Debossed Leather Vs Laser Engraved Leather Patches

May 23, 2024

Leather patches are a universally adored material to make into high-quality patches. Leather can be matched with almost anything, and can help you marry different products with various colors together under one banner. I recommend them whenever someone makes a custom hat because leather patches always marry so well no matter which style of hat you choose. What’s important to know is that how your design is imprinted into the leather patch can actually be done a few different ways! The most common ways we have the design put to leather is between Debossed leather and Laser Engraved leather.

Debossed Leather

What is Debossed Leather?

This is the classic and most recognized method of putting a design onto your custom patch. We make a stamp of your design that is pressed into the leather, creating the iconic debossed look.

Benefits of Debossed Leather

debossed leather patch

Debossed leather has been used for well over a century now, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Debossing the leather creates a rich color since the design becomes a deep darker tone on the leather patch, and makes the design look absolutely stunning. Plus pressing the design gives the leather patch a beautiful texture that is gentle to the touch. Because the stamp has to be custom-made, debossed leather is more expensive than laser-engraved leather patches.

Laser Engraved Leather

What is Laser Engraved Leather?

debossed dyed leather patch

Laser-engraved leather is the more modern cousin to debossed leather. We put your design into the leather via a thin, high-powered laser. It is quick, efficient, and precise on the patches, making the process faster than the debossing process.

Benefits of Laser Engraved Leather

What makes laser engraving so amazing is the level of detail that we are able to get for your custom patch. Because we don’t have to apply pressure each time and worry about the consistency of each patch, we can create fantastic almost perfectly consistent patches for you. They won’t have the exact same depth and texture as a debossed patch though, if only because we can’t cut too deep into the leather with the laser.

Does it Matter if I am Using Genuine or Faux Leather?

No it doesn’t! Whether you decide that you want to laser engrave your design or press your design and have it debossed on the patch, choosing between one type of leather and another doesn’t affect how we do our job. It ultimately comes down to whichever method you would prefer and whether genuine or faux leather is better for your wallet. We can handle the rest from there.

Not Sure Which to Choose?

Not to worry! We’ve worked with hundreds of designs and can absolutely help you figure out which would work best for your custom leather patch. You can either call our phone line or send us a formal quote request via our website submission form. We’d be more than happy to help you choose the best method for your logo.