Why Customizing PVC Patches With 3D vs 2D Is A Great Option

February 6, 2024

What are the differences between 2D vs 3D Patches?

When it comes to PVC patches, customers tend to get confused about the difference between the three-dimensional and two-dimensional styles. This is because technically… both 2D and 3D PVC patches are “three-dimensional”.

A 2D patch has raised and recessed areas as you would normally expect with 3D, but those raised areas are flat on top. The 3D patch will also have raised and recessed areas, but the raised areas are rounded on top to give it even more of a “3D” look. This extra pop is what makes PVC patches stand out from other types of patches you might consider for a custom project.

pvc rhino design

3D PVC Patches

  • Look: 3D PVC patches are, as noted, three-dimensional, and are much more prominent than 2D PVC patches. This style of patch also consists of multiple layers, but the main difference is that the top layer has a rounded effect rather than a flat effect. If your design has animals or people, the 3D effect makes it stand out by adding additional depth to the character.
  • Thickness: Our 3D PVC patches have an average thickness of 3.5 mm but this will depend on the layering techniques you choose. A typical 3D patch will have three to four layers with the final layers being the one with the 3D effect.
  • Feel: A 3D PVC patch will have more bumps and curves on its top layer compared to a 2D PVC patch. These are more like rolling hills instead of the flat tops as mentioned earlier. The patch’s levels gradually incline, round out, and then decline slowly.
3D lion PVC patch

2D PVC Patches

  • Look: PVC patches are constructed in multiple layers, with each layer of the mold being filled with liquid PVC that dries into the flexible rubber material you are used to. A typical 2D patch has a base layer followed by two additional levels to give the design depth. The key difference in a 2D patch is that the top layer is flat just like the other layers. This makes more detailed designs clean and crisp, while also keeping a semi-three-dimensional look.
  • Thickness: Our 2D PVC patches have an average thickness of 2.5 mm but can vary depending on how many layers you decide to use. Some customers opt for a flush design to keep the patch nice and compact, whereas others like to get creative with layering techniques to make certain design elements pop.
  • Feel: Because the layers are flatter on a 2D PVC patch, the patch will have sharper edges when you run a finger along its surface. It’s certainly not sharp enough to do any real damage, but it does have a nice tactile feel. Think of the design like a flat-top house; the patch will go straight up, flatten out at the top, and then go directly back down.
phoenix pvc patch