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Embroidered Company Shirts

At Monterey Company, we're your one-stop shop for spicing up company shirts with logos and some top-notch name brands like Bella Canvas and Next Level. But we're not just about embroidery; we can hook you up with these cool brand shirts too. Our crew knows how to make your logo and brand name blend seamlessly, whether you're into that chill Bella Canvas vibe or Next Level's swag. With our skills and shirt-sourcing magic, you'll rock a killer look whether you're in a meeting or just kicking back. It's a win-win for your brand – you'll look good, and your team will feel comfy and confident.

Branded Apparel

High-quality, custom-embroidered headwear and apparel create an impression that will last. With professional branding on such garments, your company can be sure to define itself in the minds of customers for years to come! Whether you are selecting gifts or promotional products for a grand event or something special as part of a customer loyalty program - make it remembered with superior quality and lasting design when using embroidery work.

Company Shirts Embroidered

Shirts Embroidered With Your Logo

Company shirts that are like your work team's official superhero capes, but comfier. They're jazzed up with your company's logo, so it's like wearing your work pride right on your sleeve – literally! These shirts are the ultimate combo of comfy and cool, giving your crew a unique identity. It's a bit like having your own secret club, except everyone knows you're awesome. So, whether it's for team spirit or just looking snazzy at the office, these logo-embroidered shirts are the way to go for a touch of workday swag!

Making your own custom embroidered shirts is a breeze with our new Monterey Promo website . We've got a bunch of awesome shirts ready to jazz up with your logo or design. Once you've spotted the shirt that vibes with you, just cruise on over to our design studio. It's a piece of cake – you can slap on your logo, artwork, or whatever floats your boat. And guess what? You can save your creation and even give your friends a sneak peek. Feeling a bit stuck? No biggie – our design pros are here to help out. So, get ready to strut your stuff in custom embroidered shirts, all thanks to Monterey Promo!

Why Choose Shirts With Embroidery?

Adding embroidered designs to custom shirts brings some awesome perks for businesses. First up, it gives your business a slick and pro appearance – who doesn't love that sharp look? And here's the kicker: embroidery means durability. Your customers can rock their gear for ages without worrying about it falling apart – that's cash saved on constant replacements! Oh, and speaking of style, there's a rainbow of colors to play with. That means you can customize like crazy, making sure each customer gets what tickles their fancy. So, gear up for that pro touch, long-lasting threads, and a splash of customization – all thanks to embroidered designs on shirts!

How Does Embroidery Work?

Embroidery works its magic when adding your logo to a shirt. Here's the lowdown: your logo gets a digital makeover using special software, turning it into a pattern the embroidery machine can understand. Then, your shirt gets snug on a frame, so it's all set for action. The embroidery machine takes over, stitching your logo with threads in different colors. It's like watching your logo come to life! If your logo is a rainbow of colors, the machine takes a little break to switch threads. Once the design's done, any loose threads get snipped, and excess stuff is tidied up. A sharp eye gives everything a once-over to make sure it's spot-on. And just like that, your logo's the star of the show on your shirt, all thanks to embroidery magic!

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Custom Embroidered Promo Items

Hey, we're not just about clothes! Our decoration game is on point for all sorts of stuff. Think vests, cool embroidered headwear, towels, backpacks, totes – you name it! We're talking embroidery that's all about your style. So, when you're after that branded look that's top-notch, hit us up. We're ready to turn your ideas into reality, no sweat!

Full Color Printed Apparel & Swag

We're not your regular custom t-shirt peeps – we're all about cool options! From direct-to-garment printing to other snazzy techniques, we've got your back. Oh, and let's talk about colors! Our shirts can rock the full-color vibe, making them pop like a rainbow. And don't even get us started on our design collection – it's a mix of retro awesomeness and trendy modern vibes, just for folks who love to stand out. So, if you're up for something extra, we're the ones to hook you up!

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Frequently Asked Questions Embroidering Your Logo On Shirts

At Monterey Company we have a selection of shirts, from known brands like Port Authority, Bella Canvas and Hanes to suit different styles and preferences. The cost of getting a logo embroidered on a shirt can vary depending on factors such as the intricacy of the design, size, number of colors quantity of shirts ordered and the quality of both the shirt and thread used. Typically embroidering a three to four-inch logo with just one color costs between $5 to $15, per shirt. However these prices may vary based on requirements. When you choose Monterey Company you can enjoy choosing from our range of high quality shirts and rely on our embroidery service that caters to all your custom needs.

Our embroidery process is top notch utilizing state of the art machinery and skilled operators who possess experience, in logo embroidery. We take pride in our proficiency in puff embroidery, a technique that adds a three texture to company logos. With this expertise we efficiently fulfill orders ranging from 100 to 1000 shirts within a few days while ensuring the quality in our embroidery work. Our ability to handle orders promptly without compromising on quality along with our specialization in techniques like puff embroidery makes us the preferred choice, for clients seeking both speed and excellence in their custom shirt embroidery requirements.

When choosing the size of an embroidered logo, on a shirt it's important to consider factors like where it will be placed the purpose of the shirt and the need for balance and visibility. Typically logos on the chest are 3 to 4 inches wide while those on the full front or back can range from 7 to 12 inches wide. For areas like sleeves, 1 to 3 inches is common. It's crucial to ensure that the logo looks proportional to the garment and maintains its appeal. A really wide logo should have a little height to it or it may look a little unbalanced. Additionally the size of the logo should align with how you plan to use the shirt – whether its, for wear promotional events or casual occasions. It may be helpful to consult with an embroidery provider who can offer tailored recommendations based on your design and requirements.

Embroidering designs, on shirts is a craft that can be done with types of fabrics. Whether you choose cotton, polyester or a blend of both each fabric comes with its advantages. Cotton is known for its comfort. Works well for designs while polyester offers durability and color retention. If you're looking for a balance between the two cotton polyester blends are an option. Nowadays there's an increasing trend towards using eco shirts for embroidery projects. Brands like Bella Canvas and Next Level are quite popular due to their fabric choices and even Hanes is recognized for producing comfortable shirts. These eco friendly options not provide comfort. Also align with environmental sustainability making them a preferred choice among embroiderers. When selecting the fabric for your project consider the projects requirements, the design details, as the wearers comfort and personal preferences.

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