Magnetic Pins

What are the best pin options to choose from?

There are so many options to choose from when designing a lapel pin. Magnet backs, deluxe clutches, safety pin backs... Which option is the best really depends on what you plan on using your pins for. If you are sure that you want your pins from moving around on your shirt, a safety pin back would be a great option. If you are looking to upgrade the clutch a deluxe clutch might be the perfect option. 

custom magnetic lapel pins

Magnetic Lapel Pins

We specialize in making custom magnet back pins. Our pin magnets can be plated in a nickel safe plating. They come in a variety of sizes and are extremely magnetic! The first step in ordering magnetic lapel pins is to send us your design and we will create a proof of your design. Once approved, we can create an actual sample if you like so you see your design prior to receiving your full order. Rest assured, we will not overwhelm you with choices but we will suggest options we think will enhance your custom designed lapel pins. Don't forget to ask about our other custom pin attachments we offer and all the different sized magnets we offer.

Lapel Pin Backs

At the Monterey Company, we specialize in custom, unique, and beautiful pins and lapel pin backs. But more than that, we specialize in working with you to create a product of which we are both proud. We achieve this product by setting a standard in the industry of leading with quality materials, customer service, and creativity.

custom back lapel pin attachments

From the moment you reach out to us with your ideas, we will walk you through the nearly endless customization options, taking your design and adding the dimension, color, plating, and backing that works best for your vision and utility of your creation. One of our favorite customization options is turning your creation into a magnetic lapel pin, by selecting our premium magnets, instead of the traditional safety pin or clutch-styles as your attachment options.

Attachments Include Single or Double Magnets

There are a few options to chose from when you order custom magnetic pins. We have magnetic lapel pin back attachments, boxes, plating options, shapes and sizes, and everything is custom so there is no limit to what your finished pin can look like.

magnetic lapel pin

Single Magnet Back

Magnets are available in different sizes.

lapel pin attachment with two magnets

Dual Magnet Backs

Available in different sizes

Single Magnet Backs

If your magnetic lapel pin is small to average in size and round or regular in shape, then using our powerful, single, circular magnets will work best for you. These single magnet backs are strong and sleek and will hold your pin firmly against whatever you choose to attach it. This single attachment is the most popular and more widely used of the two magnetic attachment styles.

Dual Magnet Backs

For large, heavy, long, or irregular shaped pins, upgrading to a dual magnet backing attachment system is recommended. Using the same powerful material as in the single-back, each magnet is attached to an end of your pin, preventing the piece from spinning or becoming detached due to weight and shape.


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Popular Attachment Options

Save your clothes, hats, and sensitive materials from inevitable, albeit discrete, pin holes with this secure and sleek alternative. Made from the highest quality material, these magnetic pins are powerful in their attachment, ensuring your pin will remain intact as surely as our other adhesive options.

When designing your magnetic lapel pin, you can choose between single or dual magnet attachment options, with each specific design, shape, and size better lending itself to one or the other.  To decide on either a single or dual magnetic attachment, work with your Monterey Company designer to decipher, given your preferences regarding aesthetic, which one makes the most sense. To get an idea, however, here are a few pointers regarding attachments on your magnetic pins.

standard pin back attachments

Dual Posts

We offer two clutches on larger pins.

deluxe flat clutch pin attachment in gold

Deluxe Clutches

Available in gold or silver.

Like all the things we create, designing your magnetic pin is as easy as reaching out to the Monterey Company. We are a creative start for your ideas, and as we’ve been in the industry for nearly thirty years, we have the insight, experience, and depth to develop your design in the most efficient, aesthetic, and cost-effective way, ensuring the end result provides the ideal utility and function, whatever its purpose.

lapel pin safety pin back attchment

Safety Pin Backs

Plated in gold or silver

double screw back lapel pin attachment

Screw Backs

Screw back attachments

magentic pin attachment
custom pin with loops connecting second lapel pin

We Offer Everything From Rubber Clutch Backs to Electronic Blinking Lights

Here are some of the most commonly ordered pin attachments including magnet backs and deluxe clutches. We make pins with attachments for every type of application. Whether you would like to have magnet back to avoid poking a hole in your shirt or a heavy duty screw back for your leather jacket, we have an attachment that will work for every type of use. Our service pins are normally ordered with a deluxe clutches and are trading pins are ordered with rubber clutches. Safety pin attachments can be used to prevent a pin from spinning as well using two posts can keep a pin from spinning. Magnet attachments are super strong and come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. We offer round shapes for small and large pins and square and rectangular shapes.

Lapel Pins Have A Variety Of Attachment Options

Add chain loops and add a pin below your main lapel pin. A military clasp is the most common type of clasp used on lapel pins. It uses two small prongs that can be squeezed while pulling to remove the clasp. If poking a hole in your shirt does not appeal to you, we suggest creating a pin made of iron and add a magnet back. Super strong and capable of holding a pin even on a sweatshirt.

lapel pin clutch
safety pin attachment
tie bar attachment
cufflink attachment

Plating Options

Not sure which plating you like best? We offer a variety of plating options. You can mix and match plating colors within the same order.

antique copper lapel pin
Antique Copper
satin pin: 50 year award
Satin Gold
antique bronze custom lapel pins
Antique Bronze
shiny silver metal pin with stones
Shiny Silver
three ruby gemsone gold us pin
silver magnetic pin
Antique Silver

If you’re unsure if a magnetic backing is right for you, rest assured! We will ship you a complimentary proof of your design upon your request before sending it ahead to production. This way, you can be confident you are getting exactly the product you had in mind. We guarantee zero surprises, and even better, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us today!