1 1/2” to 2 1/2” or larger, but we can design your pin to be virtually any size.

How Many Should You Order?  We find that most players will trade 20 to 25 pins per game. Be sure to include extras for parents, grandparents, and friends of the family.

Accessories – Kids will seek out pins that are the most unique with blinkies, danglers, wiggle heads, sliders, and glitter.

Cool New Trends for Sport Pins

One of the cool trends we are seeing with many travelers, particularly in the retirement set, is that many are taking to RV’ing across the country and collecting as many cities and state lapel pins as they can. Of course, there are those that actually travel with the sole purpose of going to a convention or more regional gathering, in order to actually collect and trade with others. Networks are beginning to get created now on the internet so collectors can find each other and tip off their trading colleagues as to what new city and state pins are being released, and when the next event will be.

This is a trend that seems to be growing across the United States. This seems to be an outcropping of architectural and historic society pins. Special interest groups gather and commemorate their state and cities within the state for different historical events, special areas of beauty, national parks, and other points of interests.

baseball trading pin: huuricane design

Start A Trading Group:

Its rare these days to find someone who hasn’t heard of pin collecting and trading. What with massive worldwide societies, like Disney trading pin groups, its become so huge that now there are conferences for lapel pin traders from all over the world, several times each year. The trend now is for small regional groups to come together based on pin theme interest. These groups make plans to travel to one or several trading shows a year to trade, show and acquire new pins.