Custom Hiking Stick

Walking stick medallion

Walking Stick Medallion

What is a walking stick medallion? While fishing on the Metolius River in Oregon, I noticed a hiker walking by with this walking stick. He was out Geocaching and I had to ask him if he would be okay If I took a picture of his hiking stick medallion. He was kind enough to let me pose the stick with the river behind it. He mentioned Oregon is full fun places to Geocaching and I went home to find my GPS!

For those looking for a beautiful place to hike or fly fish, the Metolius River in the Oregon Cascades is a fun place to go. Fly fishing here is not for the novice. If you are a novice, try the Fall River a few hours away.

Custom Walking Stick Badges

What is a hiking stick badge? Hiking stick medallions or badges are gorgeous pieces that are attached to the head of a walking or hiking stick. Many use this in scouting classes, or groups. Custom hiking medallions can be made with symbols of the wilderness, preservation, an affiliation group, or some outdoor cause. Walking stick medallions are incredibly elegant and make a hiking stick something to be passed down for many generations.

custom hiking badge

Hiking sticks themselves, or walking sticks as they were more commonly known, have been dated back to the time of the Pharaoh.  As time passed, they were used as either a fashion statement or a walking aid. A walking or hiking stick could literally be a stick found on the side of the road or in the wilderness or an ornately carved piece adorned with walking stick medallions, jewels, and bindings.

Outdoor Badges Designed The Outdoor Enthusiast

A hiking stick helps with balance and they tend to be gentler on the environment than the now common metal trekking poles which leave scratch marks on rocks and boulders along the trail.

Adding a Hiking Stick Medallion or badge to a walking stick can easily be done by creating a curved medallion die to match the curvature of the stick or sticks. Color, finishes, textures, metal choices and sizes all help tie in a custom hiking medallion design that symbolizes a group, an affiliation, or a national park to support and many other things. Many create custom hiking medallions with family crests to both sell and give out as gifts.