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Custom Richardson 112 Hats With Patches & Embroidery

Creating a custom Richardson 112 trucker cap is a breeze at The Monterey Company, where we expertly craft each cap with logo patches and embroidery. Renowned for its premium quality construction, the Richardson 112 delivers the comfort and durability you've come to expect from this best-selling cap. Cherished by fans for years, it boasts an impressive array of 50 color options. Customize yours with a choice of a logo patch, embroidery, or a combination of both to make it your own!

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Custom 112 Trucker Hats by Richardson Sports

The Richardson 112 hat stands as the epitome of stylish headwear, favored by a diverse audience. We specialize in helping you leverage these hats to elevate your company's brand presence. This iconic trucker hat features a blend of cotton twill front panels and a ventilated mesh back, complemented by a curved visor with characteristic Richardson quality. Its design boasts a low-profile crown shape, ensuring superior breathability and comfort.

The durability of the Richardson 112 is enhanced by its buckram fused front panels and meticulous ProStitching, offering a robust yet comfortable fit. Its pre-curved PE visor, adorned with eight rows of stitching, adds a refined touch to this classic piece. Additionally, an adjustable plastic back strap provides customizable fitting options, allowing wearers to tailor the hat to their exact preference. Embrace the perfect blend of style, comfort, and customization with the Richardson 112 trucker hat, every trucker's favorite cap.

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Why Businesses Love Customizing the Richardson 112 Trucker Cap?

While many trucker hats in the market may appear to be of high quality, they often come with drawbacks. That's where we step in. When assisting companies in creating custom hats, our goal is to guide you toward the best quality for your budget. Unlike cheaper alternatives, which can be intolerably uncomfortable, the Richardson 112 stands out as great hats. This hat is acclaimed for numerous reasons, chiefly its wearer-friendly design. It avoids sharp edges that could irritate the skin behind your ears, and its mesh material is gentle against your skin. This thoughtful design ensures comfort, sparing you the discomfort and irritation often found in less expensive trucker hats.

Those are just a few reasons why the 112 trucker, is a great choice with no compromise.

  • Comfortable Fit: The Richardson 112 is renowned for its comfortable fit, making it a favorite for corporations to customize for promotional purposes. Its design accommodates ample space at the front, ideal for those with larger head sizes or who prefer a hat that doesn't rest directly on the forehead.
  • Color Selection: Boasting over 70 color combinations, the Richardson 112 offers ample choice to match personal styles, team colors, or corporate branding.
  • Customization Options: This best seller hat is a prime choice for businesses, sports teams, and event organizers due to its ease of customization. Whether it's printed logos, patches, or embroidery, adding your brand to the 112 is straightforward.
  • Construction: Richardson's reputation for producing quality hats is well-earned, and the 112 trucker hat is no exception. Expect the same level of durability and craftsmanship in this model. You can choose from a large selection from the heather grey birth to the heather grey royal, amongst others.
  • Sports Popularity: The 112 hat is a common sight in sports, particularly baseball and softball, which speaks volumes about its appeal and versatility.
  • Affordability: When compared to similar offerings from other manufacturers, the 112 cap is reasonably priced, making it an accessible option for anyone looking to brand a hat with their logo.
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The 112 hats popularity can be attributed to its fit timeless design, versatility, customizable options, lasting construction and affordability. This makes it a favored choice, for individuals and organizations.

About Richardson

Richardson Sports has gained a following, for their fashionable hats thanks to a few key factors. They prioritize top notch craftsmanship by using materials and paying attention to every detail. Their wide range of hat styles, including trucker hats and baseball caps caters to preferences. What sets them apart is their customization space on the hat front panel, which allows you to add logos, embroidery and unique designs th their headwear. 

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This hat is designed to handle heavy use. They last a long time, making it a dependable option for people seeking durability. Classic Trucker Style, The 112 hat embodies the timeless and casual appeal of a classic trucker hat with its mesh. This style attracts a range of people.

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Popular 112 Hat Colors

The heather grey with white mesh is the most popular colorway, followed closely by the split black/charcoal and the solid black 112. With its high-quality construction and versatile style, it's no wonder why the Richardson 112 hat has become such a beloved accessory for so many people. When people love a hat, they will wear it all the time!

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Richardson 112 With Sublimation Patch
112 side view
112 back view



  • FABRIC Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh
  • VISOR Precurved
  • SWEATBAND Cotton
  • MATERIAL 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • CONSTRUCTION Woven/Knitted


Over 40 color options

FIT & SIZE: Adjustable Snapback
  • Y (6 3/8 - 6 5/8)
  • SM (6 1/2 - 7)
  • OSFM (7 – 7 3/4)
  • XL (7 1/4 - 7 7/8)
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royal white heather grey

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richardson 112 hats


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Adding Logos and Patches to 112 Trucker Hats

At The Monterey Company, we pride ourselves on our extensive array of state-of-the-art sewing machines, specifically designed to simplify the customization process for your logo-branded 112 hats. Our dedicated customer service representatives are committed to assisting you at every stage, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Whether you opt for embroidery, woven details, or the addition of leather patches, we offer a multitude of options to showcase your trademark, motto, or logo perfectly. Rest assured, with our expertise; you'll craft a unique and memorable hat that is bound to become a favourite among your team, customers and other brands alike.

richardson 112 R Flex cap

Richardson 6 Panel Twill Mesh Back Cap

The Richardson 112PL+ R-Flex Trucker Mesh Hat is a contemporary twist on the classic, designed for versatility and suited for any occasion. What sets this new iteration of the 112 apart? The key lies in its elastic sweatband and poly stretch mesh, which together provide an exceptional fit and heightened comfort.

This hat combines cotton twill front panels and a curved visor with a breathable mesh back, ensuring you stay cool, stylish, and comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, it boasts a pre-curved PE visor enhanced with eight rows of stitching for a polished look. At The Monterey Company, our dedicated customer service representatives are ready to assist you in selecting the ideal hat to meet your customization needs.

The Richardson 112 Is Built To Last

The Richardson 112 cap is the quintessential choice for any activity, catering to even the most dynamic lifestyles. Its timeless six-panel design not only provides excellent coverage but also assures a snug and comfortable fit.

Constructed from an ultra-lightweight mix of cotton and polyester, this cap is designed with a pre-curved visor, ensuring it remains securely in place as you embark on adventures that push the boundaries. Additionally, its adjustable snapback closure guarantees a perfect fit for a day filled with activities, meaning you'll never have to compromise on style. The Richardson 112 offers all-day comfort paired with unbeatable aesthetics, making it an ideal companion for your active life.

Check out our selection of customized heather grey charcoal, chocolate chip birch and heather grey birch army hats.

richardson 112+ Flex with custom patch

Richardson 112 RFlex Trucker With Patch

40% Cotton 55% Polyester 5% Spandex

With the new and improved 112+, you'll be able to enjoy a perfect fit every time. The elastic sweatband provides enhanced comfort while still delivering that classic look of your favorite cap!

112 trucker hats

Richardson 112 Trucker With Printed Logo

60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

Built with the Richardson quality you’ve come to expect, this trucker-style hat is a best-seller and fan favorite. 40+ colorways make it perfect for any team or brand!

richardson 112 fp with custom patch

Richardson 112 FP Trucker

47% Cotton, 53% Polyester

This classic trucker cap is now available in a new, modern style. This seamless front 5-panel construction option offers the same great fit and quality you've come to expect from our best seller 112!

richardson camo 112 trucker hat

Richardson 112 PM Camo Hat

47% Cotton, 53% Poly

NOTE: Mossy Oak Camo - 100% Polyester Twill Fabric

We're all about keeping things classic, which is why we added some colorful printed patterns to our best-seller 112. The cap combines traditional trucker style with Richardson's high quality and fit you've come accustomed too!

richardson 112re with patch

Richardson 112 RE Recycled Trucker

100% recycled polyester

If you love the feel of our classic 112 Trucker cap but want it to be more environmentally friendly, then get yourself one made from recycled polyester and twill. It will still retain that perfect fit while helping save this planet!

112P Printed Trucker Cap

Richardson 112P Printed Trucker Cap

47% Cotton, 53% Polyester

Whether you're looking for a stylish trucker cap, or just need something that's going be comfortable and durable - our best-selling 112 is a perfect choice. It features quality fabric with colorful patterns printed onto them!

How To Order a 112 Trucker With Your Logo

We are here to help you create custom patches and embroidery with your logo to make sure that you are always representing your company in style. The first step of putting together an order quote for a Richardson 112 hat with your designs. We will help you in deciding what type of imprinting size or decoration would be best suited to promote your brand. Not sure what would look best? We are just a phone call or email away to work with you and help you with your order.

1. Select Your Hat Color

Step one is to choose your hat color.

2. Choose Your Decoration

Choose between standard or puff embroidery or add a custom patch.

3. Choose Your Placements

Place your logo on the front, sides, back or all three. Mix and match! Have a patch on the front and embroidery elsewhere. Ah, the possibilities!

4. Proof & Production

We'll send you a digital proof for your review and approval prior to production.

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