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Stoneware Coffee Mugs vs Ceramic Mugs 

To ensure that your custom mug is the perfect fit for any occasion, it's important to know what material it’s made from and how to choose between ceramic, porcelain, or stoneware. The different benefits when picking out which type can make an event successful!

What's The Difference Between a Ceramic and a Stoneware Mug

When you're looking to order coffee mugs, there are many choices for pottery providers and mug materials. You can choose from a wide range of styles as well! The main difference between stoneware mugs and ceramic ones is that the former is made at very high firing temperatures, while other types of ceramics require lower heat levels to produce. 

This means they're stronger than their counterparts made from materials such as porcelain or glass; which can easily be broken under daily use due to its more fragile nature (especially if you drop it). Stoneware is durable but not indestructible! The difference between earthenware and stoneware is one of degree, not kind. Both products start out as basically the same thing—molded clays that have been fired at a low enough temperature to the point of vitrification (the transformation into glass).

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Ceramic vs Stoneware Mugs

Stoneware mugs and ceramic mugs are similar in that they are both made from ceramic materials. However, stoneware mugs are specifically crafted from a type of ceramic that has been fired at high temperatures, making them chip resistant and suitable for daily use. Additionally, stoneware mugs have low porosity, which means they do not absorb liquids easily and are easy to clean. These characteristics make stoneware mugs ideal for kitchen use, as promotional products, and in other settings where food preparation occurs frequently.

Both types can be printed with your logo or engraved depending on the style you select. This coffee mug style is made in the USA as well as overseas and is BPA-free. Ceramic mugs are perfect for people who love the taste of their coffee without any added flavors. Not only do they not absorb or impart tastes, but because ceramic is a solid material it leaves everything tasting just as you would expect!

Why Choose Ceramic Over Porcelain or Stoneware?

Ceramic coffee mugs are one of the most popular choices for custom mugs since it retains heat, is microwave safe, and has more environmental benefits than other materials since they are made from clay and can include a shiny glaze. 

Ceramic is the way to go if you want your coffee tasting exactly as it should and they do a great job of keeping your coffee hot. Some people may not like how their drink tastes when cooked in unglazed stoneware mugs due to its mineral composition, which can alter flavors for better or worse depending on who made them!

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Selecting Branded Drinkware

The popularity of coffee mugs as an advertising medium is undeniable. Whether you own a small cafe or corporation with multiple offices, it's worth considering how many people see their daily dose of hot liquid in those ceramic vessels - which may be more than just any-coffee lover! Mugs not only give off great aesthetic appeal but also serve dual purposes: they keep drinks warm while simultaneously branding businesses on the exterior surface with logos and designs. 

So which style mug will be the best to choose from? We hope to have answered some of your questions about the different styles of stoneware pottery and styles of ceramics. The Monterey Company will help you with selecting the best choices to consider when picking cup and mug styles and the materials they are made of.

Choosing The Best Style Mug

We all know that there are many different styles of ceramic mugs including earthenware, stoneware, porcelain but what's the difference between them? Why choose one style over another, do you want a USA-made mug... The type you use can make a lot more sense when it comes down to why they're better than other options out on market today! If durability matters, most then go with stoneware mugs because these types tend not only to be tough enough against breakage but also dishwasher safe which means cleanup.

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Why Choose Ceramic Over a Porcelain Mug?

The basic types of ceramic drinkware include stoneware and porcelain. Porcelain mugs are made from a type of pottery that can be made by heating materials like kaolin in a kiln (oven) to temperatures between 1,200 and 1400°C and are considered non-porous. If you're looking for an affordable, white mug that's dishwasher safe and can handle the logo printing then porcelain might be your go-to. This type of ceramic is a little more fragile than its counterparts and may break if accidentally dropped onto hard surfaces!

Are Ceramic Mugs Better Than Porcelain Mugs?

  • Ceramic is more durable than porcelain.
  • Porcelain is usually made In white versus a wide variety of color options in ceramic mugs.
  • To make the perfect choice between porcelain mugs and ceramic, it is important that you consider both factors: look- durability as well as price.

Deciding between ceramicware and porcelain mugs can be a tough call. Though they both come with their own set of advantages, it's important to consider the purpose you have in mind when making your choice: do you need something more formal or one that is built for regular use? Porcelain offers an elegant look but may not stand up to daily wear-and-tear as well as ceramics would - perfect for those who want function and beauty rolled into one!

Which Mug Style Is Considered Commercial Grade?

If you're a person that loves their morning cup o' joe, then the vitrified mug is perfect for your needs. These mugs are extremely durable and have an almost mirror-like surface which makes them ideal in restaurants where they will be used heavily! Commercial dishwashers can be a major threat to your ceramic mug's durability. If you're using them in restaurants or food services, make sure they are custom vitrified mugs so that the high temperatures won't harm their surface!

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Vitrified Mugs Are The Most Durable Style

  • Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe
  • Impact Resistant Unlike Porcelain
  • Less Likely To Chip
  • Shiny & Non-Stick Smooth Surface
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