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Bring your brand up to date with these new logo items

Well, the secret’s out. In a time where marketing features more swipes, clicks, and quick impressions than ever before, investing in permanent fixtures in people’s lives is regaining its power. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are learning that tried-and-true promotional products are reaching larger audiences as they provide significant contrast to their competitors’ solely digital marketing strategies.

Are your promotional products stuck in the stone ages?

But, there’s a catch. Before you start dusting off your old product shelf, you might want to consider an update. The promotional items that succeeded 10 and 15 years ago are not the same products that resonate with your customers and employees today. Maintaining your stock will keep your business and your marketing relevant, reaching the people and audiences that matter.

If you think your promotional products might be stuck in the stone ages, don’t fret. The Monterey Company has you covered. Bring your stock up to date with these exciting new items.

Custom Logo Trucker Hats366 cap

As the original promotional products, spreading businesses’ names and messages across the country, trucker hats bridge the gap between vintage and youthfulness. And they’re in style in a big way today.

Using a neutral palette and natural materials as a base for your logo or business name creates a classic look and feel for your custom hats. This style has widespread, contemporary appeal.

Using bold colors and a vibrant aesthetic can reflect your youthful or fun side, making a statement that won’t easily be missed.

customized campfired mug design

Ceramic Campfire Mugs


If you need proof of the relevance of ceramic campfire mugs, look no further than any social media account featuring the great outdoors and hot beverages.
Between their signature flecked outers and their contemporary nod to the campfire mugs of old, these cups add both fun and function to your promotional game.

These photogenic mugs not only look great with a company brand or logo but come in multiple colors and styles, making them the perfect gift or giveaway for any occasion.

custom printed wireless earbuds

Wireless EarBuds

Nothing says, “on-trend” quite like leaving the mess of cords and wires that accompany daily life behind. Wireless EarBuds are changing the way people listen from their devices, adding sleek convenience to their routines.

Add your logo or name to the front of the white holder, and create the perfect contemporary products for tech lovers and casual listeners alike.

Best yet? Bring these Buds to your next trade show or employee gift exchange and you and your business will surely impress.

full color mug design

Wrap Around Color Mugs

You know what they say. When trends go out of style, hang tight, they’ll come back around. So just because your 10-year-old products are out of date, that doesn’t mean your 30-year-old ones necessarily are.

These vintage full-color wrap around mugs are all the rage, bringing playful design back into your glassware game. They’re cost-effective, and liven up just about any cupboard they live in.

From retro graphics to full-color images, wrap around mugs are a fun, relevant blast from the past.


printed food container

H2Go Thermal Food Container

With everybody living in high gear, days can pass by in a blur of office meetings, family events, and approaching deadlines. But a fast-paced life doesn’t have to mean cold breakfast and boring lunches from a bag.

H2Go Thermal food containers match vacuum insulation with a rubber bottom and a powder-coated finish, keeping food the perfect temperature, all day long. And catering to meals with multiple courses, the H2Go Essex features a lid compartment that keeps food separate from the thermal body.

Your company logo or business name will match or complement the various colors offered, making amazing gifts for clients and employees alike.