Camille Felix Bio

Learning On the Go: Camille has always aspired to learn how to learn, and to explain new concepts to anyone willing to listen. She graduated from Georgia Tech with honors as a Literature, Media, and Communications major, and immediately paired that with experience as a freelancer with CNN Tech Training. Even now after moving across the country in 2022, she has learned even more about entrepreneurship, search engine optimization, and customer service.

My Current Role: Always wanting to help teach people new things, Camille currently works as the company’s blog writer and video content creator. She absolutely loves being able to parse down information about everything custom into a consumable script for buyers experienced and new.

Putting on a Show: Camille doesn’t just create written blogs! Outside of the office, she doubles up her creativity by producing artwork and music,posting on YouTube and Spotify to a wide audience. She has even begun performing at conventions both local and across the country! She has always said her creativity keeps her sane, and now it lives in both her employment and her passion.