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Custom Logo Pens

The Monterey Company is your one stop shop for all things writing! Choose from a wide selection of custom logo pens, made famous by top names like Cross and Bic. Whether you need an elegant lookin pen with your logo or something more practical, our lineup has something to fit everyone's unique style - with gel and ballpoints always at the ready!

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Custom Company Pens

Personalizing pens with your company's logo is a cool way to amp up your brand game. It's like adding a dash of your unique style to a handy writing tool. You've got loads of choices to play with here. There are those classic ballpoint pens, great for everyday scribbles, or you can go for the gel pens that make writing a breeze with all those vibrant colors. These logo-branded pens are versatile goodies—perfect for handing out as corporate swag, sprucing up your trade show booth, or just jazzing up your office supplies. So, get creative, put your brand front and center, and make your mark in a fun and memorable way!

What Sizes Do Ballpoint Pens Come In?

When it comes to choosing the size of your ballpoint or gel pen tips you have options based on your preference;

Fine Point (0.5mm, to 0.7mm); These pens have a tip thats ideal for neat writing. Consider them as the choice for tasks.

Medium Point (1.0mm); This type of tip falls in the middle. Is commonly found in pens providing a smooth writing experience for a variety of purposes.

Bold Point (1.4mm and above); If you want your writing to make a statement or add flair opt for pens with tips. They are great, for creating impact.

Keep in mind that sizes may slightly vary between brands. This overview should give you a good idea of what to expect. So choose the tip size that matches your style and let your creativity flow!

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Customizing Pen Emblems With Your Company Logo

We go the extra mile in customizing your pen by using a sophisticated silk-screening or die-struck method to replicate your logo on a special emblem featured on the clip. You can count on impeccable design and spot-on color reproduction. Plus, you've got a ton of options – pick from a wide range of emblem shapes, decide if you want it vertically or horizontally, and explore various finishes, including precious metals. These emblems can be printed or die struck with vibrant enamel colors, and we can even match your logo's color using pantone colors to ensure a perfect fit for your brand.

Add a Metal Clip Logo To Your Pens

Ever thought about spicing up your pen with your logo? It's a pretty cool idea! Most of the time, they print it right on the side, which adds a nice touch.

But here's the kicker: Some of those fancy pen makers like Cross and Waterman take it a step further. They let you get all creative by slapping your logo on the pen's clip as a metal emblem. It's like giving your pen a mini makeover! So whether you go for the classic logo on the side or the snazzy emblem on the clip, it's all about adding your personal flair and making your pen pop in a fun way.

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Benefits of Logo Pens for Promoting Your Business:

When it comes to elevating your business, discerning creative marketing strategies is an important part of reaching more customers, of maintaining your current client base and presenting your brand in a way that's representative of you. Company logo pens, made from quality materials and with thoughtful design, can serve several important functions that are sure to positively impact your business, including, Functional Promotion, and Brand Awareness.

Custom Printed Stylus Pens

Elevate your brand with our custom printed stylus pens! Show off your logo on a stylish and versatile tool that lets users sign, swipe, and select easily on their touchscreens. Your customers will love the convenience of transitioning seamlessly between paper to screen – give them an elegant gift for modern times. 

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Using Customized Pens to Improve Brand Awareness

The brand of your business is important for making an impression, for communicating to people who you are and what you do and for leaving people with an overarching feeling about your business. Because of the power of your brand, the amount of thought involved in creating a logo and establishing aesthetic, finding dynamic and increased ways to put your brand into the world just makes sense.

When your logo is thoughtfully incorporated into a custom logo pen, you are creating numerous opportunities to demonstrate who you are as a company. You are putting your best foot forward, making a connection in which your business exhibits both quality and consciousness.

Similarly, with each pen put into the world, you are exponentially expanding your brand awareness or the times in which somebody interacts with your logo and associates your company with a particular feeling or positive experience. And, the more somebody is involved with your brand and encounters it in their daily lives, the greater the likelihood they think of you when searching for a particular service or a product you offer.

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How Do You Create A Custom Pen?

Submit your idea, your logo, or your business' message to the Monterey Company, and collaborate with a professional designer on the appropriate style, colors, and positioning for your corporate pens. We work with you and your budget to come up with an appropriate package for your needs and involve you in every step of the process - from design to production.

We have a multitude of colors in our repertoire, allowing you to pick the exact combination of shades to adequately represent your company. Additionally, we can match fonts, and play with imagery, bringing life to whatever you come up with.

Integrate up to three colors into your overall concept, and add details such as incorporating your contact information; your phone number or your email, onto the clip, utilizing every inch of the advertising space on the product.

Steps To Making Your Custom Pens Stand Out

    Selecting the perfect pen for your company has never been easier! Between finding the right style, ensuring an adequate quantity, and designing a logo that will make heads turn - it's all achievable with just a few clicks. From start to finish our streamlined process allows you to receive quality pens within weeks of submitting your order; after approving proofs and selecting suppliers, there is nothing standing between you and success.
  1. Use-a color scheme and style that is consistent with your brand's identity - You know the old adage: If you want someone to like you, just be yourself. The same principle can apply to the design of your pens. Use colors that complement each other and that are consistent with the colors of your company. This will help with the recognition and recall that promotional products are used to assist.
  2. Put a catchy phrase or slogan on your custom pen - Never pass up an opportunity to demonstrate your business' personality. By putting a catchy phrase or slogan in the voice of your company, you'll help your product stand out from your competitors.
  3. Display your contact information in an accessible way - Acting as a business card, your product should offer multiple ways for your customers and clients to connect with you. Make sure your information is clearly visible and accurate, making reaching you as easy as can be.
  4. Use a high-quality pen - We all have that favorite pen that just writes better than the rest in our drawer. Investing in a higher quality pen will increase the chances that your product becomes your customers' and clients' go-to.

Our Popular Pen Styles

Making sure your brand leaves a lasting impression starts with the right writing instrument. Pens come in an array of different points sizes, such as 0.7mm fine point for precise lines and neat handwriting that perfectly captures each word. For effortless ink flow and clear output, pens are designed using tungsten carbide balls – perfect to help showcase your logo wherever it goes!

custom bic grip roller pen

With its smooth, textured rubber grip and fast-drying ink, the BIC Grip Roller Pen provides an enjoyable writing experience - making every word clear and concise.

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custom jive pens

Experience effortless writing with the Jive Pen. Its textured rubber grip and smooth contours provide a comfortable hold, while its metallic barrel adds an extra touch of elegance.

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custom bic intensity gel pens

With its modern look and feel, the BIC® Intensity® Clic™ Gel pen is a perfect blend of convenience and style. Its automatic clip-retracting mechanism ensures your pen won't run away.

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