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Custom Trading Pins

The Monterey Company offers the perfect way to standout in your next tournament with custom trading pins! Choose from a variety of options like glitter, danglers, and spinners to bring extra sparkle. Plus get free artwork and fast delivery - so you won't have to wait for vibrant colors that stand out in soft enamel or printed style!

Looking For Custom Baseball Pins & Team Pins?

Trading Pins can be designed for Destination Imagination, Baseball, Softball Pins, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading, Odyssey of the Mind or any other sports team. At the Monterey Company, we make customer service and quality of our foremost priorities. Our experienced sales department can help you to create a truly unique and collectible trading pin with all the most popular accessories. They are a memento that will last a lifetime. Trading has become a very integral part of youth sports, and with our wide selection to choose from, you can create a design that will wow your team players.

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How Are Trading Pins Made?

Custom trading pins are made to order and usually include enhancements like glitter, sliders, blinkies. We manufacture our products in the USA and overseas enables to offer very competitive pricing and fast shipping. There are two product styles we make, soft enamel and a printed style. We have stock shapes in case you have a rush order and we normally can rush stock shapes in just a few days. Normal production time is two weeks plus shipping time and the printed style is our fastest made product. Our normal production style can include custom shapes as well as size up to 3" designs.

Made To Order Custom Sport Team Trading Pins

Are you and your team looking to stand out at tournaments with a one-of-a-kind design? Look no further! Our custom trading pins provide the perfect way for everyone on your squad to showcase their creative flair. Plus, our prices are unbeatable - whether you need something new each year or want a pin that will last ten years, we have exactly what you're searching for. Have questions about trends in this ever changing world of pin collecting? Don't worry; our customer service experts can answer all of them so that together we craft an amazing keepsake worthy of any tournament.

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Trading pins have become a popular way for youth softball teams to connect and bond with each other. Attractive pins adorned with the team name, unique symbols related to the sport and creative details are created especially for tournaments both near home or abroad - inspiring connection between players on different teams through this special tradition!

Soccer Pins

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with its audience reaching as far and wide as any sport can. And participating in the world’s most popular sport is a source of pride for many players and their fans. Because of this popularity and pide, custom trading pins are an ever-growing part of the soccer culture. From recreation leagues to official teams, custom pieces are designed with logos, awards, and major dates, and are passed and traded as prized possessions among players and fans. These unique commemorative pieces are collected and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Hockey Pins

There are few sports with a stronger sense of culture and camaraderie than hockey, with players wearing their participation proudly wherever they go. And as much of the sport revolves around tournaments, league-play, and traveling, hockey is the perfect avenue for custom trading pins to thrive. Personalize your team or your league’s pin, creating pieces that can be worn on jerseys, attached to travel bags, and most importantly-traded amongst players and fans from opposing teams. These pieces can designate tournament champions, league MVPs, major victories, and big years for hockey organizations.

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Ready to get started? Request a price quote and free artwork with your logo

Email us your sketch and receive a free digital proof.

Two Main Styles to Trade

Printed Pins

Quality Printed: This is a great option if you would like to reproduce your logo without any limitations. Also, our busy season is May through July and printed baseball pins can be made faster than any other pin styles, and perfect if you are short on time. We recommend a printed style as the number one style, followed by soft enamel.

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel: Years ago this was the most popular type to trade. There are thin metal lines separating each enamel color. This style is much heavier than a printed pin. With that said, this style may have a higher perceived value because of the weight. Adding two posts can really help distribute the extra weight.

Are Cloisonne Pins An Option?

What you should know about cloisonné: We would never use this choice as the lead levels in cloisonne are not acceptable for kids trading pins. Our staff will help you choose the best colors and sizes for your artwork and digital proof.

Custom Softball Trading Pins With Your Team Logo

The popularity of trading and collecting of team softball pins is rapidly growing. Individual designs reflect and enhance team pride and personality. There are many ways to customize a team pin to add pop or movement and make your design a must-trade! Designing your spectacular swappable pin is half the fun. Make sure to create your custom trading pin in time for your next softball tournament!

There is a difference between Slowpitch and  fastpitch pin designs!

These pins come in two varieties with focused designs for either slow-pitch or fast-pitch teams. Trading pins made specifically for slower, laid back games feature designs that emphasize the joy and camaraderie of playing while those created to represent faster paced matches show off the intensity of this exciting sport. No matter which type you choose, these trading pins let everyone know how proud you are to be part of the game!

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Need softball pins for your next game?

We'd love to assist you in the design and creation process for your softball trading pin to make this season a success! To start the process, all you need to do is fill out our free quote form or give us a call. We will work with you to create a proof of your design and we can add design options that include glitter, sliders, danglers and so much more.

More Options On Baseball Trading Pins

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Light up your custom pin designs at trade shows and events to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. Adding blingy, eye-catching LED Blinky lights is a surefire way for pins to grab attention with brightly flashing colors. Not only do these accessories raise their perceived value but are also an easy way of bringing some extra sparkle! Glitter can be used too as inexpensive alternatives while still providing plenty of pizzazz - why not give it a try?

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Bobbleheads & Spinners

Celebrate your favorite sports players, teams and fans with miniature bobblehead pins! Our custom mini-Bobbles will capture the spirit of tradition while you cheer on the sidelines. Their spring attached heads bounce along as you rock out - keep them close to bring an extra layer of excitement to game day!

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Danglers and sliders offer a dynamic way to add an eye-catching touch to any product. Like a metal thread linking two parts together, these stylish embellishments create seamless transitions that put the viewer in awe of your craftsmanship. Sliders are especially seen on baseball pins, but they can really bring life into anything you make! With danglers and sliders, even those most mundane projects become something extraordinary - so get creative today!

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Sliders are the perfect way to make your custom trading pins stand out! Add a touch of high-tech surprise and excitement as you move pieces on the front by manipulating from behind, giving each viewer an interactive experience. Make every pin memorable and collectible with annual editions or branded symbols that capture attention - these eye-catching elements add tremendous value for any brand or organization looking to showcase their unique identity through customized trading pins. Get creative today – it’s time for sliders!



The best pins for trading are those that strike the perfect balance of creativity, relevance, and rarity. Incorporate a spinner into your design to add a fun element that isn't found just everywhere, and increasing the value. Email us today for more info on ordering and our designers will work with you to start the process. Feel free to phone us on any questions you might have. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a quality guarantee on our products and unlimited art revisions on artwork.