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Custom Trading Pins

Trading pins are made to order and can be made in any shape. The Monterey Company will help you select the best options for your design. Option include glitter, sliders, danglers, and spinners. Custom trading pins can be made in soft enamel or in a printed style and are used in custom team trades.

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Looking for custom baseball team pins?

Trading Pins can be designed for Destination Imagination, Baseball, Softball Pins, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading, Odyssey of the Mind or any other sport or team players. Sports pins are a great way to acknowledge your team’s accomplishments while also promoting a sense of pride and sportsmanship among players.

Ready to start working with the best trading pin maker?

At the Monterey Company, we make customer satisfaction and quality of our foremost priorities. Our friendly and experienced sales department can help you to create truly unique and collectible baseball pins with all the most popular accessories. They are a memento that will last a lifetime. Trading has become a very integral part of youth sports, and with our wide selection to choose from, you can create a design that will wow your team players.

Trading Pins Made In Days!

From the moment you reach out to us, we want you to feel like you found the best promotional product company. We also want to collaborate with you in creating something of which you can be proud of. Your baseball pins will be unique to you, made with your interpretation of fandom, of your love of a place, or of your connection to the thing you are commemorating. It will be in the metal you choose, will have the details of customizable dimension, and will be coated in the color that matches the spirit of whatever it is you are trying to capture. We have everything you need to generate the exact design you’re after.  

Why Team Pin Trading?

Our passions are amongst the things that define us most. We affiliate ourselves with the things we love and find identity in them. Have a conversation with a sports fan and watch them gush about their team’s biggest victories. Those victories are his victories too. Talk to a former competitor about her Alma Mater's latest loss. She still feels the sting as if it were her own.

People take pride in the teams and organizations they support and wear that pride on their sleeves. The best part is- you aren’t limited to pinning them on your sleeves. Customizable in shape, size, dimension, and color, you can create the perfect design to sit happily on hats, backpacks, jackets, and more.

How Did Trading Pins Sports Get Started?

Although trading pins amongst youth organizations are only growing in relevance by the year, it’s a tradition that’s actually been around for decades. Following the trend started by the World Olympics, Little League Baseball implemented teams in 1983. With each team designing something unique to the players and region in which they existed, they created phenomena to be adopted across a multitude of youth sports organizations today.

When players began using baseball pins as an opportunity to trade and to connect with members of other teams and organizations by exchanging the pieces designed and made for them with those of the players and fans from their opposing teams, they forged connections and friendships to be carried with them long after the games ended. This exchange promoted the idea that a sporting event is about so much more than winning or losing, but rather, an opportunity to rally around and find togetherness in love of something. Youth sports, in particular, teach kids that differences, like race, gender, and socio-economic status, are obsolete on the playing field, and that by playing together, we discover we have so much more in common than we realize. 

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Due to the success in the Little League Baseball organization, these pins are found in almost any sport in which youth participate today. From hockey leagues to basketball tournaments, and gymnastic competitions to soccer programs, trading forges connections and building friendships.

Soccer & Hockey Pins

Creations bearing your emblem can do so much more than jazz up your attire. They can promote camaraderie through people who support the same things you do, and bridge gaps between fans of opposing teams and organizations. Because some things in life bring us closer together, and custom trading pins are one of the surest examples. Sport trading pins have been popular for years, with particular seasons, victories, and celebrations commemorated through custom designs. Did your favorite team win the championship game? Did your child’s high school track their win at their conference meet? Did the local club celebrate a milestone year of participation?  

Made To Order Custom Sport Team Pins

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We manufacture a wide array of customizable options so that you and your teammates can create custom designs that will impress even the most seasoned traders. Additionally, our cheap trading pin prices will always keep you coming back for more. Whether you hope to redesign your baseball pins every year or keep the same design for a decade, we can help! You can also purchase wholesale amounts and prices for added savings!

Trends in custom pin trading are extremely dynamic and keeping up with the latest-and-greatest can be exhausting. Not to worry, our specialists are experts and can guide you through the ordering. Custom pricing options may vary according to the size you choose. Our basketball designs are especially popular to trade. We can help you to create an incredibly unique and special keepsake for your basketball players. We also offer many other unique products like custom keychains that make popular items.


Team Pins Collecting

Trading pins are most common in the realm of sports, with many youth programs encouraging their young sports fans to participate in trading. When you outfit your child with a collection of pieces, you provide them with countless opportunities to make connections. When we travel, parts of the places, people, and culture we experiences stay with us forever. A lot of these parts are in the lessons we learn from missed road-turn offs, friendly restaurant recommendations, and the unexpected friendships of new acquaintances, but some of these are in the tangible pieces collected by which we choose to remember our travels.

State Shaped Pins

Need a design in a custom state shape printed for your next trade? Whether for school, sports teams we can make  a design that will create fond memories.

This design was created for an event in July. It's colorful and conveys the spirit of the team perfectly. Using a black plating, a classic embossed style was chosen for this design. PMS colors and glitter were used and the effect is brilliant, sharp and perfect for a custom trading event.

Custom Baseball Trading Pins

Request a free art proof with your logo

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How Are Trading Pins Made?

Baseball pins are made to order and usually include enhancements like glitter, sliders, blinkies, and danglers. We manufacture in the USA and overseas enables to offer very competitive pricing. There are two styles we offer, soft enamel and a printed style. We also offer a stock shaped in case you have a rush order and we normally can rush stock shapes in just a few days. Normal production time is two weeks plus shipping time and the printed style is our fastest made style we offer. Our normal production style can include custom shapes as well as size up to 3"

Two Main Styles to Trade

Printed: This is a great option if you would like to reproduce your logo without any limitations. Also, our busy season is May through July and printed baseball pins can be made faster than any other pin styles, and perfect if you are short on time. We recommend a printed style as the number one style, followed by soft enamel.

Soft Enamel: Years ago this was the most popular type to trade. There are thin metal lines separating each enamel color.

What you should know about cloisonné: This is the only style we do not recommend. Cloisonné can have a lead content that is unacceptable for kids.

Custom Design Tips


Style – Traders predominately like to trade printed styles, as they can be made large and brightly colored as well as custom shaped. All this, without ripping your shirt! The thinner base on these two styles of custom trading pins allows us to make a large logo without making your trading pin into an anvil.

What Are The Most Popular Sizes For Your Sports Team?  Most players like to trade with other players that have designs that are 1 1/2” to 2 1/2” or larger, but we can make and make your baseball pins to trade to be virtually any size or style?

How Many Should You Order?  We find that most players will trade 20 to 25 per game. Be sure to include extras for parents, grandparents, and friends of the family.

Accessories – Kids will seek out unique baseball pins to make with blinkies, danglers, wiggle heads, sliders, and glitter.

Cool New Trends for Team Sport Pins

One of the cool trends we are seeing with many travelers, particularly in the retirement set, is that many are taking to RV’ing across the country and collecting as many cities and state shapes as they can. Of course, there are those that actually travel with the sole purpose of going to a convention or more regional gathering, in order to actually collect and trade with others. Networks are beginning to get created now on the internet so collectors can find each other and tip-off their trading colleagues as to what new city and state images are being released, and when the next event will be.

This is a trend of players that seems to be growing across the United States. This seems to be an outcropping of architectural and historic society artwork. Special interest groups gather and commemorate their state and cities within the state for different historical events, special areas of beauty, national parks, and other points of interest.

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Worldwide Pin Trading

If you are a new player to trading pins design, seek out opportunities to get involved. Trading occurs worldwide and amongst a multitude of organizations and locations. If you have something you love, if you are passionate about a place, a team, or an organization, you have everything you need to get started. Contact us and begin your journey in making connections, establishing a friendship, collecting memories, and commemorating all the things that make you, you.

Start By Creating Your Sports Pin Design

trading pins customIt's rare these days to find someone who hasn’t heard of sports collecting and team trading. What with massive worldwide societies, like Disney groups and its become so huge that now there are conferences for kids from all over the world, several times each year. The trend players is for small regional groups to come together based on theme interest for players to trade. These groups make plans to travel to one or several events a year to trade.

This concept of creating a product to trade has been to remember a particular place, country, city, state, park, or landmark is among the newest trend of players. Maybe your goal is to collect a pin from each of the 50 states, or from each of the major cities in the European Union. Maybe you want to visit each of the parks nearest you or to collect a sports pin for each of the recognized National Monuments. Or maybe you hope to acquire memorial-pieces from historical sites around the world. Whatever your prerogative, we can help.

Start with a custom piece of a place that means the world to you. Then, seek opportunities to trade the pieces that are uniquely yours, for the trades of others’ in places that you continue to visit. As your collection grows, the connections you make, and the stories of others that you carry with you become the keepsakes you cherish most.

Fortunately, you’ve found us, the place where we take your ideas and your passions seriously. It is no small endeavor to capture the love of an organization and players or of a place and depict it in a small piece of art. That’s why we’ve spent thirty years assembling a group of people that are up to the task. Our trained and talented staff is dedicated to their craft, and our designers find their inspiration from each of their interactions with our customers. We work intimately with you, combining all of their experience, creativity, and artistry, with impeccable customer service skills, making the design process an unforgettable experience.

Are you looking for baseball pins?

Besides the game itself, trading baseball cards have long been an American tradition and hobby. Recently, another new tradition has evolved:

Starting April 1st, it is once again baseball season. Besides hot dogs, foam fingers, and tailgate parties, another popular tradition are kids getting together to trade. Besides representing your spirit and passion, they represent the enthusiasm for the game. Our pins will have you breaking out the hot dogs and team spirit in no time and before you know it, you’ll be yelling, “play ball!”

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Let us us design your next team pin

We offer our fans everything they need to create a truly unique. Our customizing options can help you add some style and pop to your trading season to make sure it is a true must-trade item! Designing your very own custom baseball pins with the help of our creative team of artists and designers can be a lot of fun. If you have sketches of your concept, we can work with them directly to ensure that your original vision gets made into reality. Or if you prefer, you can give us a detailed description of your concept and our creative team can come up with several logo ideas, modifying them as we go along until we arrive at the one that feels just right to you.

Baseball Pins & Fastpitch Pins

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They can be made as a printed style and logos can be reproduced without metal lines separating out the colors. They are lighter weight as well and will not hang on your shirt like a 5lb. weight. They are also the best option if you are in a hurry as they can be rushed.

The second option is using an embossed style with a thin layer of epoxy. They will have a metal line separating out each color and will be much heavier. The additional weight may give them a higher perceived value to some traders.

New to the field? Don’t worry about it. Whether you are a big-league or little league, We are here to help you create the pin of your dreams, satisfaction guaranteed. We want to get to know the style of your team and help you encourage and accentuate it using design and spirit that is entirely unique to your players. With up to six added colors at no extra charge and limitless options, we truly allow you to build your aesthetic potential and team spirit for a winning season of baseball.


Little league pins come in all sizes

Little league pins come in all shapes and sizes and each is unique to their own variety. Whether you decide to create your pin using a soft enamel technique, die struck or different desirable technique. We will work with yours to create a logo that is both captivating and individual. Using a soft enamel can be striking and playful. Using the bold characteristics and unique shape of your choice of metal, colors can be added to exaggerate your features and create a look that is sure to stand out. They also allow the option to fill in any metal lines on the color completely so that your logo and icon can utilize the full image. Soft enamel can be a perfect fit for little league.

Design Ideas & Enhancements

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slider pins

We believe in the complete satisfaction of our customers. That’s why your pins or product from us will always arrive on time, packaged carefully and designed skillfully. We promise to never let you be disappointed with your final purchase and to always provide excellent customer service, quality products, and great prices. We wish you success on the field and look forward to doing business with you!

Our Best Options For Your Team Pin

Add LED "Blinky" lights: By adding small LEDs, or Blinky lights, to your custom trading pin, you are adding eye-catching elements that will not only make your logo stand out in the crowd at trade shows and events but will increase the perceived value. Blinkies enhance and bring attention to specific aspects that may otherwise have been overlooked, and generally, take things to the next level.

Bobblehead Pins: There are few things less iconic in sports than traditional Bobblehead dolls. Bring the spirit of tradition into your game by creating custom mini Bobbleheads with us. Bobblehead are a fun way to depict your favorite players, teams, coaches, and fans, with spring-attached heads that will bobble along with you as you cheer and trade.

Spinners make your pin more tradable: The best pins for trading are those that strike the perfect balance of creativity, relevance, and rarity. Incorporate a spinner into your design to create a fun element that isn't found just everywhere, and increasing the value.

More Accessories

Besides the look and shape, various other features can be added to create an appeal that stands out further than metal or color. For example, adding glitter will help catch the public’s eye and spark additional interest in passerby’s. Whether reflecting off sunlight or indoor lights, glitter causes them to outshine others and create a sporty and memorable logo that will cause them to be sought after by fans across the board. Another fun and eye-catching addition are blinkie lights. Blinkie lights are tiny bulbs that flash appealingly and can be placed anywhere. They are a great source of public recognition and offer variety and notability that metal and color do not. Other accessories include danglers, sliders, and spinners. All of these options allow for unique variety and bold appeal that encourages the attention and adamant passion and hard-earned skill deserves.


Danglers and sliders are both moving accessories. Generally attached by a metal link, danglers are a great way to tie in different visual parts of your product. For example, danglers are perfect for linking a business name to a company image. This creates a very smooth transition that is very noticeable and tasteful. Sliders are similar to danglers but are most often used for baseball pins. These accessories are a great way to catch everyone’s attention.

Is Cloisonne An Option?

What about cloisonne as an option?  We would never offer this choice as the lead levels in cloisonne are not acceptable for kids. This is why we offer the two tyles above and not cloisonne.


Sliders are triggered via the backside where you can move around a piece on the front. Whether this piece is years, a ball or a name, sliders are an excellent way to make them look high tech.


Blinkies are tiny battery powered lights that flash. These are very helpful for catching attention and getting the viewer to think about the pin. Blinkies are a classic accessory that will never go out of style and will always be sure to get your pins noticed. Although similar to blinkies, glitter is another accessory that is very popular in many different styles. Glitter can be used as a fun attention grabber or a classy addition. Glitter can be placed anywhere and is one of the less expensive –yet still mesmerizing options and accessory.

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